A wolf’s tale
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A full moon’s night and the stars are in sight, howls of the packs of wolfs looking in to the misty night, and teenagers heading late from the bar drunk and walking in to something out of the blue. And as the night draw’s on people head to bed ready for a day of work and learning as they sleep in peace alone stands a girl with long brown hair, roses red lips , and dark Smokey eyes she stands alone with the cold air at her mist’s.

The moon’s still bright and shining down as the girl head’s though the woods not saying a word as she move’s on she runs in to a boy he stands looking at her in shock but never taking his eyes of her eyes. The girl takes a step back from the boy not knowing what to do let alone say but as she moves he speaks fast but in a shaky voice making sure she can hear him. He speaks “sorry for running into you but you should not even be out here at this time of night its dangers don’t you that and anyway you can’t trust people you don’t know” he relaxes from being shaky and stands up straight and lays a smirk on his face as his dark blue eyes are still on the girl.

She moves closer to him re insuring herself of her own safety and speaks clear as day “that’s ok but we ran into each other I should say sorry as well so sorry and I think I can look after myself not like I am scared of anything besides it’s my choice” she looks straight at him even with his smirk in her face she doesn’t react to it at all. The boy’s smirk turns to a smile and lets out a low laugh and at the same time speaks out “ OK so you can look after yourself in the woods on you own if a wolf come’s up to you then? You’re a girl I don’t think it would end very well do you”. She moves right up to him before she talks with an angry look on her face, and moves her hair back from her shoulders and speaks “so you thing just because I am female I can’t look after myself and I love wolfs so I won’t be scared and anyway what makes you so sure of yourself?”.

He moves his face to her ear and speaks in whisper “because out of everything you know you have no idea what I could do to you after all I am a wolf” he stays close to her and waits for her to speak when she does his eyes change color to a reddish black and she speaks “so if you are a wolf you would have killed me by now then because that’s what it sounds like wolf boy” she smirks at him. He steps back and tells her to stand back she moves back closer to the middle of the misty wood and watches him transform into the wolf he really is her eyes are amazed by the wolf a few feet in front of her that she does not noticed he is right in front of her now.

She blinks and the boy that was a wolf is a boy again she speaks “why did you not kill me that was what you was going to do wasn’t it?” he smiles as the moon light shines down on his dark blue eyes, and the misty wind blows his brown hair as he speaks “ why would I kill you I don’t think you are worth it anyway that would be rode to a girl I first met and my name is Matt so you stop with the wolf boy” she takes no time to speak back to him “ Matt it’s a different name to what I would think a wolf would be called and it’s only fair you know my name its Charm and I thought you was going to kill me so whatever” she turns and starts to head to the rest of the woods. Matt runs up to her and grabs her wrist and she turn round to be face to face with him almost kissing point that how close they are Matt speaks “you’re just going to get up and go like that” Charm speaks but her voice is shaky “well what else am I going to do and I feel like going home anyway so let go!!!” she tries to pull away but it’s no good he’s too strong.

Matt speaks clear and calmly “look you came out here in the woods at a time like this and know what I am I can’t just let you go you could tell someone” she looks at him with a dull expression on her face and speaks back in a strong voice “ and who would I tell ? like they would believe me I mean a boy that’s a wolf they wound send me to a mental clinic why would I even tell anyone anyway?” he lets her wrist down but stands in front of her so that he can be face to face with her and speaks “ they would send you to a mental clinic for this oh I get they would think you’re crazy but you’re not and I guess they won’t believe you fine go” he stands aside so that she is able to pass and looks at the ground.
She starts to walk and has a regretful feeling about just leaving Matt alone like this maybe he doesn’t have a family like she does well a father but still a family she turns around and Matt has sat down under a tree in the moon light with his eyes closed. She walks up to him and as she gets close Matts eyes open he has a sad looking face but he get himself up and walks other to her she stands in front of him and he speaks first saying “did you forget something Charm?” she look up at him and can feel the body heat of him because of how close they are to each other.

She smiles and answers his question with “I haven’t forgot anything at all but I would like to know what are you going to do now I am leaving?” he moves closer to her and speaks back not taking long to answer her “I guess I will stay here all night what else is there to do I don’t have a home to so why not” within a second she answered the question fast” you don’t have a home what about your mum and dad Matt?” he put his hands on her shoulders and speaks “ its ok don’t worry about it and my mum and dad died when I was four so I am used to it I have a small place to live in but I like to sleep in the woods it’s what a wolf does” she looks at her shoulders to see his hands with a genital grip on them and looks at him and is a clam and soft voice she speaks “ so you act like a wolf even when you are human but isn’t it cold I mean outside in the night look you can say with me and father he won’t mind he is hardly there and there’s a spear room you can stay in”.
He lets go of her shoulders and speaks “do you really think that’s a good idea I would only mess the place up” he looks at her and smiles she look at him and smiles back and speaks “I could always train you to be a good wolf you know. He steps closer to her and leans down and kisses her on the lips and then he speaks “if you could train me I would be a dog and you would have me jumping though hoops and rings of fire She smiles at him and speaks “I would not have you jumping through hoops but I like the sound of rings of fire.
They both laugh and he leans in for another kiss and they end kissing for some time before they head back to charm’s house where her father is a sleep in his bed but awakes when the door opens and finds charm and a boy with her. Being her father he did not take it that nicely and asked what he was doing she took him in to the living room with Matt and an hour later they got him to calm down and be fine with him living there. Over the next couple of day he Charm’s father begins to like Matt and start trusts him in the house alone with Charm but Charm things he Is to over protective on her behalf.