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I woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night by a scream. I was gasping for air and I was terrified. Covered with cold sweat, I sat on my bed and letting the sweat dripped. I couldn’t even remember my dream. I held my forehead and brushed my hair up with my fingers.

“What was that all about?”

I stood up and went to my cabinet. I took the face towel hanging at the right corner of the cabinet and wiped my sweat dry. I looked back on my bed and then looked at the wall clock.

“Damn! It’s still 2 a.m.”

I couldn’t go back to sleep every time I had a nightmare. So, I went out of my room and rushed to the kitchen. All I needed was a can of beer. Well, I thought that might help me to put to sleep. As I opened the fridge, I was glad I saw one can of beer. Quickly, I opened it and sipped a little.

“OH! That was good!”

It was cold and it tasted good. I looked for a place to sat on and enjoy my beer. Then I decided to sat on the couch at the living room and watched TV. As I was about to turn on the TV, I saw a reflection of me sitting on the couch on the TV. My heart instantly beat so loud and I even felt it’s pounding out of my chest. I was stoned in shock. I slowly turned my head to the couch but he was no longer there.

“What in God’s name is happening?”

Then suddenly, the TV turned on with a loud volume. The surprise stroked me down to the floor and I dropped my beer as a result. I fell on my back and dragged myself backwards away from the TV with a bad reception. Then suddenly, I heard my name. Someone was calling me and it’s coming from the TV.


Because of curiosity I crawled back in front of the TV as it kept on calling my name. As I was in front of it, it suddenly turned off. Then, I realized it wasn’t even plugged in. I looked back on the TV screen and there I saw myself again on the couch. But this time, I looked like a dead person. My eyes got big as a stared at the TV screen. Then suddenly the TV turned on again.


At that instant, I woke up.

“It was just a dream?”

I sighed, held on my forehead and brushed my hair up with my fingertips to the back of my neck. Then, I looked at the wall clock.

“What the fuck!?”

The time was exactly the same with the time I woke up in my dream. To make it sure that I was not still dreaming, I pinched my arm so hard.


Well, that really hurts.

I lay down and picked up my phone. I text my girlfriend Grace and told her about what happen. I was not hoping for a reply. But if i am really dreaming at that moment, she might receive and read it by the time she’d wake up.

*Message Alter*

The sound of my phone woke me up. Good thing I fell asleep again last night. I sighed as get out of bed. Then, I stretched my arms, neck and back. I loved it whenever I hear the cracking sound on my bones.

“Oh, yeah! My phone… I almost forgot that I have a text message.”

I turned back to my bed and picked up my phone. It was my girlfriend. She was asking me if I was alright. I smiled because not only that she cared but also, I wasn’t dreaming when I send her the text. I replied back to her and told her that I will just tell her everything when we meet at school.

Time was running and I might be late for school. I don’t even have the time to find lost photo of mine which was supposed to be in my wallet. So, I picked out my towel from the cabinet and ran out of the room. As I passed by the living room, I was tripped down by something cylinder in form. It felt like a can. The thing rolled down the sofa as I tried to stand up.

“Dexter! You lazy son of a…”

I ignored what just happen. I did think of whatever I had stepped on to. I just ran to the bathroom to take a shower.
While I was in the bathroom, something’s telling me that it was the can I drunk in my dream that I’ve stepped on to. So, after I took a bath, I went back to the living room. I kneelt down on the floor and looked for the can under the sofa. I was surprised on what I saw. It was the can of beer that I had in my dream. I pulled the can of beer out of the sofa and walked confusedly to the kitchen. As I was about to go to the kitchen, Dexter bumped me.

“Oh! I am so sorry, man.”

I stared blank at him as a respond.

“Are you ok, man?”, Dexter asked.

“Y-ye-yeah! I am sorry.”, I replied.

Then, Dexter noticed the can of beer on my hand. He shook his head as he looked back at me.

“You know the rules in this boarding house, man.”, he said.

“I know. No liquors and shit.”, I replied and walked by him.

As a respond, he laughed and said. “No, dumbass, it’s share the blessing.”

