Our New House Is Haunted… Part 1
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March 18th

Hi my name is Lisa this is my first pink diary for my new house, i am gonna turn 16 in 5 days, i live with my family, my mom,my dad, my little brother and sister. We’re are going to move into our new house its quite big but some people say the house is pretty bad, well who cares. i heard that the family lived in the house already left in 3 days because there babies died so they thought this house is haunted which is weird. SO we are going to move into our new house tomorrow i am quite excited, well is bed time good night!!

March 19th

So today i get to see my new house but i have to go school first which is very boring ugh.

When school was over, i was walking with my friends talking about boys for prom lol,after that we passed to our new house i told my friends that this was our new house but then i felt like someone was watching me from the window but no one lives there cause we are moving today,a well but suddenly my friends Sara start to say that the house is haunted, a group of family lived there but one by one every member of the family died and the neighbors heard some scream and crying. Later on when she finish that stupid story then i laughed, all of my friends left just cause of i laughed at that stupid story. then again a old man came from no were says ‘YOU!!, shouldn’t have buy this house, there’re demon on that house’ i was like ‘what!! calm down even you are like my stupid friends who believes in ghost oh god i wish i was born again ugh’ old man says ‘you will fined out when you go to this house’ then some how he disappear, then i felt the same wired feeling from the house windows, i ignore it then went home.

At home..

i arrived at my old house,I change my clothes and went down stirs to get some drinks, i sat at the sofa and i was thinking about what that old man said and my friend said, i keep hearing his wired talks form other people, my mom came then she said help me packs up the stuff form the car, i said but i thought we were moving today, my said no honey, the police said we can’t move today, i said why the police?
there was some accident form our gate, so we’re moving tomorrow.

March 20th

Today we’re moving house..

All of my family was excited expect from my brother,cause he believes in ghost, he just 11 years old so kids can believe anything so no need to worry.

We arrived at our new house, it was quite smelly and dirty, so my mom said go pick your own room, so me, my brother and sister ran so fast we push each it was quite fun i kind of acted like a kid but who cares. i picked a small room, i actually wanted a bigger room but i am fine with it. After that i put all my stuffs then someone was at the door i was there shadow but checked the outside the door but there was no one, maybe it was my little bro. After that i was still cleaning then suddenly i heard my little bro cry from the far end room, i ran of so quickly, i saw him at the corner
and he was crying. After 3 minute my mom, dad and sister came to check and at the same time they said what happen?
so my little bro started to say when i was standing on the chair to get that toy but then someone push the chair and i fall down. Mom blamed on me and my sister for pushing him but we didn’t push him, so i went back to my room back to cleaning, when i was cleaning i was still thinking about who looked at me and pushed my brother, it can’t be my sister she was helping mom and dad downstairs and my little bro was far end, is there someone in this house, maybe i am thinking to much.

At midnight..

Our family were having dinner together to celebrate our new house, but then the light turned off, my dad said maybe this house is getting old, so let me check the power to on it back.

to be continued