Lucifier’s First Blessing
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It was to late before I knew what i was doing. Its like i would space out or go into a rage, but i liked the feeling, i think i loved the feeling.

Her name was Juliet, with her long beautiful crimson hair, she was perfect. Her face like an angels, her voice like a siren. She had a fear like everyone does. Her fear was a not so common one. Her fear was freezing to death.

Life was kind to her, like everyone else that was pretty in the eyes of the blind. When i say blind i don’t mean actually blind, I mean they saw her face like they saw the darkness of there eyelids. Juliet might had been beautiful but, like i said before she was a cruel siren.

One day i told her i loved her. She said the same to me which made me feel loved. But apparently the man she really loved wasn’t very fond of me. He smashed my face into a brick wall and said. Juliet is mine.

He was my first victim. When he went to work at the lumber yard. I cut the break to his car. It kept going and going then crashing into a brick wall like i planned. The car was smashed up, but he was alive. He looked at me and i smiled. He somehow knew i did it.

I walked over to the smashed up car took a match out of my pocket. and as i lit it, he saw what i did, a line of gas going from the car to him. I laughed and said, don’t worry, your love will see you soon. I grinned and dropped the match. About ten seconds later as i walked away the car exploded.

I heard a knocking on my door. It was the siren, Juliet. I let her in. She sat on couch with tears in her eyes as i walked over she said hes dead. Clark is dead. Inside me i felt so alive, i had control. The one thing man can control is a shortened life span. I will eventually die, but i can choose my death and whether this world is worth living or not.

She said, “Lucifier, he was the love of my life.” I guess when a man dies, her lies, are forgotten by the mind. I said, “O you poor thing. I guess it was just ment to be.”

She replied, “What?” I said, “I said it was never ment to be.” She said, “O. I’m sorry i didn’t mean to do this.” I said, “Its alright. I see how much you loved him. Would you like a glass of water?” She replied, “Yes, thank you.”

I brought her glass of ice water. As she drank i grinned because i spiked it. She seemed dazed so i grabbed her. I broughted her into the bathroom. I filled the tub up with ice cold water then threw at least fifty ice cubes in. Now she realized what was going on. I threw her in the tub and as she stuggled to gain air i laughed.

Every once in a while i would take her out to say something like, “You said you loved me. So who was I to you?” Then as she tryed to get up i let her up one last time. Then i smiled, kissed her, grabbed my Sweeney Tod replica straight razor. Sweeney Todd was my favorite muscial and movie.

I slit her throat from ear to ear and as the blood ran from her neck into the ice water you could see the good leaving her eyes. She was dead. I cleaned the razor and a bag. I put some clothes in in and left. I left a note saying this:

Dear Reader,

The scum that is dead in my bath tub was a horrible person, be glad i ended her. She died with her worst fear by my hand. Now I’m off somewhere¬†I don’t even know. You will hear of me again. I’m not done. Clark and Juliet were the first of my revenge. I’ll be back to kill the cruel and the devious.


Your dearest friend, Lucifier T.

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    this is my absolute favorite story. ever.

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