Protected by a wolf
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Nathan stands in the forest, the night stars twinkling. He gives off a small smile as he brushes his black hair out of his face and lets his blue eyes glow. Grey fur ripples out of his skin, muscles bulk and form, making his shoulders bulge. Finally, after a few seconds, Nathan was not a boy, but a wolf the size of a huge bear. He felt free.

He races among the trees, taking in all the delicious nature filled scents he could. He ran through cool trickling rivers and leaps as the night’s fresh breeze kisses his fur. Nathan loves his genes, his gift. It was perfect. Perfect happy filled days and long wondrous nights. He adored nature as it adored him. Its beautiful night song never interrupted, until now.

A blood curling scream echoed through the forest, making him stop dead. He pauses as the scream for help passes through the now silent area. He contemplates a few moments before shaking his head, disgusted with himself for actually ignoring this obvious plea for help. He thunders through the forests soft earth, racing in the direction of the noise. He raced 100mph, rushing to help the girl who screamed. In a matter of seconds he found himself in a clearing and stopped abruptly, almost running into a blood soaked girl and a huge brown wolf coaching over her with red eyes and bared blood stained teeth.

Nather growls deep in his throat and snarls viciously at the invader. His fur prickles with anger. He leaps into the air and tackles the monster into the ground, his teeth tearing into the wolf’s flesh. The intruder bucks and kicks as it fights murderously and desperately, needing the air Nathan was depriving him. Nathan was ruthless, but he hated killing and felt this monsters pain as it went slowly, blood filling its oesophagus and lungs. But it was on his turf and was about to kill a girl. Nathan was obligated to take care and protect those he allows in his territory. Finally, the wolf dies and he relinquishes his hold on it, allowing the body to fall to the ground with a thud.

Nathan returns to human form and rushes over to the injured girl, her long brown hair knatted and deep blue eyes unfocused. She was beautiful. fearing for her health, he lifts her gently into his steady arms and carries her in the direction of his cabin. As he does so, he whispers repeatedly to her that she was going to be okay, attempimg to sooth. “where am I? ” she asks him over and over again as she falls in and out of consciousness. He kissed her on the forehead as he open the door of his home and places her the couch. The girl of his dreams was in his care now, and he was determined to keep Violet safe.

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