Part 9- Damien Reaper The Lord of Damnation
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Austin, Texas

Walker Corporation Log in : Minister Kate Walker

Our Prison is filled with demons and psychopaths, Our mission to save the world from these parasites, Like our Founder Minister Walker who tried to protect his village and In God’s name he did for 40 years after found dead in a local Forest. Then my Grandfather re-built this Corporation with funding by the American Government.

We have many prisoners like Dr. Helldrake a brilliant scientist turn mad after his son Zuez died, He turned to both Black Magic and Science to try to Contact his son from beyond the grave and he tried to bring Zuez back to life, But It back fired being possessed by 2 killers one named Buddy who dressed like an child’s toy, An the Another a clown like tall man named Bernie. Then when we transferred him, A Creature we killed bit him before being shot by a silver bullet.  He’s been in a coma ever since but every time a Guard checks on him his appearance changes probably side effects his the Black Magic.

The Other is a demon who sits in his cage smiling. Scratching his nails at times he cuts on himself taking his blood spelling out Creep. We are going to guess It’s his name. I think he’s waiting for someone. Which brings me in to our next prisoner we found yesterday He seemed willing to be captured. I plan on finding out who this demon is? I have no worries about his escape we have his cell Blessed with Holy water and no demon can escape without burning.

Log on Time 1:30 pm

In a dark holding cell.

They think holy water can hold me within these wall, They been reading to many Scary Stories. I let them shackle me, just to take this female Walker’s soul. To bad she wasn’t at home her Husband well let’s just say you should never too much rope in a horse shed because you never know when somebody will tie your arms and legs together to a post and another rope, I made into a noose and well somewhere running around is a horse with a present to whomever that finds it.

The Doors open.

Two armed guards point there guns at me as She walks in. “What is your name and what are you demon or undead ?”  I chucked  “My name is Damien Reaper, I ask myself that quite often what am I when I have the courage to look in the mirror.” She boldly says “I can have these men blow your head. We have the will of God on our side, The Walker Corporation been sending demons like you back to where you came.” “You know kiddo you have guts but what you don’t realize is The Minister Frank Walker killed many women in the name of God.  My Mother killed herself trying to save there child. Only to be murdered by people he brainwashed ” ” There?” said asked. ” I hate to be there bearer of bad news by his sin he cursed your blood line, He cursed Our bloodline. I’m here to kill you and take your soul Kate!”

I stood up. “shoot him! Shoot him” He screamed. While we have our chat I set two traps both were pulled down in to the ground. As these traps are unseen to an human’s eye. It was just her and I.

I grabbed her head than looked her in the eyes “No Mercy!”. I started to grasp the sides of her head and pulled her skull apart slowly as she screamed and tried to fight. Her soul went to Damnation.

I found The Creep shackled as I showed him the medallion, He looked up and was indeed under my control. He was more animal and He didn’t seem to remember me. We open a cell door to find Dr Helldrake waiting for me. “I can sense the dead and I’ll know why your hear, The Janitor sent you for me.” “Yes. No more talking I’ll teleport us to Kentucky, Creep will lead you to McFree.
I must go towards the East. As soon as I brought them to our destination the Moon was full as Dr. Helldrake transformed into a Werewolf.

Part 10: Damien Reaper Vs NightHowler

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  1. Avatar of Amit Amit says:

    too good story. i appreciate your efforts.

  2. Kunal says:

    its all parts very interesting.. wanna read 10th part soon.

  3. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    I apologize sir. I tried to read your story but the grammar was so bad that I abandoned it after the second paragraph. Instead I went to the free online collection of classic horror stories by masters of the craft: H.G. Wells, Virginia Wolf, James Joyce, M.R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Edith Wharton, Herman Melville, H.G. Wells, Bulwer Lytton, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mary Shelly, Bram Stroker . . .

    From these gods of writing I hopefully can learn how to write a better horror story. You sir have your uses. From you I learn what not to do. Please, do not take my comments personal, if you should come across any of my writing and see errors, by all means point them out to me. I will appreciate it. Thank you and good luck. :)

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