Here I Sit
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I am being haunted.
Perhaps that isn’t right. Maybe I’m the one that’s doing the haunting. I don’t know. I just don’t know. You see, sometimes I’m not here.
I’m not telling this well, I know. I’m sorry.
It’s happened several times in the very recent past. I was going about my relatively bland day. I’d tell you all about myself, who I am and what I do, but to tell the truth, I don’t think it has anything to do with… Well, whatever is happening to me. So why bore you with it? Still and all, in each case, I was about my business when, suddenly, I wasn’t there anymore.

I know. Sounds crazy. Tell me about it.
Suddenly everything was a blur, a soft focus of refracted lights, pale colors, muted sounds. And all that had once been solid about me… simply changed. The floors, if they were still there (for I couldn’t see them), were no longer solid beneath my feet – but were spongey and sticky at the same time. And the air, warm and clear the instant prior (for I live – lived? – in a lovely climate), was at once a foggy blur, cloying, damp, and oppressive. And my breathing grew rapid with fear, rifled with involuntary gasps, for it’s terrifying – the feeling that your next breath will not come. And the people around me at the time of these fearful transitions, like my surroundings, lost their distinct shapes, their selves – taking on the texture of phantoms, the voices of apparitions (the nerve-shattering moans and wails that I’d always imagined belonged to the spirits of the dead). My God, where was I!

Each time it’s happened, I’ve returned. I’ve found myself again in the land of light and texture, of substance. I’ve come home, I’ve come back from the edge of madness, or maybe I’ve come back to life. But will I always return? When it happens again? If it happens again? I don’t know. All seems well. All seems normal.
But nothing can ever be normal again. For here I sit, trembling, unable to eat, to sleep, to think of anything – but the next time. I can’t tell anyone. Surely insanity would be their only guess – and I don’t feel insane. But the answers to my thousand and one questions seem completely out of reach. And I feel so very alone. To me, that is the essence of terror – to feel absolutely alone. So here I sit, in mortal fear, wondering what is happening to me? Wondering if I am being haunted? Wondering whether I am the target of evil spirits… or an evil spirit myself, haunting others? What is real? Where does this foggy, damp hell exist?
And, dear reader, if you’re there to hear my story; dear God, if you’re there to hear my prayer, and if I’m worthy of an answer, tell me, please, how and why am I…


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  1. Ruhaani says:

    luv the way Mr Lamoreux u start up with ur stories as u make audiences think deep nd deep nd make them feel the story from the beginning only. I always wait for ur stories….i like open ended stories whr the suspense continues after story finishes….audiences keep on contemplating …….:)

    And ofcorse I have started thinking as what would happened to u… Are these d dreams only or is it that something crazy is happening with you….

  2. Kevin E Lake says:

    Really good story. Imma go rate it a 5. I go ghost hunting and the activity we witness at times could be attributed to an entity thinking exactly along the lines of which you wrote. You gave us a good look into the head of a spirint. Wonderful!
    kevin e lake
    author of “From the Graves of Babes”
    Amazon’s #1 ghost novel in customer satisfaction!

  3. Thanks, Ruhanni, for the wonderful comment and your concern :) And, let me assure you, I’m okay. All the crazy things that happen to me happen only on paper.

  4. Kevin, thanks for the comment. Will check out your e-book when the mountain of books in front of me thins out a bit. But, WOW, share your secret for getting so many hits, likes, and reviews at Amazon!!? I’m jealous! :)

  5. Thank you, Ruhi. Appreciate your comment.

  6. Geeta says:

    Well.. I guess strange notes of a writer…

  7. Anikhet says:

    I didn’t see any story… but saw your dark side…

  8. A “story” is the human heart in conflict on THE important day of a character’s life. This piece has conflict; a beginning, a middle, and an ending left up to the reader. So, does the dark come from me? Or the reader? For all I know, he stopped telling the story because he dropped his pen, or to answer the door bell. It’s your ending. I ALWAYS write for myself, if you don’t see a story… that’s okay. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

  9. Avatar of Mike Johnson Mike Johnson says:

    This story reminds me of those very rare odd disappearances where some people have disappeared into thin air, and in front of witnesses. Pretty good. :)

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