do you belive me know ?
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There is a school that is in Italy that everyone hates but they really can’t say what it is like there. The school is hunted by hundreds of ghost well that’s what they think.

Their head teacher an old man mostly in his 70s but he looks just like he is 20. Odd but true they have seventeen class a day. And have no time to have fun at all.

St John is the boy at school the girls go made for and Sophie is the girl that all the boys go made for. They are both important people at the school because they keep it safe.

One day in the old dinner hall Sophie was putting up a photo of their head teacher and all of a sudden the chair she was standing on went to the other side of the room.
And she falls to the floor at the same time she gets up with a cut on her leg and gets the chair.

ST John walks in and sees her bleeding and helps her and asks what happened. She looks at him knowing he won’t believe her at all. But anyway she says to him I was hanging the photo and the chair moved itself.

He smiles and says did you hit you head as you fell because there is no such thing as ghost. Yes there is said Sophie and you jut don’t believe in them. ST John looks at her and can see in her face that she was not lying.

He takes a deep breath and says ok I believe you but you should have not been doing this alone it could have been worse than a cut you know. I know but I wanted to get it out of the way said Sophie.

Half two in the hall St John and Sophie sat talking to each other because they had not got any class today but can just come and help around . Then all of a sudden the clock on the mantel piece fell and gave them both a cold feeling down their backs. St John asks Sophie that he would love to carry on talking but can we do it in a different room this one is starting to spoke me.

Sure I don’t mind says Sophie and gets up and walks with him to the game room and both sit on the sofa and start laughing then talking. About two seconds the door opens and a black figure walks in form nowhere. St John not able to move or even speak looks right at it. Sophie just as scared as he is says quietly now do you believe they are real.
The figure walks towards them and they can hear a cry of a young well that’s what it sounds like. And they both feel their hearts beating fast and it walks right thought them without looking at them. St John grabs Sophie and runs towards the door and out of it so fast Sophie could not even get a blink in at all.

They run to the other side of the school hoping they will be safe but the figure is fast and is at the end of the hall they are running down. Sophie says they should get out of the school like now!. St John agrees and they look for the nearest door but there is no door only a window.
If they want to get out alive they are going to have to jump out the window and land in the lake .Sophie opens the window and says lets jump at least we will be safe just really wet because we are going to land in the lake John .
St John says ok but I will go first to make sure it’s safe but you have to jump when I say ok but hurry. Sophie stands back as the figure behind them is getting closer and says now jump. St John jumps and land safely in the lake and Sophie jumps next and in to the lake next to him.
They both look up and at the window the figure is looking down at them and then it disappears in to thin air without a trace. They get out the lake and run out of the gate and St Johns says that you should go home and get dry. Sophie says good Idea and says john you should do the same because you could get a cold.

He smiles and nods his head and says good bye Sophie see you tomorrow and Sophie says good bye john and walks home in silence they both walk home in silence cold and wet just wanting to get warm and dry.