kiss of death
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Friday 13th and the blood from the open cut on my right arm has ran dry and the tears keep coming if I can’t feel pain what is this a note of death or the kiss of death.
Three days ago I was a girl with hopes running around with guns and hanging out with friends in till I met him the only one who can bring death closer than the devil its self. Standing in the rain over form the road I had yet still to cross with his dark eyes never losing his hook on me.

My friend charm was talking with her boyfriend at the time and noticed I had been looking at him as he is at me as we stared at each other and are eyes met I felt cold in side as if I was already dead inside just form looking in his dark eyes.

After some time I looked away and back to my friend and her boyfriend who at that time was looking for charms phone she has lost in twice in two days like she could keep one without losing it at least once. I call over and charm answers me I say” I better be heading home it’s getting to dark now”.

Charm runs over to me and hugs me and says “ be careful on the way home well I mean him that lad looking at you in the corner over there he does not look safe ” I take her hand and say “ I will be fine trust me it’s not like I am going to run off with him now ”.
As I walk home I check behind me to make sure he Was not following me but I really wanted him to at the same time it began to ran and I was covered with water so bad I don’t think my cloths will dry for about a week. And way I don’t mind the rain as much as I did when I wall little I am the one now to choice to be in the rain whenever.

It’s really dark now and the light from the moon is shining on me as I walk only about two blocks from my house I hear a sound behind and I turn to look and now one was there. So I take no chances of hanging around and get home as fast as I could. I don’t feel like dinner and just go and get dried of and go to bed.

All though the night I have his image in my head and it burns the way the devil would if you met him in really life and just the way his dark eyes did not lose hold of my look the whole time. The suddenly a stone smacks my bed room window and wakes me up instantly. I jump up and out of bed and room over to the window thinking it is one of my friends messing around with me trying to scare me.

I rest my hand on the blinds and ripe them open only not to find my friends but him the lad that had been watching me not long ago with his hand out trying to get to come out the house and come to him. I never talk to people I don’t know but with him just as charm said he does not look safe I go ahead and leave the house.

I make sure I am changed have good shoes on and my hair is not a mess and also make sure my parents don’t hear me leave the house. I walk over to him but it feels as if he is pulling me to him with those dark eyes. I ask only hoping he means not harm “why did you watch me and call me from my house and did you follow me home “.

He takes a step towards me and look at me and says “I did follow you only I could not help it also I was watching you to make sure you was safe “I take a step back and say “I don’t know who you are ? and I don’t know if you are someone to trust so why must you want me out here anyway “ at the same time I look at my watch and its 00.32 in other words not long just turned half past midnight. He stands there looking at me smiling with those dark eyes and says “my name is Theo and do not mean you any harm at all and I am a good person to trust when you get to know me I really am “.

I look at him and the look I had before the one I was walking towards him has gone I know feel as if I can trust him but I am still going to be very careful and I say to him “my name is Chloe and I can see you don’t mean harm but I still nerves around someone I don’t even know though.

He smiles and says to me “come with me? I won’t hurt you “and follow him and as I do we end up in an old grave yard and I hate them at night so I stay close to Theo. He turns to look at me and gives me a half smile I don’t know why but he just does.

After some turns and walking forward for a long time he grabs my hand and spines me around it till I am face to face with he and I mean it really close as I try to pull out he pulls me closer and kiss me on the lips. After he does and lets me go I jump back and demand him to tell me why he did that.

He looks at me smiling and says “you the one I have chosen to feel the kiss of death and now you have it will live on don’t you see we were meant to be “I look at him and say “are you mad I don’t know you so how the hell are we meant to be are you crazy and what the hell is the kiss of death.

“you will know what that is in a second or two “ I move more back form him only I can’t stop looking at his eyes it’s as if I am hypnotized by them and I feel something not normal at all. I begin to feel cold very cold as if my body was ice and I can no longer feel human at all.

Though I feel like this I can’t help but want to be with him it’s as if he was right we were meant to be but how could this be. I walk over to him and he looks at me and I say “does this mean I can never go back to being a normal person? “ He puts his arms on my shoulders and says “the only way a person with this kiss of death can live is not the human was we have to be together so that we will serve “.

Ok then if that’s true what can I do I look up and stand myself up straight and say “then what will come of me what has changed about me? “he looks me in the eye and say “ you whole will change you will be young forever and you will have the power of the deaths kiss which means you can turn people like you with one kiss form you lips”.

But you can never go back that’s what going right though my head after he speaks ok so what do I do now run away only I don’t want to leave him I want to be with him If I stay this way forever that also means I can be with him forever. I say in a voice that still has hope “then if I stay this way I we stay together forever” he looks at me and kiss me on the check before he says “ I will always stay with you forever you won’t have to worry I am not going anywhere “ .

He takes my hand and we walk of in to the graveyard forever is a long time but if I am with Theo I am safe and I will have someone to love me all my life so I guess that’s all I really need. I may miss my friends mostly charm but I have what I want now I and know that’s going to be ok for good now and forever I will have the kiss of death.