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As a child, I would spend the night away from my house to stay with my grandmother for the weekend. The house which she currently lives in is a little over 50 years old. In this house, it felt as if you were being watched, or there was a near presence. The house would creek in a certain mid-section of the hallway, in this I did study, so that I would understand if someone were to come down the hallway. Spending the weekend with my grandma at night was not always pleasant. For nights I would stay up waiting to hear things move, like I said, the house is quite old and did tend to creek alot, but tonight, no one was moving a muscle.

It was around 9:50 PM and everyone was in bed, I would sleep in the living room floor with a pallet of blankets I had made for myself. Same old, same old. But then I hear a creek coming from behind me, I assumed someone was coming from the hallway to grab a snack or something. But when I turned, no one was there. I said to myself “The house is old, it’s gonna creek.”, so I continued to rest. Then, something fell from the kitchen, and it was LOUD. I was surprised it hadn’t woke up my grandparents. At this point, I got a little skeptical. What if there’s something in the kitchen? What if whatever it is, I can’t defend myself from it?

I ignored these thoughts and went right on to sleep.

12:13 AM

I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. I tried to go back to sleep, but I just couldn’t. So, I decided to watch some TV. I decided to watch Disney Channel because at this time they were showing the old shows of which I grew up with. In the middle of my favorite show I heard something that sounded something like a piano key. I jumped to my feet to see who was at the piano,

No one.

Now I went into full panic mode, (but as a child the best thing I could think of was bury my face in pillows, get under the covers, and hope for the best.)

12:46 AM

Falling asleep AGAIN was difficult to do, for the fear that someone was haunting me was in my mind. I felt like hiding under the covers with pillows on my face was the best thing to do, but after a few minutes, I felt like a complete idiot. I got out from under the covers, took the pillows off of my face, and went the heck to sleep.

2:23 AM

Sleeping, Dreaming.

I was dreaming of a man, he was standing in the distance..Waiting for something..Almost like he was in a rush…But then, he called for my name. Everything went black, and the man also formed into a black figure, but was still visible to my eye. He reached out his hand, and everything shook around me. It was like the atmosphere around me was crumbling into pieces. Now, everything was white and at peace. The man disappeared, and I awoke.

I was horrified of what I just saw. At that very moment, I knew me and my grandparents weren’t alone…Suddenly,

The Piano, it was playing the creepiest music I had ever heard.
But it didn’t frighten me, it was soothing, as if I could hear a voice in the notes..The music slowly faded, and so did my vision.


“Jon, wake up, Jon. Wake up.”
As I slowly awoke, I found my grandpa trying to awaken me. I had very little memory of what happened the night before, but I didn’t care. For I knew that I was now safe.

To this day, I am still shocked and in confusion of what happened that very night. I hope one day, one day, I’ll understand. Until then, I will live my life normally, peacefully, and happily.

Author’s Notes: Thank you for reading. No, this is not a true story. It is my first story ever to be published on this sight. Again, thank you for reading. I will post more stories very, very soon.