Scary Looking Doll
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Once when I was only 18 years old my family made a plan to go for a vacation but i decided to stay at home. The next day I went to the fair with my friend, he bought me a scary looking doll. But I liked the doll, so I kept it. When I came home I threw the doll on the sofa and went upstairs for some work. 5 minutes later I heard that the television was on.  I was freaked out. I said, “Is anyone there?”. There was no answer. Then l heard another noise from my bathroom so I went upstairs and saw that my bath tub was full of blood at that time, this scared me even more . All 0f a sudden my friend Sanju came home, which was a relief. My friend left at 2:00 A.M in the morning.

I took the doll, put it on the chair and went to the kitchen. As I was washing the knife to cut some vegetables, I heard my phone ringing. Right then I accidentally dropped my knife. When I picked up the phone I didn’t hear anyone’s voice.

Later I asked my friend, “Did you turn on my TV earlier today?” she said no. Then my phone rang again, when I answered, it no one was there on the other side. I got angry so I called back on that number, but no one answered. I returned to the kitchen and realized that knife was gone. This time I was scared out of my wits, so I ran to the front door, the doorknob was automatically closed. So I thought I should call for help. As I ran back I saw the phone was broken in half. I was so shocked that I could hardly breathe anymore, but gathering some courage I began searching for my cellphone.

Suddenly I heard a click! I turned around and saw the doll sitting on the sofa watching the television. I ran into my parents room. I tried to climb out of the window when I turned back there was the doll with the knife. It pushed me out the window  and I lay on the cold ground, unconscious.

When I open my eyes I found myself in the hospital. I told whole story to my parents but they said that there is no doll in the house it was only your imagination you are slipped on the stairs…