I’ve come to play
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So I heard about this new game everybody is doing and decided to try it its kind of like candyman. So I went to my bathroom lighted a candle and draw a closed red door and staircase on the mirror with red lipstick it has to be in red they say. Then I turned off the lights as I hold the candle I say “billy, billy wants to play ill count 5 so lets play a game.” I then close my eyes and count to 5 as I opened my eyes the candle is no longer lit, then as I am proceeding to turn the light on I hear somebody whisper “I’ve come to play” I freak out and turn on the lights I’m looking everywhere and don’t see anything, but then I look at the mirror and my eyes almost pop out of my skull the closed door I drew is now open with a little boy holding a red ball……smiling. I then realized I made a mistake I wiped my mirror and acted like I never did it and tried to forget. later on, that night as I lay in my bed I hear what sounds like a little boy laughing coming from……my closet I grab my lamp to protect myself and slowly walk towards the closet….I really didn’t want to open it…I screamed and ran to my mom’s room. in my closet was a little red ball and on the walls written in red said LETS PLAY….. what really scared me though is that that was not lipstick. things have been happening and they have been getting worse and worse and now I can’t sleep……i never should have played the game…I’ve been asking around searching for what happens after you play nobody told me that after people played the game they went missing after 5 days……… it been 3 days since I played….I feel him getting closer..and closer. I looked up online and found that billy was a real person in 1982 a 10-year-old boy named billy Anderson in Cleveland Ohio killed 20 people all were children. he sewed their mouths so they were always smiling he hid them in his attic that had a red door and a staircase. now i bet you are all wondering where are his parents? well his parents were terrified of him they paid for nannies to live with him while they lived elsewhere, the nannies were killed and buried outside. This boy was charming and smart that nobody but his parents saw that he was a natural born psycopath. he called the children his toys. Of course, he got away with the crimes he committed with his charm and brains the jury saw him as not guilty…but the victim’s families knew it was him they all saw the darkness in his eyes. One night all the victims fathers so full of rage got together and broke into billys’ house dragged him out of his bed locked him in his “special room” that they sat on fire he screamed and scratched at the door for them to let him out…..they didnt as the room filled with flames billy walked to a chair and sat in it. a mirror stood in front of him and in his blood he drew a closed red door and staircase and said ” I want to play, I want to play when I count to 5 ill come back to play!” those were his last words before he was burned alive. When the police checked the attic the next day there was nothing left but billy burned the body and the mirror….completely unaffected by the fire…but on the mirror, the red door was no longer closed…it was open with a little boy standing on the staircase holding a red ball. I fear that the people who have been going missing after playing the game are now billys toys on display in his “special room” behind the red door. it is now my 3rd day and last night as I slept I felt somebody breathing on me and whisper “time to play”….I no longer sleep at night.

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