Part 8: 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
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Bludzo stepped into The Janitor’s face, Who are you Old man? And oh ha ha do I smell blood from wrench you hold tightly in your hand.
You do? And If you could kindly step away from me Bludzo. The Blood spitting Jester steps backwards. I’m Charlie Mcfree, I’m a Janitor for The Dent Schoolhouse. I tried to keep that school Picture perfect but those brats just keep pushing me and pushing me. So I took them out.

I looked at the Old man, You kill children?.. Why? there innocent. Charlie turned and looked at me, His eyes cold..and Black responded Not where I come from Mr. Reaper, Children are sin within itself think about it, Parents who commit sin themselves produce those children then recycling the patterns as they grow up then so forth. So how I see It the world must be cleaned.

Fatso laughing said “well I do like cleaning my plate after dinner I’m in Baldy.” Bludzo turned to Charlie grinning ear to ear as blood dripped from his fangs ” Mayhem and Massacring sounds fun, I’m sold McFree .”  They all turned towards me.

Charles walked up to Damien ” There’s something you should know there are hunters who trap or kill others who were also wrong as you were”. “Why should I care about that?” I snapped at The Janitor. ” Because they bare the name Walker, Walker Corporation. The Minister had a Family after you killed him, They swore revenge over witches, ghosts and anything or anyone who they see where different as they are, Even Children that has lost there Mother’s. Have your revenge and take your whole Family to Damnation full fill your destiny. Then we can create our own perfect Eden.  I turned to The Janitor telling him together we will sentence Meatbags to Armageddon.

We all walked out of Bludzo’s prison into an Old School Building. I could sense his victims even how young they may have been, They were tainted by sin. They were the fuel that gave him power and I turned to him. “Nice digs for our plan to work you need even more power to make this a fortress of evil ” and I unleashed a 3rd of my power synching the power giving The Janitor an equal power to match Bludzo and Fatso. “I can regain the power I lost by collecting the Walker Family’s souls. ” Mr. Reaper not even pain of death will break our bond of this gift you have given me” Charlie thanking me. ” And any souls that will be send here you can create minions to serve you here or Create an Army”. I responded.

” Well there are many I could bring back and others out in the world that could become Generals like my old friend who has a split personally disorder and one can change him into a wolf they call him Project T.R.O.Y and If Bludzo and Fatso can find more and bring em here. But Damien T.R.O.Y is down in Texas near your find Minister Katy Walker and her Clan there they are holding he and others. Even your old friend the Creep but no need to destroy him, show him this medallion, he’ll be in under your control.” I agreed with Charlie.

The Hunt is on!!

Part 9- Damien Reaper The Lord of Damnation





































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  1. Soniya says:

    i think there will be another part.. can’t wait..just a suggestion try to avoid simple grammatical and spelling error..

  2. Avatar of Amit Amit says:

    really gud story gonna tell ma friends

  3. Diana says:

    very short story but interesting. love it

  4. Henery says:

    If this is your finished work, take some English/Grammar courses. Buy some books on writing, and look at how other writers write and use punctuation etc.

  5. Damien says:

    I will look at Grammer/English books and courses. So I’ll try to do my best but It’s I see what’s happening in my brain and type it down. So what I’ll do is keep writing than after classes and studies, Go back to past work fix em up. Thanks for “trying” to read my stuff.

  6. Henery says:

    Damien, thanks for your reply to my comment. If you would like suggestions from time to time, please feel free to tell me so. If you do read any books on writing, in all the books I have read on the subject, they suggest anyone that wants to write, revise, revise, revise and revise. Here is a quote I found for you:
    “A big part of revision is rewriting, which comes after honest evaluation. If your manuscript has a major problem, brainstorm solutions, delete the sections that aren’t working and rewrite them. You may even choose to start from scratch.”

    (Read more: What Does Revise Mean When You Are Writing a Book or a Story? |

    Live long and prosper, Henery.

  7. Damien says:

    I’m always open for suggestions. I’m just surprised anyone reads them. I’ll read your link here in a bit.

    Most the characters are all from The Dent Schoolhouse. Where I presently act at. So they too have back stories. This is my way to honor them. And If people enjoy it, Even better.

    Like my art or stories. I have gift just need to train those gifts. To be better and keep the reader’s entertained.

    Thank you, Boss and all of you Creatures that read Damien Reaper stories!

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