Pray for the Prey part 2
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…Brad Emmerson. They say he’s killed 6 young women so far. I was just looking out for you. I can leave if you want me to.”
“Oh my God! I have to call Brad!”
“Wait, you mean your boyfriend is Brad Emmerson!!?”
“No. His name is Brad Taylor. Trust me. He’s no serial killer”, Kim said as she flipped through her contacts
“That’s what they all say…”
“Oh, nevermind. I was just- but Jeff was interrupted by the chirp of a cell phone coming from the back of the alley.
“Brad!?”, Kim called.
“You told me he was stalking you. Are you cheating on me!!??”
“No! Brad!? What’s going on!?”
“I made a big mistake trusting you!”, Brad yelled as the lights on his pickup flooded the dark alley way.
“Kim! Run!” Jeff screamed grabbing her hand as Brad revved the engine. The tires came screeching out of the alley way just as Kim and Jeff found another, hiding behind a pile of dumpsters. “You still think his name is Brad Taylor?”
“No. Do you really think he could be Emmerson?”
“Kim, he just tried to kill us! How long have you known this guy?”
“Two months, maybe. That’s probably why I didn’t notice when you moved in.”
“Does this mean you’ll go out with me?”
“Jeff! Now is not the time to be discussing this! I dropped my cell phone in the other alley. We need to get home so I can call the police!”
Jeff had a strange expression on his face- almost playful.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, miss”
“I’ll give you a hint.”, his charming grin turned dark.
Jeff pressed Kim firmly against the wall. behind his back, he revealed a knife. Then gently, running the knife ever so carefully along her artery as not to break the skin he leaned in and whispered in her ear:
“I am Brad Emmerson.” The knife then pierced her throat and she fell to the ground, choking on her own blood. “You should have gone out with me”, he taunted with the same toothy grin as he walked away… They never found him.

Two months later:

Megan Cooley worked at a fast food restaurant 40 miles away from the murder of Kim Lee. She was just getting off work after closing when she was approached by a man with a charming grin. He held something behind his back as he approached her. Megan, terrified, walked quickly towards her apartment, dreading the fact that she lived alone in a first story apartment. She was about to call the police when she felt a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Hey, I just couldn’t help but notice a beautiful girl like you walking all by yourself at this time of night. Where are you headed?”
“Home… what do you want?”
“My name is Jeff. Oh! you must be Megan! Nice to meet you, neighbor!”
“How do you know my name?”
“The landlord mentioned your name to me. He said you were very sweet. I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime…

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