Life Of A Dreamer
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Mr. Zingo please go ahead it is your turn , the psychiatrist assistant told me.

While am walking in i heard this deep calm voice welcoming me at the door ” Hello Zingo please have a seat how are you today? Not so good Dr. Phill, i replied.

Why Zingo are you still getting those nightmares?

Yes I am and they seem so real everything in it the blood is so red the people are so mean, i can even feel their pain when am killing them, for example one time i had a dream that i was a dog and i was following the people and then SNAP my teeth around their neck to kill them and eat them alive and i swear when i woke up the next morning i had the same taste of flesh in my mouth like it was in the dream, isn’t normal people dream of being attacked by a dog, why do i have it the opposite way? and also it feels like i won’t wake up till i kill everyone in the dream

Don’t worry Zingo what you have we call it suppressed anger and i will explain to you more but first tell me when do you dream is it really you in the dream or does your shape forms like when you were a dog, were you an actual dog or were you yourself acting like the dog?

No doc, its me acting crazy, same curly long black hair that haven’t seen a brush since my dreams started, same black sleepless eyes with black around them and definitely still slim and tall as i can’t eat well.

Hmm interesting tell me about your last dream.

Okay, I was walking near my home late at night when I saw two people far away and one of them was screaming, i didn’t really see what was going on as it was very foggy and dark so i ran toward them to check what is going on and when i came closer the screaming it started to be obvise it was a cry for HELP and the scene started to appear clearly the air was heavy i was breathing hard when i arrived there, A lighting flashed everything in details and it started to rain. I saw 1 man in a suite on the floor on his back and another guy sitting over him trying to rob him from everything he got, he had a knife on the guy neck and was asking for the pin number of the guy in a suite credit card. There was a bag next to the criminal and around it the other guy stuff like watch, money, wallet with credit card out, HELP PLEASE HELP ME the victim screamed, the criminal looked at me and told dare to come any closer idiot and i will kill you BOTH he shouted,

And then Zingo what happened, what did you do in your dream?

Well you know Doc, I know i was dreaming and i can’t stand anyone threatening me, i told the criminal i don’t care what you do to him and i showed him that am leaving, the criminal looked back at the victim and told him this is the last time i will ask you whats your pin number or ill shove this knife in your eyeball, at the this moment i grabbed a stick from the floor and came closely but quietly behind the criminal, then i grabbed him from his hair pulled it backwards so he is now facing me and BAMM smashed that stick on his face so strong that the stick was broken in to two he was knocked on the floor i kept kicking his head and yelling no one calls me idiot and for this you will die a slow death, i took out my knife from my pocked.

wait waiitt, Dr Phil interrupted me, so do you usually carry that knife with you in your dreams?

Yes Doc, i sleep with it in my pocket before i sleep so i have it with me in my dreams, you know for protection plus it always comes in handy if a meal appeared.

WHAT MEAL? Dr Phil asking with a surprised face.

Am joking Doc, (guess dr phil dosent appreciate my sense of humor) i told myself.

Anyway back to the dream i started scaring the criminal all over his body before i finally stabbed him 7 times, meanwhile the victim started to freak out again and telling me “enough enough” he won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore, but thanks a lot for saving my life what can i do for you before i go name it?

I can’t let you go, i replied “I have to wake up”

I jumped on the victim and stabbed more than i stabbed the criminal and then i slit his throat and i woke up.

Wow am amazed so many details in this nightmare, Said Dr, Phil

Yes Doc, it just one of those dreams you know,

Interesting Zingo, oh time is up but i will write you a full detailed report once i analyze your dream and i will call you to pick it up,

Thanks Doc, i replied while getting my knife out my pocket “but i can’t leave i can only wake up”

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    Very cool story with an amazing end! Can’t wait to hear from yo!

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