Lula’s Night Terror
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You know how your parents tell you that the “boogeyman” will come for you if you are naughty, or of how “Krampus” devours those on Santa’s naughty list… well here in South Africa we have our own stories, except he is Real, he is The Tokoloshe Man.

My Name is Lula Nkosi, I was 8 yrs old born in Johannesburg South Africa to Olga and Lebo Nkosi (ma en pa) they were originally from Zimbabwe, having come to South Africa for a better life.

There came a day where ma had to go and look for work as a domestic worker, so one of our neighbors looked after me for a short time..¬†Though this neighbor had stories to tell, she told me one of The Tokoloshe Man: there are many stories and myths about this Tokoloshe Man and the one she favored was just for children, to get them to behave, she told me that this small man like monster will climb my bed and take my eyes out before cutting my throat if I be a bad girl. And that he likes to steal from adults after taking their eyes and cutting their throats, the only way she said: the only way to survive the Tokoloshe Man was to put your bed on bricks so that he can’t climb up onto your bed.

That night I was trying to sleep, but I couldn’t I was feeling cold and sore. As I turned around I heard what sounded like a giggle from under my bed, I sat up and listened in silence, there it was again, a giggle from under my bed. I looked under my bed expecting to see nothing, but instead I saw him! The Tokoloshe Man was under my bed, he had an ugly face and really dirty claw like things.. when he spoke it sounded as 20 people all at once, he said: Shh little girl, go to sleep shhh : I immediately jumped under my covers and lay there, awake for what felt like many hours.

Sometime later I felt him climbing up my bed, he stood over me for some time, then pulled the covers off me… There I was face to face with him, this Tokoloshe Man was on my bed and I could do nothing but stare, he looked at me and said : didn’t I tell you to go to sleep little girl?: I nodded :and didn’t ma en pa teach you that it’s very rude to stare?: Once again I nod.. I looked down towards my chest and saw his feet.. they were grey ugly flipper like feet, he spoke again: little girl? Look at me: I looked up.

The last thing I saw was his dirty brown claws, after he had taken my eyes out he cut my throat, the last words he spoke to me were: Naughty children don’t belong here, Naughty children deserve to die.

Ma en pa woke up the next morning And found my lifeless body in bed, no eyes and a cut throat. I watched them cry, I watched them scream I couldn’t do anything to comfort them.

I hope this finds you before you make the same mistake, I don’t want others to suffer as I have, you see without my eyes I cannot rest. So please I beg you please be good and always do as you are told especially if it’s The Tokoloshe Man telling you to do it.

Lula Nkosi 3/02/1991 – 7/08/1999

(Based on a true myth in South Africa) (the story however isn’t true)

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