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Steve woke up to a loud bang! Down stairs , being paranoid for some time now, sat up in his bed with his eye’s wide open ! He could hear little pattering of feet, like running around, nothing like a kids, even smaller. He knows what kid’s feet sound like from his kid’s that been taken two months ago from his soon to be ex-wife, so what he hell was that, he slowly got out of bed and grabbed a bat he bought the other day, do to his feelings of he thought some one was after him! He was creeping through the hall to the end of stairs, he heard the feet louder through out the house, going down the stairs one of the steps creaked, then the noise stopped instantly! He stopped to listen For five minutes, he stood there but what ever it was, it was gone! He continued down stairs looking all around the house, nothing!

He stood there and shook his head, and began to breath regular now. Pouring his coffee he set last night to brew. Just shaking his head, wondering what the fuck was that! Getting ready for the day now, of to court, his wife for 14 years left him, and she was tucking it up his ass! Child support for two kids, and alimony for her self, cause her life with him was a nightmare, she could of done better she told the judge! Mike got the payment out of a $1000 dollar check a week,$450 a week for two kids, and $150 for her. Mike did not know how he was going to make it the house alone? with the property tax, the utilities, water bill, car insurance, gas to get back and forth to work, which was eight miles there and back a day! His father left him the house, but he would have to get a second job now with out the wife’s half! Going home for the weekend Steve was pulling his hair! Walking through the house cussing , kicking tables, chairs, breaking pitchers, screaming! He sat on the couch, and turning on the T V, and falling asleep. At three am, huge crash up stairs, made Steve jump off the couch! His anger still well over ruling his brain, he stormed upstairs ready to pounce on what ever may be messing with him! A intruder? A animal? What ever it was, death was on his mind! Turning on the lights as he walked in the rooms, but like the other night, nothing to be found!

Getting real mad now, Steve began to smash things! Turning off the lights, as he screamed through the house ! As he went in his room to go back to bed, as soon as the light went out, his door slammed shut! What the fuck he screamed!! Going to try and open the door, it would not open! He could hear that pattered feet running in the hall! Screaming again, who’s there?! Open the fucking door! I will kill you!!! Going to his closet, grabbed a bat, he bought to play ball this year with his kids, and bashed it on the door! Come on you fuckers!! Come on!!! He swung till a hole broke open, when he looked out the hole, he saw nothing! The lights in the hall started to blow out! Soon the whole house was pitch black! The door open, mike began to scope the hall , then all of a sudden a touch from out of no where hit mikes leg! he swung to just hit the wall , then huge foot steps like someone coming at mike stomped behind him, and as he turned, the feet stopped right in front of him!

Mikes skin crawled, he went breathless, but nothing there! Then a bunch of stomping feet came all around he could not see nothing getting chills up his spine, hairs standing up! Breathing heavy now, then all of a sudden, these little deformed hideous creatures appeared be for him! Looking grunting, growling, then lunged all over his body taking huge chunks of skin! Mike started Screaming at these things, and swinging the bat, mike woke his neighbor, and he called 911! Steve swinging the bat wildly, putting holes in the walls, missing every time he swung his bat! Screaming get off! Punching, kicking, trying everything to get them off! Screaming at the top of his lungs! Be for he knew it, mike was near a window, and smashed right through it and fell to his death!

When the cops got there, and rapped up the crime scene, the neighbor stopped a officer, and ask if he knew why Steve was screaming a bought little green men? The cop gave a weird strange look, and said man!, his wife really threw him over the edge! The neighbour confused? What! She divorced him, and took everything! Sir all you need to know is, we just got off the phone, with his psychiatrist, and let’s just say he had issues! The end