I smiled back to him and threw the can to the trash can.

Even though, Dexter is an asshole, I still owe him a lot. He is the reason why I was able to find a boarding house in the first place. He is a good friend.

As I was on the way to the school, I still couldn’t get rid of the dream I had last night. Was it just a dream? Or, did it really happen? The situation led me to be confused even more as I remembered seeing myself dead on the sofa. That was the scariest thing I saw so far.

Even as I reached the school, it was still bugging me. It was like I was mind fucked or something. Then, I felt something’s different as I entered the gate of the school. It felt like something bad was going to happen to me. So, I took a step back and walked away from the gate. I didn’t enter my classes that day.

The class hour has ended and Grace, my girlfriend, looked for me. I text her that I went back to the boarding house. She hurriedly went to my place then to my room. As we were both inside my room, she asked me why I didn’t go to school.

“Hon, I have something to ask you.”, I said.

“What is it? Is there something bothering you?”, she asked.

“Have you ever dreamt that you saw yourself dead in front of you?”, I asked.

She shook her head and asked me, “Why?”

“I just had a dream last night. I saw myself dead. And, I can’t even tell that I was dreaming at all. You see, there was this can…”

“What can?”

“A can of beer…”

“You drank a beer last night?”

“No! Yes! In my dream, I sipped a little.”

“Ok, and then?”

“Then I dropped the can on the living room. But, when I woke up I was tripped down by the can as I passed the living room.”

“So, you really drank a beer last night and you’re just drunk.”

“No! You didn’t get my point. When you see yourself dead when you are awake, you’ll die.”

“You’re totally alive, as far as I can see.”

She stood up and grabbed hold of my chin gently.

“Hon, you think too much of supernatural things. So, come on. Get dress.”, she said.

“Why? Where are we going?”, I asked.

“Let’s eat dinner outside. Don’t worry; nothing bad is going to happen to you. That’s for sure.”, she replied and gave me a soft smack on my lips.

As we’re about to go out of my room to have a dinner, I heard someone calling my name. It was like someone was whispering my name on my right ear. I looked back to my room and said, “Hon, did you hear that?”

“Hear what?

“Someone called me.”

“I didn’t hear anything.”

“I know someone called me. It was like a whisper.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Let’s go! We are late!”, she replied in an angry tone.

As I was about to close my door, someone was standing on my bed. His skin was blacker than black and his eyes were glowing in red. Then, I quickly close the door and looked away from it. My heart was pounding so hard and I couldn’t breathe. It was like the feeling I felt in my dream. I felt like dying. My knees were getting heavy like I was about to collapse on the floor.

Grace noticed me like I saw a ghost. She then asked me what’s wrong. I was covered with fear and sweat. I just couldn’t answer her.

“You look so pale, Hon.”, she said as she gently held my face.

“… and you’re sweating. What’s wrong?”, she added.

“Nothing.”, I said and held her hand.

“Let’s go and have a…”, right before I was about to finish my sentence, everything went dark.
I was out of conscious.

When I wake up., I was in my bed and Grace was sitting beside me. She was brushing my hair as she said, “Hey! You’re out of conscious earlier. Are you sick?”

I slowly pull myself up from my bed and sat by her side.

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m just tired.”

“Ok. You know what? You just need to rest. I will buy you something for dinner. Alright?”, Grace said.
She took her purse and left.

Now, I am all alone in my room. Shaking my head as I tried to figure out what’s going on. I kept seeing things that no one else could see but me. I opened my laptop and attempted to find out everything. I logged in, plugged in my broadband and started searching. After few minutes, I stumbled on a site where it discussed about the same things that was happening to me. Suddenly, the laptop shut down. As I was trying to turn it on again, suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It was Grace with my dinner on hand.

“What are you doing?”, she asked.

“Nothing.”, I replied and closed my laptop.

“Here!”, she said and handed on me my dinner.

“Don’t worry, I bought mine as well. We can still eat together like it was our last dinner together.”, she added.

“What did you say!?”

