Riley The Devil
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I was alone at night, with no one else to protect me.
The Only Thing to Keep Me Safe Was my Teddy Bear Cory.
Cory was my bodyguard since i was 2 years old, and kept anything evil away from me ever since.
Many Rumors Went Along that there was a evil Demon named Riley who ate little kids souls, and sucked the emotions out of your head.
I did not believe this, because i thought it was just to get me scared, but sure enough there she was. My Heart Began to pace faster and faster, as she came at me with her Soul Machine, i tried to close my eyes, believing it was a mind trick. I screamed as loud as i can, but i then lost my feelings to emote, and i had no soul, and the devil ripped the shit out of me.

My Friend Came to see, that this was not my normal self, but something was wrong. He tried to get me out of my demonic state but still i couldn’t snap out of it.

He Even Tried to Bring me to a Priest to Make me normal Again, and took a few tries, and at the last try, Priest Gerald Found a demonic to human going back to normal chant.

Gerald Said the Following to me
Leave the Summons of this Human, and Bother another entity, leave now leave now, the power of Christ Compels you.

I began feeling better now,
I woke up, thanked my friend.

You gave me Quite a scare said the Priest.

Thanks for Your Help said my Friend

You are welcome said the priest.

2 Hours Later, My Mom started acting a bit strange, she was rocking in the corner and was singing in a creepy little girl’s voice.

My Dad tried to stop the Entity, but The Demon seemed to Really posses My dad, 2x as worse as it possessed me.

It became Quiet for a few moments, then things started getting faster again.

”I know Something you don’t I heard.

It Continued more……
”I lost my Dolly can you help me find her”
My Mom said.

Bleeding Red Eyes and Dark Evil Black Eyes were on her face with a grin.

I held On to My dad, and he held on to me.
Since my dad was a White Witch, we looked in his Library for Rituals to bring my Mom back to her happy state.

We found this book, with a Wizard wand on it.

In the Book There was a spell to Get the Demonic Entity out of a person.

So they gathered their ingredients, First they made a Ring of salt around the table, next they tied my mom with a rope into a chair so she couldn’t escape.

We Began the Chant Demonic Soul, Leave The Good.
She was back to normal in a matter of hours.

We found our Television on with a Weird Woods Black and White Picture, and we saw Riley Anderson slowly headed for us to steal our souls.

Turn it off, turn it off said my dad

I’m Trying, I’m trying i said

The Television would not turn off, it seemed like it was a cruel sick joke.

I pulled the plug out of my tv, ran outside, and tried to get away in the pitch black into a safe house to have a near by relative to protect me.

3 years later:

I read in Quote

”I survied the Possession
”Anderson is no match for me
” I have the Strength and Will power to make this nation the country that i love
”My Home was free of The Paranormal, and learned a lesson
”Never underestimate a entity who may look nice, they may actually take your final life away.

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