Puppetmasters Final
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First Thing: Warning this one ..is maybe a bit too extreme


Felix and George are street artists. With selfmade wooden puppets they present little
plays on the road. People love it. A different
kind of art, refreshing! Actually they made good money with their work. Some think its scary and thats why they love it. The others
see it as a tribute to the old ways of entertainment. A pretty nice culture shock.

A play goes usually like this:They have a
background drawn on a huge paperback. A little
CD Player with classical music and both artists
have their individual puppets.The plays tell
storys about emotional adventures in real life. Love,friendship,hate,anger.

The newest story is about two people fighting
all the time. They are rivals. Rivals in love.
A beautiful girl enchanted both men with her
shiny eyes. They admire her beauty with all
their heart…. and try to show it to her.
Invites for dinner…..poems….smalltalk.
Trouble is…she rejects them…She squeezes
their hearts into i little portion mud.
With foul mouthed language , she destroys
their vision of a delightful future. But they
are still trying..Even though she made it
very clear…the protagonists continue with
their mission…but who will win her attention?

This new play goes for week now.. every day
point three o clock to five o clock.A suspense
loaded soap opera in a puppet version. Peds
enjoy this spectacular ,because George and Felix show so much respect and will in their
unusual talent. A convincing demonstration of
voice acting.

One day the duo announced the “Final Part”.
This friday will be the last part and then
our show will be over once and for all.
Curiosity spreads around the city. Everone
wants to know how the show will end.Who
gets the girl? Or will the girl change?
Two tough questions. Felix and George enjoy
their fame. They are little stars in the little city. Have a continued number count of fans. The base grows and grows each day. But actually Felix and George haven’t got what they wanted at all costs….yet….and that is Angela.

Angela is a beautiful creature. She’s smart ,
nice and gourges. Felix and George are in love
with her since they came to school. Felix never dared to talk to her. He is totally shy
when it comes to women….and so does George. They hide there wishes in their fantasy. A fantasy which evolves to a puppet
play. Maybe they could get her attention
by turning there feelings into a romantic
weird but extraodinary script.

While they’re peforming the penultimate
part of their play , Felix recognizes that
Angela is approaching. She talks with
someone on the phone. Looks like Angela’s
ignoring their work. With loud noises they
try to draw her attention, but she just walks
through the crowd and disappears in the next
street.Depressed as they are, Felix and George
finish the play.

Thursday night.
Angela is at a party in a bar with a couple of friends.Her best friend Lilly is there with her
boyfriend and also Angelas boyfriend Charles
is there. Angela is sitting in the corner , nipping on her wodka-ale and watches the dark street through the window. It looks like
two guys are standing on the street ,watching her. Watching her for a while. Who are they?
She thinks. But then her concentration gets lost ,cause of a glass which was broken by some idiot drunk. She looks automaticlly at the
noise and then she returns her eyes to the point at the window….the to men are gone.
Confusing. Who were they? she thinks. But
her fear stopps quickly cause Charles
and Lilly came to her with another pair of drinks….but deep in minde she thinks of
the two men standing in the street…looking
into the bar from far away..

It’s knocking of time. The bartender wants every customer to finish their drinks so he
can start cleaning up the place.Again Angelas
friends are gone. Charles and Lilly disappeared.Dammit! says Angela…I wanna go
home…where are they?
The next ten minutes all the other customers already left the bar. Only Angela sits on
her chair in the corner….waiting for the othes to join the way back. But Charles and Lilly are still gone. The bartender tries to be nice and says: Honey I’m sorry but you have to leave now…im closing now.”
“Ok” Angela says.She goes outside and pulls a phone out of her bag and calls Charles.
“Charles where the hell are you?”…Only mailbox.No one answered.
“Fuck this shit” I’m goin home alone! She says murmuring to herself.
The streets are empty at this time.Pretty dark everywhere except the points where bonnets shine a conus of light…but they are rare.
While she is walking, she recognizes only her
own loud steps….giving an echo in every narrow street.An uncomfortable feeling of lonelyness.In the next crossroad she passes
the place where George and Felix are always
presenting their plays. She walks slowley to
watch this place. This place is weird…her
stomach hurts..

Suddenly ….an unkown voice says:
“Angela where are you going?”
Angela turned around quickly “Who said that?”
“Me” the unknown voice answered. From the
dark street comes a figure. It steps into one
of the light conuses. It is Felix.
“Felix?” She says..”What are you doing here?…I mean it is …after midnight…”
Felix grins and says “I could ask you the same
Angela was confused but knows it’s just Felix.
A guy she knows for about five years.
“Well I am only walking home…I met some friends in the bar you know?”
Felix continues his ..kind of scary grin.
“Ahhh ok….friends I see…..Hey…why didn’t you have watched any of our puppet shows?”
Angela is reliefed…it’s just simple conversation. She was afraid that someone
would attack her. But she could not believe
that Felix is dangerous……she is wrong.
“You know I am not that into Puppet Shows…
I think their scary”
Felix comes a step closer
“Scary? Their not scary…their just wooden copy of a human being…you can do so much
with them..I mean is that not interesting?”
Angela does not want to talk with Felix anymore so she tries to wimp him off.
“Well I think their scary…nevermind…I need

