My Scarecrow Dream
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Based on a true story

I remember coming to from what seemed like a blackout. I was in a very nice and large house that was clean. I was running in fear of the land that I was on. A friend was behind me because I had her hand in my hand as I pulled her towards the door. We got outside and I could see that she had black hair and dark eyes. I just knew her name was Amy. Outside was dark as fear was beating inside of me. The moon was the only light in the sky. The yard did not have any trees except by a bench where the scarecrow was sitting. Even though the grass was tall I could tell what the scarecrow wore. It had steel toed boots, dark blue jeans, dark blue button up shirt, and a black jacket. This was almost like one of those cheap made scarecrow movies, but it was not a movie. Of course like a typical scarecrow it had a pumpkin for a head. Its head hanged like it was sleeping. I kept my eye on it as me and Amy ran around the house towards the black ford pickup truck. Normally scarecrows in horror movies did not scare me because I always found those types of movies stupid. Not this time. This was real and the fear I was feeling was real. I got in the truck and shut the door just as Amy cranked up the truck. I looked back at the scarecrow and it sat up straight. Its pumpkin head turned into a human’s head with a vicious killer look. It retained its orange color with a glow as it stood up. Amy put on the gas and we were off traveling away from the scarecrow. It started walking towards us until it was in a sprint. The fear turned into relief as we turned onto the black top. I thought we were finally going to get away from that horrible scarecrow. My fear instantly returned when we heard something land in the bed of the truck. I turned and saw the scarecrow walking up towards the cab of the truck. Anger blazed from its eyes brighter than its glowing orange head. In each hand it held a scythe. Loud pants escaped my mouth as my heart pounded harder in my chest. The scarecrow then let out a loud angry scream. Shivers ran down my spine as it sounded like a screeching demon. Amy started swerving the truck trying to shake the scarecrow off. Unfortunately the scarecrow was to strong. It walked fast and steady unaffected by the swerving truck. Finally up close the scarecrow stood six feet and five inches tall. It brought the scythes down on top of the cab ripping through the metal above our heads. We both ducked quickly. Amy was not as quick enough because she had been caught on top of the head by one of the blades. She slumped down flinching as her life faded quickly. The blood pushed my fear into overdrive and I started screaming loud with the thinnest shred of hope. My throat felt like it was going to explode from the pulsing in my blood veins that was caused from the amount of fear within. The truck swerved into the ditch. Once everything settled I could see the scarecrow still cutting away at the metal. I tried to move, but could not because my leg was jammed. I tried pulling it loose, but it would not give. I saw a small hatchet sticking out from under the driver seat. I reached and grabbed it. I had to push Amy’s body to free the hatchet. I then started hacking away at my leg. I screamed loud with every hack. The blood squirted from the nub. Just as I got myself free I looked up.

“Noooooooo,” I screamed as a scythe came down towards my face.

A slim woman with red hair and blue eyes sat in a room with old clay bowls surrounding her. All the bowls had fire burning inside of them. She had two bowls in front of her on a small table.
“Rest in peace,” she whispered and blew the fire out of both bowls.

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