She didn’t respond. She just scooped spoon full rice and offered it to me. Subsequently, she left right after we finished our dinner. No goodbye kisses, no hug, nothing. I just sat and watched her leave. Maybe she was pissed off because we never had our dinner outside as planned.

During that night, I went outside to get some fresh air. I was really troubled of what’s happening to me. Then, Grace was acting different lately. I sighed deeply as I walked a nearby ally. The night was a bit cold. As a result, I wrapped my hands around me as I shivered.

As I was about to go to an ally going to a convenience store when a strange guy wearing a black hood, who’s sitting on the corner, spoke to me.

“Death is following you, mate.”

“What did you say?”, I said and approached him.

“You can’t escape death. Especially, when it was passed on to you.”, he said stood up.

“Passed on? What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Having dreams seeing yourself dying or dead lately?”

“Yeah! How did you know that?”

He didn’t answer me. He just turned and walked away from me. I ran after him and grabbed hold his shoulder.

“Hey! Wait!”

We went somewhere that we could talk stuffs privately. He introduced himself as Todd. He mentioned to me that we have the same problem. He said that he saw that I’ve been surrounded by dead people that no ordinary people can see.

“How can you see them?”

“When you’re time is about to end, you either see or feel they are dying too. In your case, seeing you surrounded by dead people gives me an impression that they are going to take over your body. Or, maybe you’re cursed. By the way, you will be able to see them as well.”, he said.

“Cursed me? Who would curse me?”, I said with confusedness within my eyes.

He didn’t respond and just gave me some kind of a voodoo doll. He told me that I need something from my victim’s belongings and attached them to the doll like a ring, his or her photo perhaps.

“You need to place this doll under your victim’s bed over the hex that was being chanted with black magic. And by the time your victim’s asleep; his or her soul will travel from other dimension, the dream world. As his or her spirit returned to his or her body, it would go back along with the curse. But once someone has transferred his or her death or curse to you, you’d be in serious trouble because you would definitely die anytime and there’s nothing you could do. Unless, you’d be able to find out who did this and kill him or her. That would spare your life.”, he explained briefly.

“Wait. I don’t know how to perform these things. And, I don’t want to kill other’s because I was cursed or I am about to die. I just don’t have the guts.”, I said and gave him back the voodoo doll.

“I am not that crazy and stupid to believe that such things exist. And why am I hear listening to crazy guy like you?”, I added and left. My tone was a bit harsh but I really don’t care anymore.

As I walked away from him, he screamed these words, “Watch out for sharp objects. And, don’t trust anyone! They will cause your death!” Or something like that. I really couldn’t hear it well because my mind was too clouded.

“DEATH! It will follow you wherever you go! Even in your dreams! You could die while sleeping!”

As I’ve reached the boarding house, I went straight to my room. I pulled everything out of my pants’ pocket; my phone, some coins and my wallet. I sat on my bed and place them beside me. I checked out my phone if I had a text message from Grace but there’s none. But what bothered me even more was what Todd had told me. Whether it’s true or not, it still frightened me.

I lay myself on the bed and just looked up the ceiling. I decided to close my eyes and tried to sleep. But when closed my eyes I saw a figure in a mirror. It was like a white lady who was looking back at me at the mirror. I was frightened and it made me stood upright immediately. But she was already in front of me and I fell out of balanced on the floor. The shiver of terror crawled all throughout my body. I was frozen from where I fell as she approached me. The lights suddenly turned off immediately as it turned back on. When it was turned back on, my room was filled with spirits. They all walked toward me and extended their hands acting like the want my body.

Suddenly, I woke up on my bed. Again, it was just a nightmare. Then it hit me, maybe Todd was right after all. I don’t know what to do anymore. If I would go out to find him, something might happen to me. I stood up, took all sharp objects in my room and locked it in my drawer. I even hid the mirror and jalousies of the window and placed them outside my room. Then, I locked myself inside my room. This would be a sleepless night.

It’s been two days and I never left my room. I didn’t eat and drink. I isolated myself from the outside world. Grace was worried about me and she called me many times. She’s telling me that she wanted to tell me something. I just told her I was sick and I don’t want her to go to my room coz she might have it too.

