Lilac’s Fear
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Lilac snooped around in her room, trying to find her outfit. “Argh! Where is it?!” Lilac screamed. “Li! Calm down and come and eat breakfast!” Maid Jess said. Lilac laughed. “No. Tell mother I’ll be right down.” Lilac told Jess. There was silence, but Jess finally replied: “Yes young master.” Lilac rolled her eyes. Jess always called Lilac young master because she was the daughter of the richest woman in Chicago, Hadie Visa. Lilac slipped on shorts, a long sleeved heart shirt, and nude flats. Not bothering to brush her hair, she left her long auburn hair on her shoulders. She went downstairs. Lilacs little sister, Beth, was playing with Barbie’s. Lilac grabbed a piece of toast. Hadie looked at Lilac. “Sweety, please. why do you dress in such countryside clothes?” Hadie asked. Lilacs cold blue eyes slipped on her mother. “I feel comfortable this way. I’m not a pretty princess, unlike Beth.” Lilac sneered. Beth shot Lilac a look but continued with Barbie’s. Hadie flipped bacon quietly. Lilacs mother was as sweet and soundless like a butterfly.
Lilac grabbed her bag and went to BushMore High. She was excepting her bff, Maggie Bison, to be waiting for her, but Maggie wasn’t there. Lilac went up to the stone stairs which led to her classroom, 609. Lilac sat down next to Maggie. “Where were you Mags?” Lilac asked. Maggie stared at Lilac. “I got tired of waiting.” Maggie said. “Okay class take a seat.” Mrs.Tropica said. Everybody went silent. “Today, a student transferred from Texas. His name is Caleb Galp.” Mrs.Tropica said. A boy, with pale skin, and dark piercing eyes stared into Lilacs soul. Lilac blushed a little, and pulled her green sweater close. Caleb smiled a took a seat to Brad Duel. Mrs. Tropica continued with work, but Lilac zoned out about Amanda Greene party. Maggie shook Lilacs shoulder. “Lilac… Lilac.. your exam.” Maggie whispered. Lilac snapped out of her daze. Mrs. Tropica glared at Lilac. “Well?” Mrs. Tropica asked. Lilacs cheeks turned red, and grabbed her paper, stepping up to the front. “Tropical Place By: Lilac Visa.”Lilac said. She glanced at Caleb, who stared at her chest. Lilac pulled her green sweater close to her chest. It made it seem that her boobs were sagging. Caleb glared at Lilac.

~4 hours later~
Lilac pulled on a velvet dress and fixed her hair, pulling on black heels. She was about to go outside to her car, till she hear Maid Jess. “Lilac– Ms.Visa said–”" Lilac fixed her iced glare on Jess. “Shut up, Jess. I’m going to Amanda’s party.” Lilac said. Jess bowed. Lilac went out to Amanda Greene’s party. Maggie smiled at Lilac, but seem to have disappeared. Lilac stepped inside, sipping some punch. She was startled as someone grabbed her boob.
Lilac turned around. Caleb grinned at her. “Hello Ms.Visa.” Caleb said. Lilac let out a groan. “What do you want Caleb?” Lilac asked. Caleb slammed Lilac against the wall, causing her to spill her drink. “Be Mine…. VALENTINE!” Caleb’s voice boomed in Lilacs ears. He licked her neck, causing her to moan in pleasure and fear. She was full of mixed emotions. She kissed Caleb slowly for a bit. Then Caleb shoved a paper in her hand and whispered, 100.
Lilac blacked out.
Lilac woke up with a throbbing headache. Then she slowly remembered, Caleb, Disappeared Maggie. “Maggie!” Lilac screamed. She zoomed down the street and pulled in Maggie’s driveway. “Maggie! Mags?! Where are you?” Lilac screamed. Tears of fear slipped out of her eyes, a she burst into Maggie’s home. She smelt a foul odor, and followed it. It lead to her bathroom. There lay a dead Maggie, laying in her own pool of blood. Lilac cried and cried till she felt like she was wasted. Then she fans out. Only to see grinning Caleb. “100.”He whispered. Lilac screamed and tried to escape, bit Caleb stabbed her in the neck. Lilac fell to her knees, clamping her hands around her neck. Warm blood poured out of Lilacs neck. Caleb kneeled down next to her. “Your my valentine…” Caleb’s shrill whisper filled Lilacs ears.
~Years later~
Lilac married Ross Mansu, and born a baby girl, Samantha, soon going to born a baby boy, Max. One time, Samantha strode home. “Mommy! Guess who I saw at the playground?” Samantha asked. Lilac smiled. “What?” She asked. “I saw one of your old friends, Caleb Galp!” Samantha said. Lilacs face twisted into fear and worry.

Caleb was back, ready for his 102 prey.

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