One New Message
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“One New Message” read the notifications on Olivia’s phone. She had just woken up to the sound of her phone chiming to notify an unknown number calling. She didn’t answer, just now realizing that it could have been her boss. She called back, but she got no answer. After avoiding the roaches and bugs in her home she finally came to the conclusion that she should check the message.
It was a link to an old, unknown website. Hesitating, she clicked and went to the deep, suspicious website. It seemed to take an eternity of a loading screen, but when it was finished the screen had turned black with red letters that read, “Thank you. Enjoy your renewed self.” Olivia muttered, under her breath, “You’re welcome? What a scam.” She went to shower but was suddenly stopped by a knock on her front door. She opened the door, finding as it seemed, nothing. She closed the door and fought herself to not call the next door neighbor’s
house, almost every week they play Ding Dong Ditch. She received a new message from the same messenger, that said,
“Pick up your package :)
Olivia flattered that the Messenger knew there was a knock, she typed,
“It wasn’t a package. It was just the kids playing a stupid game.” Just to be sure she opened the door to see a box on her porch. She threw it inside with a kick. She was lonely and had no family. To her surprise, it wasn’t a coupon book. It was a huge bag, dripping with blood. At first touch, Olivia became thirsty for death. She ran out of her house with garbage bags and a fork. She broke the neighbor’s door with her fist and searched every room for her next victims. She rounded them all up and after their very painful deaths, Olivia ran out and went on for more blood.

After 3 hours of running around, it seems to Olivia that every human killed makes her stronger. It doesn’t. The Messenger wants her to think that. After the massive killing, Olivia felt so “strong” that she passed out in the street. In the morning, when she woke, the messenger was right next to her. She was taken to the messenger’s secret society. There were massive killers there, who preferred to call them selves “renewers”. The renewed gathered around Olivia chanting in Latin. They had put a curse on her, causing her to become possessed. She would have to choose between being a stuffed animal, doll, or any other toy. They did this to initiate her, to never stop death. And when Olivia has finished her tasks as a toy, she will become one of the renewers, and send you a message.

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