Its In My Closet
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There are always children that say “There is something in my closet!!!” or “There is something under my bed!!!” (That will be my next story :p). Believe me, I’ve said it before, A LOT of times. But this is a story about a daughter and her mother, who is secretly getting watched by something in Ariana’s closet. Hope Ya like it :)


Ariana laid still as a thin board in her bed. She gulped. The closet door was creaking open and Ariana was too scared to go close it. Her window was open and shadows were dancing across her room. It started getting real windy. The closet door open so fast it slammed again the wall. WOOSH! Ariana grabbed her flashlight, covered herself with the blanket, and started to cry. She turned on the flashlight and read the book under her pillow. Her voice cracked from crying of fear and her mom didn’t hear any of it. Ariana soon fell fast asleep under her blankets. Ariana’s mom, Meghan, got out of bed and went down to make breakfast. Ariana suddenly woke up, suffocating from sweating under her quilt. She lifted the quilt to peak and the closet door was closed. She sighed. Ariana put on her slippers, grabbed her toothbrush, and slid down the freshly polished wooden floors into the bathroom. Meghan got frustrated. “Ariana! I told you not to do that anymore. I just got the floors polished yesterday! Do that again, and you’ll be grounded. Understood?” Ariana forced her legs to march on the wooden floors without sliding. “Yes, mommy.” Ariana brushed her teeth. She walked back into her room. She put on her uniform. She ran downstairs and ate breakfast. “So, sweetie. Are we gonna have a good day today? Here are your pancakes.” Ariana put whipped cream and syrup on her pancakes. “Yes, mommy.” Ariana mumbled, with her face stuffed with pancakes. She giggled. “Slow down, kiddo.” Meghan laughed. Ariana walked into the bathroom and brushed her long, straight, golden hair. She smiled. Ariana got her backpack and put her homework, sweater, book, and her reading glasses case inside. Her glasses were not in there. Ariana panicked. “Uhh..mommy. Where are my reading glasses??? I need them!” Meghan turned off the sink and turned on the dishwasher. “They are in your closet, Ariana!” Ariana gulped. She started sweating slowly opened her closet door. It was empty. The top shelves were filled with scrapbooks and old pictures and torn books. Her closet had stickers all over. She bit her lip and grabbed her glasses she jumped out and slammed the door. “Oh…my…gosh.” Ariana took a deep breath and sighed. Meghan turned on her coffee maker. She sat down at the table, eating a fruit salad. Ariana put her glasses inside her case and closed her backpack. Ariana put on her pink tennis shoes. She ran to the front door and threw her backpack there. Meghan sighed. Ariana ran down the stairs and turned on her favorite channel, Qubo. She watched until her bus came to pick her up. “Bye, sweetie. I love you. Have a great day at school.” Meghan kissed her daughter’s forehead. “Bye mommy!” Ariana skipped down to the bus. She waved goodbye as the bus drove away. Ariana sighed and took her library book out and read it. Her friend got on. He sat right next to her. “Uh….hi Ariana.” he blushed. “Hi, Teddie!” she giggled. “I like, your umm….face…I mean book!”. Teddie’s face turned red. Teddie held Ariana’s hand the way to school. Teddie stared at her mint green eyes. She looked at Teddie weird. She finished reading her book the way there. Ariana had a good day at school and came home. She hugged Teddie goodbye as he was grabbing his backpack to leave the bus. “Bye, Teddie. See you tomorrow!!” Teddie waived. He sadly waddled home. Teddie got home from school and did her homework. She took a bath and read her new library book. She got in her PJ’s and cuddled with her cat, Sniffles. She watched TV as she petted his soft fur. Sniffles purred. He soon fell asleep. Meghan made cookies after dinner. They ate dinner and talked about her math test she took today. They then ate cookies. Ariana looked at the time. Almost time for bed. She bit her lip. “Mommy! It’s Friday. Why don’t we watch…Zootopia? Please. Pretty please with cookies on top?”. Ariana giggled. “Alright sweetie, maybe one or two movies, but that’s it.” Meghan made popcorn and brought out some ice cream and ordered pizza. They watched the movie in Meghan’s room. Ariana fell fast asleep. Meghan carried Ariana to her room. Everyone was fast asleep. Sniffles was sleeping in Ariana’s bed that night. Something walked out of Ariana’s closet that night too. It started off by hanging Meghan off the roof. She choked to death in the cold night. Next, it cut Sniffle’s head off and ate Sniffle’s body whole. Last, it cut Ariana to pieces and force fed it to Teddie while he was asleep. Then, it crept into Teddie’s closet. And watched Teddie till it could get its hands on its next victims.

By, FuckIDontHaveAnyWifi :)

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