No Hope
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Hi. I don’t know if I can write the rest of this paper. He is coming to get me. Well see… I got a copy of the first Zelda game and this game is haunted or cursed of something like that. See this link character is really weird. See when I went in that dungeon where the old man gives you the sword instead of the man there was a girl named Zelda who had a bloody face told me there was no hope and died right in front of my eyes. Then link sobed and he cried in front of Zelda’s body. Then he walked up to the screen and his face was messed up. Then he came to the screen and said there was no hope then it went to a weird black screen and in red it said there was no hope and it went to a game over. Then I swear that I link in my room hanging by a nuce and in good it said all hope is lost. Die you shall someday. Now I’m on my guard so he won’t kill me so all hope won’t be lost. It has been about six months now and he hasn’t killed me yet. I’ve been watching him carefully so I won’t get killed by the little killer. He’s very sneaky so I got to keep an eye on him or else he’ll kill me or something. So it’s been about a year and the little killer hasn’t killed me yet but soon all hope will be lost. See now it’s been about two years he still hasn’t got me. Now I think he’ll wait until I least expect it but I know he will kill me even if my hope isn’t lost. So I think he will get me but he might be lying to me so I just kill myself. I will not kill myself or let that little killer kill me. I will do everything and anything to not get killed by link who’s hope is lost. He will not kill me and I will not kill myself I shall live and he will be the dead in this end I hope you can escape this evil monster I hope your hope is not lost. Please don’t play this game I hope you fallow my directions I hope you can kill this demon I hope his hope is lost so no one can suffer my faint. You shouldn’t play this game please don’t please don’t lose your hope don’t let your hope get lost. Please don’t let your hope be lost to him please don’t let your hope be lost to him please…

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  1. Please, proof read. A little spell check and grammar editing go a long way, especially when you are submitting something on the Internet. I like where the story was going. Always read it once through for submitting, I bet you would have caught most of the errors, if you are still alive. :-)

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