The Day To Remember
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June 1, 2009 a hot summer day and which was very unusual day.  My name is Alex and this story is true me and my family had just moved in to this house not even 3 months when things started to happen. My little brother use to see this little boy he looked like farmers child my brother seen him in the laundry room and he seen him in the bathroom. Well June 1st is the day ill never forget i was home alone for the weekend.

My family went camping and i was home on the computer when i was hearing noises coming from upstairs i got up and went up stairs to check it out and nothing was there. So i walked back down stairs and i had this weird feeling that i could explain then i open the laundry room door then i saw him he was pale white had these old clothes like from 1800s or so well i just stood there like i couldnt move the chills i could feel going up my spine then he spoked to me it was hard to hear him but from what i could hear he said help then he vanished i shut the door to the laundry room and walked back in the living room i was in shock i thought my little brother was just saying all those things.

then i had this weird feeling again and this time the temperature she has dropped 3o degrees it was so hot in the house then everything went so cold. Then i was hit in the head with a water bottle the was sitting on the stand. everything went so quite i couldn’t hear anything at all no kids playing outside no birds nothing at all but then it stopped it was hot in the house sounds returned.

Then someone knocked on the door i went answered it and it was my girlfriend at the time she came in and me and her sat on the couch and watched a movie. We fell asleep well i heard something so i opened my eyes and sat up and there was a tall man standing looking at me as i stared back at him. I ask who are you there was no reply so i got up and repeated myself once again i got no reply so i ran over and went to tackle the guy but i went right through him and hit the counter and my girlfriend woke up from the noise and she screamed i got back up the man turned to look at me  said he mumbled something and then he kept saying it and saying it and then he was gone after that nothing has happened there again