Pray for the Prey part 1
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Kim had everything going right in her life- nice car, good family, top grades. She was 22, had a boyfriend, and a little studio apartment to herself while she finished up college. Things could not be better. That is until she met Jeff…
Kim worked at the local grocery store on the graveyard shift. One dark early morning while she was heading out to her car at the end of her shift she was approached by a man. He was friendly. He told her his name was Jeff and that he would love to take her out sometime. Kim, politely declined, explaining that she had a boyfriend and felt uncomfortable going on a date at the moment. And with that, he wished her a good morning as he walked back to his car.
As Kim was driving home she noticed that she was being followed by another vehicle. Every time she turned a corner the other car was close behind. Kim pulled into her parking spot at the studio apartments. The other vehicle parked nearby. Kim waited in her car, and watched, terrified as the driver of the other vehicle stepped out of the car. It was Jeff…
Kim threw open her car door and raced to the door to the apartment entrance. Fumbling with the key, she felt a big arms wrap around her shoulder.

“what’s up neighbor?”, Jeff said with a charming, toothy grin.
“neighbor?” , asked Kim.
“I was surprised you didn’t recognize me at the food mart. I’ve lived right next door or the past 2 months!”
Feeling slightly embarrassed, Kim returned an awkward smile and made her way upstairs to the apartment, Jeff following close behind.

The next day, after getting off her shift, Kim was again approached by her neighbor in the parking lot.
“What are you doing here?”, Kim asked
“I’m just looking out for you. You know, a pretty girl like you should really be more careful walking out here in a dark parking lot. Something terrible could happen… But that’s why I’m here”, he said with the same toothy grin. Kim laughed uncomfortably. She was starting to get scared. Jeff was holding something behind his back. She was about to reach for her pepper spray when Jeff held out a rose. “I couldn’t resist asking you out again”…

This same ritual happened for a week. Kim was starting to panic. Jeff was so sweet and charming but she couldn’t help but think that he may have a more sinister motive. She called Brad, her boyfriend, in tears, explaining what had happened. she was too afraid to tell him at first because she didn’t want him to worry.

“Yes, babe?”
“I need your help.”
“This guy is following me. He says he’s my neighbor and he keeps trying to ask me out. He waits for me in the parking lot every morning after my shift and brings me flowers. It’s really starting to freak me out. Will you pick me up from work tomorrow?”
“Of course! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”
“I kept thinking he would stop, but he won’t leave me alone. I don’t want to call the cops on him. he seems like such a nice guy…”

The next day Brad picked Kim up by the. front doors of the food mart. And the next day… and the next day… but they never saw Jeff. Thinking that Jeff had given up, Kim began driving herself home again after work. Two days later she saw Brad waiting outside her car. Kim approached slowly, pepper spray in hand.
“Look”, Jeff said, ” I never meant to scare you. I was just worried about you. I’ve heard on the news that there was an escaped serial killer by the name of…

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