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This story is about a young man and his wife. Will they live happily ever after?

“Bye, mom.” Andrew had angrily said. He slammed the phone on the table and wiped his face with his hands. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” said Bailey as she walked in the kitchen with a robe on. “My mom, she….gets on my nerves. She said she shames me and you for getting married. I….just want her gone! And outta my life.” Andrew grunted. “Babe, it’s okay. We just got married 1 week ago. We are supposed to be happy. So let’s enjoy life. You still need to plan our honeymoon.” Bailey takes a sip of her black coffee. “I know! Okay? Just… leave me alone right now. I need to cool off. I’m gonna go take a walk.” Andrew walked out the door with his keys and his jacket. He had walked around the block, heading back home when he saw a lady. She was wearing a long black robe and stared at Andrew. “Umm…hello. Are you lost?” Andrew said backing up. She walked closer. Closer. Closer. She grabbed his face and looked him in the eyes. “I uhh…you nee- umm…” Andrew stuttered. She untied her robe. It dropped. She was a beautiful young lady. Andrew grabbed her soft hand and blinked. She was gone. He wiped his eyes and walked home. “Hey honey, are you okay now?” Andrew looked at his wife and saw the beautiful young lady he had seen walking back. ” Why did you drop your robe when I was walking back? Look, you’re very beautiful, prettier than my wife. But I’m married now. And I love my wife.” Andrew said. Bailey slapped Andrew across the face. “Really?! You take a walk, and you’re already having an affair!?! I can’t believe you, Andrew!” Andrew gasped and saw his wife again. “No! I umm… I didn’t-” Bailey slapped him again uncontrollably sobbing. “Get out my house! NOW ANDREW WILLIAMS.” Bailey pointed to the door while pushing Andrew out the house. She slammed the door. Andrew fell onto the concrete. He started bleeding from his head. He saw the lady again. She put her hand over his eyes. “Yawwwwwnnnnnnn.” Everything was blurry. Andrew was in his mom’s house, laying on the couch. “Mom?” Andrew got up and walked upstairs. He heard a scream and ran into his little sister’s room. Her blood was splattered all over the walls, his sister was all the floor, under a nuce, with her neck broken. Her pink stool right next to her. Andrew sobbed and heard a gunshot. He walked into his mom’s room. “MOM?!” He saw his mom’s brains falling off the wall. His mom on the floor, with a pistol in her hand and a hole in her forehead. He sobbed even more and passed out on the floor. He woke up at his wife’s house. The lady was hovering over Andrew, saying “Everything will be okay. I love you, Andrew Williams. Do you love me?” She glared into his eyes, waiting for an answer. “Yes. I love you.”

She disappeared, angrily. He slowly got up and marched through what seemed to be…garbage? He walked upstairs, into his and Baliey’s room. He saw Bailey. She was standing next to an open window, repeating the same words the lady had said. “Everything will be okay. I love you, Andrew Williams. Do you love me?” She glared into his eyes, waiting for an answer. “You don’t.” Bailey had said in the lady’s voice. Bailey looked through the window and gasped for air. She walked to Andrew and hugged him for dear life. “Andrew! I missed you! I love you, Andre, I want to be with you forever. But.. you don’t want me. Do you?” Andrew paused in caution. “Bailey, don’t move. ” He slowly backed up from her. She walked closer. “Bailey… BAILEY!? Can you hear me? Don’t move or…I’ll….uh…hurt you! Yeah, I’ll hurt you!” Andrew gulped and stopped walking. Bailey walked towards the window. “Oh don’t worry. I’ll do it for you.” She jumped out the window. Andrew raced through the garbage downstairs and ran through the door. There she was. Her body lying there, in a pool of blood. Andrew slowly crawled to Bailey’s dead body, sobbing. “Bailey, Bailey. Why? I love you, Bailey. I LOVE YOU!” Andrew sniffed. The lady walked towards the body, staring at Bailey. “Wha- what are you- you doing? You say- said everything would be okay. WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!” Andrew grabbed the lady. His hand went through her body. He gasped. She smiled. “YOU.YOU’RE…YOU’RE… YOU’RE JUST An LIE..YOU…YOU KILLED MY FAMILY, YOU LIED TO ME…SO NOW WHAT? HUH? YOU CAN’T HURT ANYBODY ELSE. YOU ALREADY KILLED MY FAMILY..the people I love…” The lady said, “I can kill anyone…like him..her…that little dog…your dad…those children…” One by one, she snapped all their necks. Andrew sobbed and sobbed. His eyes were red. The lady giggled… ” But most importantly…I can kill you.” She snapped Andrew’s neck and ripped his head off his body. And she walked away with his head…still sobbing.

By, FuckIDontHaveAnyWifi. :)

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