Not any ordinary day.
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I wasn’t always the man I am today. At one point in my life I was the guy who everyone pushed over, the guy who was bullied beyond reason. The guy who girls wouldnt get caught spitting on. Well my friends today was the day that all changed. It started off as a usual day. I woke up and ate breakfast, showered, and then I was off to work. The morning was beautiful and the day seemed promising. That was until I got to work and my boss decided it was make fun of Tyler day. He screamed in my face in front of everyone about how awful my designs were, and that he only kept me here because he was secretly having an affair with my mom. Everyone thought it was so funny, and usually I would have ran away and cried but not today. I stood up and asked for everyone who thought this was funny to raise their hands. Two people didn’t, so I told them to come stand behind me. Everyone else wasn’t so lucky. I pulled out my 9mm pistol and shot one guy point blank in the head. The office errupted and I screamed everyone down on the ground. They all obeyed. Cell phones in the middle of the floor, if I dont get 12 cell phones somebody dies, try me if you want to and I’ll blow your brains out sooner than later. The boss gets up and tries to plead, you dont have to do this. Oh yeas I do and you get to now. I walked over to the him and forced him to pull down his pants in front of everyone. Are you embarrassed? huh? Answer me B I T C H!  Yes, Yes I am please stop. Oh I have just begun. I made the entire office line up in a straight line in front of him. One guy began to cry so I just walked up to him and whispered in his ear dont cry, please it will only take a second. Then I pulled out my exacto knife and sliced his fucking throat. Who the fuck else wants some motherfucking sympathy? No one, please sombody else wants their fucking throat split. I then lined up two ladies who always made me feel awful day in and day out. The only thing I had to say to them was, I hoped God has more pitty for you than I do, and with that being said I put a bullet in the back of their heads. It was starting to get a little messy so I made the boss mop up some of the blood with his own clothes. I then gave the workers the option to place one of the other co workers names in a box. Then I Informed them that the three with the most votes were the next to die. Johnny, Richard, and Kyle step forward. The three began to panic. You guys are safe. But Adam, Donnie, and Michael aren’t. I had to go to my duffle bag for this one. I pulled out my twelve gage shotgun and put it into Adams mouth, POW brain and teeth were everywhere. Then it was Michaels turn. He deserved to suffer a little so POW right in the knee cap. It almost took of his whole leg. As he layed there suffering I put the gun in Donnie’s mouth and blew his brains out. I then lined up two of the other men and made them eat the brain matter that was scatter across the floor. Yes I must admit that even made me sick. After their meal I just walked up and sliced their throats. Hey you may think Im sick and cruel but at least they got their last meal for free. So now there was only three females left. Oh yeah Michael and the boss. I must say that the fat chick looked as if she was ready to die so I just shot her between the eyes. So now its me, the boss, his wife, michael, and michaels daughter. I tied michael and the boses hands and feet so they couldn’t move and I made them watch me have a threesome with their wife and daughter in a pool full of blood. To my surprise the women actually enjoyed it and begged me to let them kill the two men. Who was I to stop them. So I gave them the exacto knife and told them to slice away. The daughter killed her dad quickly with a slice to the throat, but the wife went insane and sliced up the bosses face, throat, and she even sliced off his penis and shoved it down his throat. That was so epic I decided to kill the other two witnesses and let the wife and daughter live. After we killed the other two and gathered all the money from the safe in the main office. We piled up the bodies, covered them in gasoline, and set the building ablaze. That was two years ago. Today Im a filthy rich CEO of my own company, living in a glamorous Vegas Mansion with my two loyal girlfriends. Who would have known life would turn out this way but hey you live and you burn!

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  1. Avatar of Jagrit Jagrit says:

    I hope the guy in the story is not you.. Terrifying tale…

  2. Bon Rose says:

    Not quit sure what to say, too much slaughter for me, but for those that like mayhem this would be for them!

  3. Avatar of Diana Diana says:

    A nicely written macabre piece. My only suggestion would be to break your story into paragraphs next time. It’s a little difficult to keep your place in an unbroken stream of text.

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