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1st September 1958: Piper’s Hall School for Ladies Grand Opening.

Mary Worthington, a 12 year old
orphan, steps into Piper’s Hall for the first time, where she will live and be taught for the next four years. Well, that’s what she thought ……..

Mary had always had trouble making friends, everyone seemed to treat her like an outsider, as she always made the wrong impression. She was very strange, nobody knew anything about her, what happened when she was abandoned by her parents when she was three. She has this creepy feeling about her, that she seems to pass on to everyone around her. Well this was a new start for her, and she was determined to make some friends.

8th September:

No such look. A week in, and she is already being bullied. Mary hides in a toilet cubicle, sulking, away from Evie, Judie and the others. Then the bathroom door opened, girl’s voices filled the air, shivers ran through Mary’s spine. It was Them.

“What do you think about the new girl” asked Judie.

” Are you kidding? She’s a freak!” shrieked Evie, the leader of the bullies.

” Well how do you know? She might have story that makes her so …..weird. ” argued Judie.

” Well run along and be best friends with her then”

Judie made a face and said ” Rather not” They all laughed, while Mary silent cried.

10th September:

Sitting in the library, save from all the others, Mary stared out of the window at Judie and wondered if she would be a nice girl if she didnt go around with Evie and the others.

” Hello”

Mary jumped and turned around to see who was there. A friendly looking man stood in the doorway, probably a teacher.Mary blushed, suddenly feeling extremely nervous.

” Hello”
” I’m Mr Kenton Millar”
” I’m Mary”
” The other girls being mean to you?”
Mary shrugged.
Millar cane to sit next to her, and Mary felt that a stron connection had already formes between them.

2nd November :

Mary and Millar’s relationship is stronger than ever, and they meet most nights under the oak tree in the graveyard. As Mary made her way down that down, Millar snuck up on her from behind her, which made her jump, and they both fell to the floor laughing. Then he started kissing her. Mary didn’t feel ashamed at all. Millar was the only person who managed to make her feel like she actually existed.

But when Mary returned to her dorm that night, she discovered something that she knew ruin their relationship. And her life. She was pregnant……..

10th November:

During the restless, never ending night, Mary decided that she was going to tell Millar. Which was the second biggest mistake of her life……..

After lunch, Mary walked down to Mr Millar’s office and knocked on the door. Millar opened the door and rushed her inside.

” What do you want?” he half whispered. ‘Why is he acting so strangely? ‘ Mary thought to herself.

” Em…I’m. .. I..I’m pregnant…’s your baby.” she mumbled, head down.
He heard anyway.He looked shocked, but he managed to stay calm.
” Mary you know perfectly well that I already have a baby on the way. What we did was a bit of fun, not serious for one second.”
Mary’s heart samk. She couldn’t believe it. One look at Millar’s face told her she had no choice.

” What’s your problem?” he snapped ” You’re just a silly little girl, I should have known you’d take it too far.”
” I’ll tell the whole school what you did. What you’re really like.”
” Oh no you won’t” his cold voice frightened her. ” I’m running for head-master here, I’m most likely to get the job, I’m not going to let a stupid littlw girl get in my way, am I? It’s not like anyone’s going to believe you any way.”
Mary ran for the door, but Millar grabbed her hair and pulled her back.
She screamed peircingly loud, before Millar threw her into the Grand Mirror.
She screamed again, before she slamed into the mirror. The mirror smashed. Both she and the mirror fell to the floor, the mirror crushing her.
“MARY!” Millar bellowed realizing his mistake. He didn’t know wether it was the throw or the weight of the mirror that killed her, but all he cared about was getting rid of the body before anyone found out. Panicking, he turned to his only option. Where the mirror used to be, behind it was a little secret door.

Reluctantly, but knowing he had to do it or he would be found out, he carried her lifeless body down the steps . The passageway led to a tomb in the graveyard, and desperatley he lifted off the heavy lid of a coffin and squeezed Mary in with the other body, before running back up the stairs, shutting the door and putting the shattered mirror back.

A year after, Mr Millar was made leader of Piper’s Hall School for Ladies. He only began to feel guilt in his dying days, saying ovet and over that he had done something bad, and he was sorry.

Mary body, in the coffin, was not dead however. She survives 7 days trapped in the coffin before she died. During those days, Mary stole the other dead bodie’s ring and scraped onto the sode of the stone coffin, NoEone LikeD Me i JusT waTed TheM tO likE me, and just before she died, Bleed Like mE.

Now , years later, a huge painting of Kenton Millar hangs in the lunch hall of Piper’s Hall, and his daughter, Ellen Price runs the school, knowing nothing of his past.

The last thing Mary did before she died was look at her bloody reflection in the mirror, and her spririt got trapped in the mirror.

Bloody Mary……..SAY HER NAME….

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