Nighty Night
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Once my grandpa told me that when he was a small boy he, along with his siblings and parents, used to sleep in open on their terrace. So this was one such night when something strange happened. One day they were sleeping like any other night. Everyone had slept except my grandpa, because that night he experienced something very strange. He tried sleeping by closing his eyes and suddenly his bed started shaking a little, he opened his eyes. And the bed stopped shaking and everyone was asleep except for him. He again tried sleeping and his bed shook yet again. He again opened his eyes and looked at the tree that was at a little distance from their home.

He saw  a white cloth which was in the shape of a human being on that tree. He got scared and shut his eyes, and after sometime his bed started shaking more vigorously. Being scared he sprang up and sat on his bed and what he saw was tremendously scary, the cloth that he saw was no more on that tree but on his very bed. Surprisingly no one was in it and it was in the shape of a human like he had seen. He got very scared and started shouting to wake up his parents but no one woke up, everyone seemed like they were dead because they didn’t seem to move even a bit.

To his shock that cloth rose up in the air and then came even near him and asked him to follow it. My grandpa followed the cloth which led him into the woods and then disappeared suddenly and turned into a black ghost. My grandpa fainted there and then all he could remember in the morning was that he was in the woods lying in the graveyard. Thankfully the ghost didn’t hurt him.

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  1. HiGHopes says:

    Did the grandpa parents every believed him? If yes then why didnt they wake up?

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