I think I’m going to sleep a lot better tonight.
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I was in my office messing around on the internet. I started off on some pretty mainstream sites, but by following the weirdest sounding links I saw, I was able to find myself sites dedicated to ideas and things that rarely, if ever lapsed into sanity. I started this exercise out of boredom, and truly to test the library’s virus protection. Unfortunately my curiosity got the best of me, and I started to read a blog entry.

I didn’t actually read it—I scanned it. It was way too long, and it seemed to primarily consist of themes lifted from the Book of Revelation, Apocalypse Now, and Marilyn Manson songs. The page was pretty amateurish and gross—the margins had lots of creepypasta pictures in them. It was my first encounter with those types of photos, and I will definitely agree that they are creepy. The thing that attracted my attention was the solitary comment, and it was hilarious! I decided to note my approval by leaving a comment of my own. Having burned a couple of hours, I shut the computer down and went home.

Before I went to bed that night, I decided to take another look at the site and see if my comment had been responded to. It had been, and it looked like my new friend had also left me a link to a different site. In spirit of camaraderie, I brazenly clicked on the hyperlink for a YouTube video. The screen went black, then slowly lightened to a shade of gray.

I became immobile, and I could not blink my eyes. I felt a series of images burn themselves into my brain. There is no way that a human being could have created the images that I saw! The images were flashing quickly; I don’t know how many thousand I saw in the five minutes that they cycled before my eyes. The images eventually slowed down, and I was forced to see them in all of their hellish glory. What I saw was an affront to humanity! There were scenes of a race of creatures subjugating humanity. The best that I can describe their appearance is as hideously deformed gods. I could sense their power, and infinite hatred for everything native to the Earth. The scenes showed how the creatures planned to remake the earth, and everything about their plan was an obscenity. If I had been forced to watch one more moment of it, I would have gone completely and irrevocably insane.

Mercifully, the cursed slideshow ended, and then a presence filled the screen. I wanted to look away from the screen, but I could not. I felt rather than heard a message from the presence on the screen. Through my terror, I could sense that I had been chosen for some reason to be like an evangelist for this race. It was more of a threat than an opportunity. I knew that I could either show this video to others or be consumed by it. It had burned itself into my brain, and there was only one way to reverse it. I was beginning to understand why I had been chosen.

I awoke face down on the floor of my den. My body was bruised and bleeding, and I felt as if I had received a savage beating rather than sleep. I knew that unless I passed this message on, every night would be filled with pain and terror. Luckily my face was unmarked and I was able to put on a suit and tie and appear like my normal self. I knew that I had to come up with a plan. I quickly drank a cup of coffee and went into work early to think about my situation.

I sat at my desk for about an hour, and finally dark inspiration struck. This was going to be a lot easier than I thought! It took me about three minutes to prepare my plan. At this point, I definitely knew why I had been chosen.

The late bell rang promptly at 8:05. My first class this year is my worst class; ninth grade English. I was actually really excited. Ninth graders are a group that seems to know everything, and that can sometimes make teaching less than satisfying. I think that today they will all learn something new.

I start class off pretty cool. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back. I realize that you will spend your whole day listening to every teacher’s classroom expectations and pet peeves, so I put together an informative little power point for you to just kick back and watch.” I turned on my LCD projector and as soon as everyone was looking at the screen, I started the presentation.
I think I’m going to sleep a lot better tonight.

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  1. belinda k says:

    Hunh…good one John. One hell of a chain letter! Funny…my mother used to tell me that the Evil One is preparing our childlren for the appearance of demons and monsters with the advent of movies and video games that show these types of creatures, so if (uh…when?) they show up, the kids will be pretty accepting of them. Then again, my mother used to dance in the aisles of the supermarket, so… :-)

  2. This reminds me of the movie “The Ring” and made me smile! Maybe it’s because I’m really sleepy, but I was confused at the beginning of the story because your character started out in his office, but then said he was testing the library’s virus protection. I thought maybe he worked at a library, but then it turns out he’s a teacher. The confusion is the reason I wouldn’t rate it a 5, but it’s too good for a 4, so I didn’t rate the story. I didn’t want to bring down your rating…I give it a 4.5! =)

    • John Shea says:

      I meant to edit the part about the library out. I kind of wrote this one on the fly. I’m actually a middle school teacher and I wrote and submitted it on a day when the kids were testing.

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for your kind words and honest assessment!

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