Part 10: Damien Reaper Vs NightHowler
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I watched as Dr. Helldrake’s bones twisted and changed unto a mix of wolf and man. Out of the corner of my eye The Creep was hiding the darkness with a smile even when I found him there was no trace of emotions when I found him. I should have paid attention as the wolf tackles me and as I struggle to get free. He howls at the moon before he tries to take a bite, I vanish in smoke. Leaving the animal dumbfounded before swinging my shovel (that I formed from the souls I take) attempting to knock him out. He lays face down only for a moment as rolls over and get up. “Oh great!” I told myself. I Command the Creep, “Creep get over here and hold him down”. He just stands there smiling. The Sun starts to come up as He Changes back. Dr. Helldrake shakes his head “I’m sorry Damien”. ” Let just get you to to Mcfree’s ” As I healed and start walking. I opened a gateway as The Creep walked though it, I followed as I hear “Hold me!!” In a baby like voice. Helldrake dressed a man size Baby jumped on my back falling into the gateway in the Basement of The Dent Schoolhouse.

The Janitor stands next to both of us. ” How was the trip?”. ” Your an asshole” I get up and turn to Baby Zuez drinking a Bottle. “I’m not sure what in the Hell is going on with Helldrake or Baby Zuez or whatever he will transform into next, It’s your problem now”. The Janitor starts to laugh then waves to follow him. I turn to see Zuez sound asleep.

I saw a group of characters lined in a rows. “This is the start of my Army, Damien. Each one has a tale, Each one is a solider. Bludzo and Fatso are still out there finding more. They found a female vampire disguised a Clown, named Calliope. But I know your not interested with that, So Search for twins Ministers Alexandria and Jessica in Florida. Bust out those Inmates that are prisoner there there names are Scattergood, Fruitloop, Rellik, Agaod any others that may be locked there Scattergood can lead them here. You can do what you want afterwards but If you could be kind meet back here in a couple of months.” Damien walks face to face with The Janitor. ” Watch out for The Creep your jewel is losing it’s effect to control him and I will be back.” I walked outside of the school to start my Journey.

Part 11: Damien Reaper: Damned Place on Earth

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  1. Anikhet says:

    Hey Damien, its going too long now man.. lets end this now. May be you write on some other thing…

  2. Avatar of crazy crazy says:

    your writing style has improved over the time.. give a try to new concept now…

  3. Damien says:

    This Story may not end yet, but i will write a new story themed very soon. Damien very easy for me I’ve played him for 13/14 years so i know how he feels and thinks.

  4. Triss says:

    how many parts left……?????? nice story but going tooo long

  5. Damien says:

    OK Here’s what I’ll do folks because these stories are getting old for you guys.

    I have my own site (
    I’m re-vamping it. That is where you’ll find out what happens next in Damien Reaper’s Journey.

    You guys will get a new story, Which will be my last one on here till Spring.

  6. Johnny.Tiggs says:

    Mr. Damien sir, if you run your story through Microsoft Word, grammar checker it will improve your writing. If you also run your story through WordPerfect grammar checker you will improve your story even more. On the positive side you’re, or you are, not your, a natural at writing horror. I suggest you read and study THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE written by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White. The book is like the bible of good grammar. Thank you sir but I think I’ll pass on your website. Good luck to you on your career as a horror writer. :)

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