Indian dream catcher part III
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This story has two other parts, 1&2 here on this site. I have been with out internet to finish it, due to no money to afford cable bill, so here it is the ending of Indian dream catcher!
To the grave with the shaman who made them! I’ve studied this story for two decades, & in my research, I thought their was no way these dream catchers would still be around, but here we are, & you need to contact your fellow officers, & tell them who has these catchers in there towns, & get them to burn! You see, when white man was searching the destroyed towns the Indians raided, a man went in to a house to find one of the catchers still hanging, in a bit of rage, he started a fire in a fire place, then tore down the catcher, a flash back of his best friend slaughtering his family was tearing through his thoughts! This man was one out of eight men not having a catcher, but saw the insanity that the catchers brought! Running out of ideas he decided to throw the catcher in the fire! No sooner when he did a huge explosion came from the fire,a figure of a Indian emerges from the flames! The man said he saw the devil’s child stare into his eyes,then let out a demonic Indian war cry! As it floats as a mist of fury in your face then it would disappear! Some would die of a heartattack,but he survived, & he brang the news to the rest of the white man,but some how these dream catchers were overlooked,& if this man didn’t find out how to destroy them, we would be in more of a mess than now!Even though the war of the white man & Indians ended, this only shows the power of the Indian spirit! As the police chief gazed in to space as if to say holy shit, what is happening! The man who brought this forth, was now repeating chief are you feeling all right, we need to stop this madness!! The calling was made to the rest of the people on the list who had bought one of these insane horrific blood bath dreams that just came true, some were already dead! Before the man left the chiefs office, he said just think our forefathers came here to start a new life, but greed & rules that they ran from followed! Just like today, hasn’t changed much. War as you can see has been going since the dawn of time, will it ever end? Only the people of today can answer that. The white man & Indians did it. Take care chief

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