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there i was sitting in bed, i was breathing heavily due to yet another nightmare. my wife sat up next to me and whispered ‘honey, its time we get separate rooms until you get these dreams under control.’ ‘ they are nightmares.’ i snapped back sheepishly and laid my head back down on the pillow, before i closed my eyes i noticed the time on my alarm clock, 4:28 a.m.

the following morning i was in the kitchen listening to my wife go on about a psychiatrist and medication, of course i was ignoring her i knew i wasnt crazy. but i agreed to get over the counter drugs to help me sleep just to make her feel better about the situation. after i helped her move into the guest room i drove to the pharmacy.

2 weeks later: nothing helped, drugs, alchohol, nothing. the nightmares were becoming more real more vivid. sometimes i would wake up screaming other times drenched in sweat, but nothing compared to last night. i woke up vision blurred, choking, i tried to sit up in a desperate attempt to get a breath but i was incapable of movement. it felt like something was sitting on my chest holding me down i  struggled for air until i passed out.

6:30 a.m. the following morning i woke up able to breathe and got out of my bed, i wasnt going to even attempt to  sleep in, i walked down the stairs and into to the kitchen and started on the last beer in the fridge. i was angry, no i was fricken pissed off i had been getting no sleep for about 3 1/2 weeks and didnt even know how to explain what the hell happened to me just a few hours ago. i crumpled my can and threw it at the wall cursing loudly at my situation. my wife walked in yawning and said ‘already hitting the booze? u need to see a psychiratrist george, im scheduling an appointment for you tommorow.’ i hung my head remaining silent, at this point i would do anything.

3:21 a.m. i woke up again, scared as hell. in my dream i  was walking to the guest room where my wife was sleeping. when i opened the door, i saw it, it was naked and hairless its body was covered in gaping holes that continously shrank and widened as if it was breathing through them. it was tearing my wifes skin from her body as she screamed, bloody, gurgly screams.

i got out of bed and ran to the guest as fast as i could and swung the door open adrenaline pushing fear from my mind. but i could see her sillouette she was sleeping peacefully. i was still scared as hell when i closed the door and went back to my room. i turned the light on when i walked in my room. my wife sat up in my bed. i froze unable to move, she said drowsily’ hummy turm off the lig-’ she stopped mid sentence and i saw her eyes widen, she became pale and i felt a warm breath on my neck. i jumped dived forward and felt a claw drag across my back, a cold jolt of pain shot through my body and my wife screamed at the top of her lungs. the creature jumped over me, i looked up just in time to see its bloody hand wrap around my wifes throat and slowly tear her vocal cords from her body, it realeased its grip and she slumped over, blood pooling on the ground beneath her. the monster turned and looked directly at me, even though it had no eyes to see with. i was so terrified…. and blacked out, i woke up alone in my room, my wife was still slumped over, dead and motionless. i looked down at my hands and  they were drenched in blood, i began to  cry,and cry, and cry, i cried for what seemed like hours.

i gave no resistance when the cops came and arrested me, the neighbor heard the screams and dialed 911. i was put on trial for the brutal murder of my wife. i didnt even defend myself in court i was too scared to describe the disgusting scene still replaying itself in my head, i jus remained silent oblivious to all emotion, now i only sleep during the day,  and at night i sit in my bed with a candle lighting up  my cell all night, every night,waiting…. just waiting, to wake up from this nightmare.

By Haven Summerfield a good friend of mine who supports enki reads

p.s. i made a youtube channel where i read short horror stories and get people to send in theirs to be read and reviewed and how ever much personal info they want disclosed for credit to them so please check it out send in your stories, like favorite and subscribe would really help. the channel name is Enkireadshorrorstory i only have this story and an intro up right now but later today i was going to read my friends story and finish my next story The bone maw. Just check it out imagine it full of videos from all sorts of authors while you just sit and listen drop by and leave a comment :)

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  1. haven says:

    hey this is haven, leave a comment please i love constructive critiscism.

  2. isobella says:

    wow what to say im scared but amased by this story x..!

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