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Did you hear that small flutter? Was that a footstep?  You strain your ears trying to capture every decibel–every little decibel!

There it is again. Your body tenses, the hair stands up, your muscles receive a course of adrenaline, and every sense is tuned to the utmost.  Your stomach begins to bind and you notice your hands are aching.  You look down and realize that you have clinched your fists so tight, your hands are white, yet you still can’t release them. Your flight or fight instinct kicks in, your body is ready to go.

Again that sound, this time closer and wetter. You spring to your tip toes and move silently sneaking, watching, and listening.


Instinct kicks in and you bolt, running faster than you have ever run.  Your lungs are burning, trying to fuel the engine you have fired up.  Your legs quickly turn to rubber and start to fail, “to many chips and not enough veggies” you hear your mother’s voice in your head.

You start to stumble as your legs give out your pace slows as your panic rises. You turn to see what is chasing you. Your eyes grow twice the size, your pupils open to capture every ray of light to make out what is following you.  Your mind cannot process what is chasing you, its shape shifting constantly moving confusing you. Your mouth opens and a primal scream escapes.  You are startled at the primitive, brutal yell escaping your lungs, perhaps your ancient ancestors used this as defense mechanism, but you don’t care, you just know you need to flee.

The shape gains ground and you see the glowing red eyes narrow in anticipation of the capture.  It’s so close you can feel its searing, hot breath on the back of your neck; you can hear the grinding of its teeth as it smacks its mouth. You smell the fetid, rancid decay of meals gone by, the smell of a predator’s breath—the smell of death, raw brutal death.  It opens its mouth impossibly wide, twice as wide as any human, and row upon row of razor sharp teeth move in anticipation of the first bite.  Another shot of adrenaline and your body surges ahead.

You steal one more glance back and see as it gaining on you until it springs forth and covers you.  You try one last scream but are muffled by its weight crushing you.  Suddenly you bolt upright in your bed throwing your blanket off, drenched in sweat gasping for air.  You look around confused, trying to shake off the dream.   In a couple of minutes your body calms down, your breathing slows, the sweat evaporates, and the hairs lay down.  The buzzing in your body and muscles eases and the pounding in your ears subside.

You turn your pillow over to the cool side, and lay your head back down.  The coolness further helps to calm you down.  The dream floats away and eventually you start to drift back off to sleep.

Funny,” you think, “how covering your head with a blanket will give you bad dreams.  Must be the lack of oxygen or the feeling you are trapped that makes a dream so bad.  Stupid blanket, scarring me like that…” Suddenly your eyes shoot open, your body tenses and your mouth opens to a silent scream.  On the back of your neck you feel the hot breath and smell death…