Melon Heads
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This is a series of events and encounters that happened to my brothers and I.

*July 15th 2007
This happened when I was ten Brock was 12 and Brett was 14, we went to a camp called Camp Windamere. We went here for a church thing with the youth group all together there were around 14 of us. On our way up there our youth leader told us stories about this cave on camp grounds nick named cave of the melon heads. For those of you that don’t know according to the legend I have heard the melon heads were demonic creatures that are part man part wolf. The legend he told us (which I doubt is true) is that these kids were on the same trip he were around 100 years ago. The legend goes that these kids found what is known as a H tree on the grounds of the camp. Again for those of you who don’t an H tree is said to be a gate to hell, legend has it that you have to run around it 7 times then run back around it backwards 7 times and jump through the gap, it is said you are transported to hell. Well on with the story it is said that these kids around 20 of them abandoned god and turned to the devil. They found the H tree and decided to try it, as each kid did this they fell into a coma for “unknown reasons” after about 15 of them fell into a coma the others got scared and ran away from the demonic tree. The remaining kids had vision from the devil telling them that the only way to wake them up is to finish what they started. The kids agreed to to do it and went back to the tree and did the ritual again, right as the last kid jumped through the kids bodies started to change and morph their heads became like a melon they became feral with sharp teeth and claws and incredible strength and speed. They fled into the woods with a foul hatred of any god loving creature in sight. The children in the medical center also changed and fled. It is said that they were tracked to a cave and sealed in another was sealed in stone in the wall of the cave the entrance is blocked by blessed wooden planks.

After our leader finished his story we didn’t believe him at first, but that would soon change. We finally got to camp around 12 A.M and were pretty tired so we headed too our dorm and crashed.

*July 16th 2007

We woke up and decided to explore the camp grounds and see if we could find anything interesting before we had to head to chapel. It was me and my brothers with our friend Bradon, we wandered around the lake and got on some of those duck boat things that they have at zoos and holiday world. Then we wandered to a place that was cut off from the rest of the camp, curious we kept walking on the path we kept feeling like we were being watched. We reached the end of the path where we saw, yep you guessed it the H tree still on the grounds. We thought it must have been luck that we found an H tree right here on a holy place, remembering our leaders story none of us were brave enough to try to jump through so we left.

When we were walking a severe storm forced us into a cave that just happened to be there. We decided to walk around the cave and wait out the storm, we were pretty deep in when we saw a blocked of part of the cave blocked off with wood, with a cross engraved on the wood. We knew that we shouldn’t mess with the wood just in case you know, none of us really believed his story but it was just in case it could be true. It was around 5 P.M when the storm finally calmed down enough for us to leave,we turned to leave the cave when we saw this awesome rock we called the “John rock” because it was shaped like a toilet. We took turns sitting on it and taking pictures on it that we almost did not see what was to the right of it. On the right was a huge watermelon shaped head like formation which looked like it was screaming. A little freaked out about the melon head rock we booked it out of there and back to camp were we stayed the rest of the night.

*July 17th 2007

We woke up to panic as we heard several groups have left after reports of the cave planks being destroyed and sighting of the melon heads roaming the woods around camp. We took about 4 dozen pictures of all around the wood that day hoping to capture something we never saw anything in person but we left shortly after that. We got our pictured developed a few weeks later after that we all basically forgot about the melon heads until we got our pictures back and about a dozen showed 2 or three melon heads behind my friend Bradon closing in…

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