to go see ya”
Felix stops his grin…and his voice gets a bit angry.
“Hey …Why don’t you watch a show now..
I can show you that puppets aren’t that scary”
Angela turns around again and gets angry as well:
“Hey …I want to sleep so please stop bugging me ok? I am not interested in puppets…good night!”
“Angela wait” Felix yells
“Felix shut up and let me go!” She grunts
“It’s important!” he yells again
“What?” She screams at him
“I….love you…” He whisperes , I really do!”
“……..you’re creepy …stay away from me”
She whisperes again…and her fear comes again. The fact that Felix is an harmless Dude
” I will go home now…and you stop talking to me” She says and turns around and goes out of
the light conus right into the dark.
Then in the dark another unkown voice appeares.
“Hello Angela”….but Angela doesn’t answer.

A blurred view. It looks like a …cellar?
Yes a huge cellar.
“She wakes up”
“Yep..it’s time to prepare ourselfs”
Angela is tied to a chair…in her mouth
is something…She is gagged….She can’t see
yet…that chloroform knocked her out pretty good.
“Give her a slap”
Angela feels a painful beat on the left side of her head. Her consciousness rises again. She
identifies that one voice belongs to Felix…the
other one was the last voice she heard before she passed out. She opens her eyes and distiguishes….the other guy was George.
She tries to scream..but the black ball in her
mouth refuses any word from her tounge. She
only gives some weird noises. Propably the worst fear she ever felt.
“Ahh there you are my dear” Felix says.” We
prepared something just for you”
“Thats tight” George fits in “It is called…The Final Part…I know you did not watch the other parts but that’s ok…This part will blow
your mind I promise.”
Felix comes close to her face and whisperes:
“We did this all for you.”
Tears are running down Angelas cheeks. She mumbles something..but no one can understand what she tries to say. Felix and George don’t care anyway.They disappear
in the dark room. She sits in the dark …and
has no idea what these two psychos will do to her. Then…The light goes on. A spotlight…
..a stage…and a beautiful drawn background.
Music starts playing….classical music. And a loud voice screams:

Angela screams when she sees the “puppets”
which are being used in this play.
A women and a man are dancing together.
Charles and Lillys corpse…Dismembered with
a saw and put together with wire again so the mechanics of a doll are more presenting. The
movements make a crunchy, flesh, wet
noise.The heads of the corpse are almost torn
of…they weren’t put together that good….an
the bodies are still bleeding bad.The dresses
are soaked in red dark juice.
Then the narrators George and Felix start the show.
“My name is Charles…the boyfriend of the lovely person Angela”
“My name is Lilly….I am Angelas best friend”
The sickest thing is that they pricked a fish hook with wire into the corpses chins..when
they pull the strings…it looks like they were
Angela is crying…she shakes the chair and wants to free herself…without any chance..
she is bound.
“Hey Lilly..where is Angela?”
“She is there in the corner..sitting alone”
“Oh…hmm..lets join her”
“Wait..wait…first..lets have a drink ok? On me”
“But why can’t we go to Angela?”
“She is kind of annyoing right now…she
destroys the wonderful atmosphere you know?”
“But she is your best friend ..if shes in trouble
won’t you help her?”
“Sure…but first lets have drink…Come on
one drink and then we join Angela”

Then the lights are off

“OH OH …looks like Lilly was not the best
friend Angela alwayes dreamed of…looks like
she was a bitch”
“You’re right but what about Charles..He was
a pretty nice dude if you ask me”
“Well lets see what happens”
The light are on again…this time…both corpses are completely nude.Placed in a doggystyle position.
“Wow…Looks like Charles is a complete Jerk aswell…look how he is fucking her ass”
“Dammit…youre right….why does Angela always pick the wrong persons..They alwayes cheat on her? There are
actually two guys who would do anything for her..but she rejects them….but now…
she overthinks her opinion I think”
“Yeah I guess youre right..Two guys…one
girl….But the big question is…”
The corpses are being pulled up. Charles
corpse was pulled so hard that his head broke
off and fell on the stage with a bloody fountain.
Felix and George are coming on stage. Felix
has a saw in his hand and George alot of wire
and a fishing hook.
Felix grins again and yells: “The big question is…who will get the girl?”
They come closer to Angela …she is sweating and crying and also pissed herself.
George gets near her ear and says” Yes…the final of the final who will get the girl?…Who will have the ability to play with you..or better…..play you?
He takes the black ball out of Angelas mouth.
She pukes on the floor and screams:
“You will never get me…kill me…kill meheheheeee..You bastards…you fucking bastards”
In his face evolves an evil grin. George says:
“Thats not what we wanted to hear…I think
we will have to change the script a bit.”He
takes the hook and pricks it into her chin while Felix starts cutting of her limbs. While gallons of blood are spraying into Felix face he happily says:The Final will be like how we want it!
Angelas human puppet hangs from the ceiling.
….It is Friay….
Ready to play the last scene of the final part.

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    Its an unusual story…and i feel disgstusted
    But im also incredibly scared.Those horrible visions in my mind that yor story gave me will last long

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