That afternoon, I tried to take a glimpse outside the door. I slightly opened it. As I took a peek, the white lady surprised me as I saw her face in front of me. I was stumbled and hit my head on the drawer. The impact created an effect that caused the lamp shade fell on the floor where it almost hit my head if I didn’t quickly moved away. I quickly closed the door and ran on my bed. I sat on my bed, hugging my legs, shaking with horror.

On the third day, I felt hunger and dizziness. I puked on the floor. My stomach hurt as hell. I was going crazy already. Every sound I heard scare me. I was being hysterical.

Then, suddenly a knock on the door spooked me.


A familiar voice.

“Are you there?”

I slowly stood up. I walked towards the door while leaning myself on the wall. As I reached the door, I slightly opened it and so my Grace.


A lousy, lifeless greeting she received.

She was shocked from what she saw. I looked more than a sick person, a dead person.

“Oh my God! What happen to you honey?”

I let her inside my room and I cleaved on to her. She felt my skin at the back of her neck having a high temperature.

“You are having a fever.”

As Grace assisted and brought me back to bed, she saw my puke on the floor. She was so alarmed. She told me to stay put for a while as she cleaned the floor with my clothes on the laundry.

After cleaning the floor, Grace went out to buy me something to eat. She left her bag beside me. It was half open. Curiously, I looked inside her bag and tried to see if she’s carrying a sharp object. Safety first. So, as I opened her bag, I saw the unexpected. I saw a voodoo doll with my lost photo wrapped around it. I was so shocked it left me speechless.

I took the doll, stood up and walked toward the door. I needed to stay away from Grace. I just couldn’t believe she did this to me. Deeply wounded inside, I walked wobbly as I stepped outside the boarding house. I saw Dexter at the door way and few steps behind him was Grace. Then, I collapsed in front of him.

“Whoaw! You ok, buddy?”, Dexter said as he caught me.

They took me back to my room. Dexter laid me down on my bed. I’ve even out of consciously forgot where I dropped the doll.

That night, Grace didn’t go home. She decided to stay and watched over me. I still couldn’t put away the thought that Grace was the one who cursed me. Then, I remembered what Todd told me that if I found out who cursed me, the only way out of this mess is to kill that person. I couldn’t kill the girl that I’ve love for 7 years.

Grace fell asleep and I pretended that I was sleeping. I was still thinking about what I’ve discovered. Then, I realized, that this was she was trying to tell me on the phone. Maybe she was guilty about what she did and now she wanted to say her sorry. But it’s too late. The point was she wanted to kill me and I don’t need to know the reason anymore. That doll on her bag explained everything. This was my life and death decision.

I slowly took my pillow and covered it over Grace’s face. She struggled and tried to fight back. Her nails scratched my skin and it made me bleed. I put all my strength that was left of me until she stopped moving.

As I removed the pillow, I burst in tears. Grace was no longer breathing. I hugged her lifeless body and kissed her. I screamed on top of my lungs as whined so heard. Then, suddenly, someone kicked the door open. Two policemen entered my room and pointed their guns at me.


“Don’t move! Don’t move!”

They saw me hugging my Grace’s dead corpse. They took me away from her and out of my room. They accused me from killing her. At their back, I saw Dexter. Dexter’s the one who called the police. He was waving the voodoo doll and smiling at me. He’s the one who planned this. But why?

“Adios!”, he said.

“No! Wait! Dexter! You son of a bitch!”, I screamed as they took me to custody.

I broke free from the policemen’s arms and ran towards Dexter. Then, I heard a loud gunshot.


It stopped me for a minute. Then I felt something wet coming out of my chest. I looked at it and I was bleeding. I was shot. I fell down on the floor, face down. Gasping for air, I overheard them talking.

“Move back, Sir!”

I felt so numb, cold, and my heartbeat was gradually slowing down. I slowly turned my head facing my room to my bed where my Grace lying down. I cried my last tear and everything went dark.