Hide and seek part one
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It was supposed to be a harmless game…nothing was supposed to happen. i tell myself that every time my mind wanders back to that memory, of what happened that day and what i witnessed. i couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone or to see a therapist because i didn’t know if they would believe me, hell five years later and I still can’t believe it. i have to tell someone…i can’t keep it in anymore..i..i’m driving myself mad each day i keep silent. so I’m going to tell….I’m going to tell you what happened that night when we played hide and seek in old house woods.

It was a warm spring afternoon when we played, it was a day to remember because sarah plum the hottest girl in school and possibly the world had asked me out. Sure it’s not something to be excited about but i was classified as a nerd and to have one of the top hottest and popular girl ask you out was a big thing for me. anyways i was hanging in the band room with nick plum and eric hathaway….eric hathaway wasn’t your average guy. He was really into the paranormal and couldn’t go a second without telling me something about it..he was so into it he even made youtube channel showing him doing every paranormal game in history. the only reason i hang out with him was because his mom and my mom hung out and i was forced to be friends with him, as years passed i grown to accept him and ignore his weird ghost obsession.

” guys I had a great idea for what we should do tonight,” Erick said looking up from the book he was reading, nick flashed me a look before rolling his eyes and turning back to his own book. smirking slightly I looked over at the book Erick was so indulged in and wasn’t surprised to see that he was reading haunted forests in America.

” sorry, eric I have plans to see a movie with Sarah tonight,” I said looking back towards my book, in actuality me and Sarah didn’t plan anything I just didn’t want to hang with Erick tonight.

“same….I don’t have an excuse just don’t want to go..” nick said plainly with a slight shrug. Erick being him completely disregarded what we said and put down his book and turned towards us.

“come on guys it’ll be fun trust me….there’s this forest a couple miles from my house we should check out…it’s called old house forest and it’s rated the top 4 most haunted forest in America..we have to check it out,” Erick said excitedly. The name of the forest sent a chill straight down my spine…I’ve never been or heard of it but knowing Erick this forest probably had a shaky background to it.

“yeah count me out…knowing you you’re gonna want to do some seance or something…I don’t roll that way…” nick growled closing his book and shoving it into his backpack. I wanted to agree with nick but I knew Erick for too long to know that if we bailed he would go alone and I didn’t want anything bad happening to him

” come on nick…we don’t have anything better to do tonight and I don’t think I want to sit in your room and play grand theft auto again,” I said throwing a glance his way.

“yeah maybe Sarah could come to.” Erick exclaimed, his comment earned him a nasty glare from nick. Sarah sadly happened to be nick’s younger sister so that was a plus for this situation because if Sarah was going then nick had to go along. nick threw me a killer glare but I ignored it…I mean it would be cool right, all we would be doing is exploring some haunted forest.

“alright, then it’s settled, seven sharp and don’t be late,” Erick said before heading out the band room. Nick cast me an unsettling look as we slowly followed Erick out of the room.

“just out mom…Me, Erick, Nick and Sarah….” I said trying to convince my stubborn mother to let me go out, even though it was a school night. My mother wasn’t the kind of mom that just let me go out and do what normal teenagers do….I couldn’t go to a party unless I called every five minutes, I couldn’t be in my room with another person alone without the door open. I had to have a good enough that excuse to win over my mother’s approval and so far I wasn’t doing a good enough job.

“Sarah….I never heard of her before is she a girl friend of yours?” Mom asked not looking up from the carrots she was cutting, I could tell she was trying to avoid my question but I wasn’t going to let that happen.
“Please mom Erick begged me to go and I can’t bail on him,” I said adding a hint of annoyance to my tone, mom paused on her cutting for a second before continuing.

“How has he been….After what happened…” Mom said before catching her self, I gave her a confused look but she avoided it.

” Go….Call me before you get home and be careful, it’s getting really dark this time of night.” Mom said softly, I was about to ask her what she meant when my phone vibrated. It was from Nick letting me know that he was here and to hurry my slow ass up. I said a quick goodbye and headed for the door…But I couldnt shake the look my mother gave me before I left the house.

“this should be fun i’ve never been to old house woods before…i mean I’ve heard of it but never been there,” Sarah said turning to face me. it was around 6:30 when nick’s range rover pulled into my driveway…I apologized for taking so long and explained that my mom didn’t really trust me so convincing her was hard. Sarah of course giggled and nick gave a grunt as we pulled away. Something was bothering him I could tell from the way he squeezed the steering wheel, I pushed away my thoughts and smiled at Sarah from the back seat(nick refused to let us sit together).

“yeah knowing Erick he is already there and checking out the area…” I said with a short chuckle…the closer we got the worse the uneasy feeling felt. I didn’t know why I was feeling like this because I’ve hung out with Erick many of times but something didn’t seems right. nick turned into a dirt path that leads into the forest, I looked down at my phone and saw my reception was gone..great so if something did go wrong I had no contact with the outside world.

“he wouldn’t make us do anything extreme right…all we’re doing is walking around for a bit..right?” Sarah said the uneasiness on her voice was heavy and I could see the faint worry forming in her eyes when she looked back at me. I noticed that nick’s hands tightened its grip on the wheel as we drove, and I didnt have anything to say that could put her mind at ease.

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