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Murder, suicide, torture, ghosts, fear, parapsychology, possession and exorcism! These are some topics which have been of people’s interest since a very early time. Human beings have always had fear of the unknown. Back in the day, “hell” and “devil” were a symbol of horror, a reason for fear and terror. Thus, evolved the reason of sharing these experiences, creating such hypothetical and supernatural fantasies and practices like necromancy. In every mind there lurks something which is beyond the shifting frontiers of consciousness. We challenge you to explore this side of your mind, what Sigmund Freud calls you’re “Id”, what exists on your dark side.

If this fear and terror is something which entices you, then search no further shortnscarystories.com aims to make your spine chill. Submit a short story which you believe is scary enough to give the readers nightmares and gets their heart beating fast. We provide you the platform to share the scariest fantasies, memories or real life experiences in the form of a short story through our website. This will eventually form a wide collection, from a supernatural fantasy to a true paranormal experience, of scary short stories which will be read by a global audience.

So write and SUBMIT your stories with us!!

Jagrit Gupta
Founder & Editor 
Short n Scary Stories
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