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October 31st, 9:38pm

“He’ll never do it!” Joey shouted as Jimmy and Chris began to holler and jeer.
“He’s too much of a pussy!” yelled Chris as Jack told Bobby to ignore him as they made their way along Cemetery Way towards the All Hallows cemetery.
“Just ignore them,” replied Jack putting his arm round Bobby’s shoulder. “It’s no big deal, trust me. All you got to do is stay there until sunrise and your in the club.”
Bobby smiled faintly as he could feel his stomach fill with butterflies. This was Bobby’s big moment, the final test. Bobby had already proven himself to be a trust worthy guy and reliable in a crisis, the only thing left was to prove he was tough enough to be in the club and be one of the “cool” guys. It took Jack and the other guys in the club almost a week to come up with the perfect final test, but sure enough, Jimmy came up with the perfect idea.
Everyone knows that cemeteries are scary places and are not the best places to be, especially at night. So when they told Bobby that his final proficiency was that he had to spend the ALL night in the local cemetery on Halloween, in order to be in the club, Bobby almost threw up his lunch.
“Are you insane!” said Bobby as Chris, Jimmy, and Joey stood there, smug-grinned as Jack tried to calm Bobby down.
“Don’t sweat it man,” said Jack as Bobby sat there in the cafeteria trying to stop himself from throwing up. “Everything will be cool, I promise.”
“You know I don’t like cemeteries!” snapped Bobby glaring at Jack as Joey began to giggle under his breath. Jack and Bobby had known each other since they were kids and were best friends and knew each other‘s deepest fears and secrets. Bobby had never been very good at making friends, so when Bobby’s father’s job provided an opportunity for advancement, so he took it. This was hard on the whole family, especially Bobby. Leaving Jack and moving away made Bobby very upset. They tried their best to keep in contact, but time and other things soon got in the way. It was by chance that almost seven years later, an opportunity came up for Bobby’s father to head up a new branch of the company in a town called All Hallows, so the family upped sticks and moved again. On his first day of High School Bobby was extremely scared. His fears and insecurities had not improved with time, but when he saw Jack walking down the halls, his fears subsided.
For Bobby, it was like he was whole again. He had his best friend back and nothing would ever separate them again. But Jack wasn’t the same kid now that Bobby used to camp out with in his back field and play soldiers with in the woods behind Jack’s house. Bobby could see some of the ‘old’ Jack still in there, but now he was one of the ‘cool’ kids. A letter-jacket wearing guy who bullied and terrorized people into respecting him and took what he wanted through fear. Jack and his friends strutted around the school and All Hallows in their lettered jackets like they were kings among peasants. Jack had become the person he swore he would never grow up to be. His father.
But Bobby didn’t have many friends since he moved to All Hallows, so he reluctantly hung around with Jack and his buddies, taking their abuse and ‘turning the other cheek’ when they teased and mocked him. So when they all agreed that Bobby had to spend the night in the cemetery on Halloween to be in the club, in order not to lose Jack and be alone again, Bobby agreed.
Jack and Bobby soon reached the small Iron gate that lead into the first part of the cemetery. Jack could tell Bobby was still nervous and very scared. Jack was now starting to feel guilty for putting Bobby through all this, but he didn’t want to look ‘pussy’ in front of the others so he kept quiet.
Jack knew that Bobby didn’t like churches and especially funerals. When they were kids, they had to attend a funeral in their home town of Headley Down. A local dignitary named Samuel Winchester who most of the town knew, had passed away. Almost all of the town turned out to pay their respects, including Bobby and Jack, (though they didn’t have much of a choice in the matter). When it came time to walk past the coffin Bobby didn’t want to do it, but his father made him. As he reached the coffin, he accidentally nudged it and the coffin
toppled over, knocking the body onto Bobby. It took five men to move the body and coffin and took Bobby’s mother three hours to calm Bobby down. For the next three months after the funeral, Bobby kept having nightmares about Samuel Winchester. Bobby would dream that he was running through the Headley cemetery in his night clothes as Samuel Winchester chased him. Every time Bobby thought he had got away, something would stop him and Samuel Winchester would get him. In the end Bobby’s parents took him to counselling to help him get over his fears. The only other person who knew about the nightmares, other than his parents and the councillor, was Jack. He got Jack to swear on his mother’s good name and pinkie-swear twice that he would never tell a soul about the nightmares.
As they made their way through the cemetery, night began to fall hard.
Bobby reminded Jack about the promise he had once made.
“Oh come on dude, that was like forever ago when we were kids! And besides, you got past it didn’t you?” replied Jack as Bobby kept silent. “Didn’t you?” said Jack as he grabbed Bobby by the arm.
“You did get over it, didn’t you?” said Jack as Bobby stood there staring at Jack.
“Yeah, sure I did.” replied Bobby as Jack gave a sigh of relief.
“Phew, for a moment there you almost had me!” Jack laughed as he wrapped an arm around Bobby’s shoulders as they continued on deep into the bowels of the cemetery.
Jack eventually stopped just before a large stone statue of an angel with it’s wings spread out spanning almost six feet either side. When Bobby saw the angel he put his hand to his mouth as he gazed at the statue.
“Whoa!” gasped Bobby as Joey, Chris, and Jimmy eventually caught up.
“Jesus-H-Christ!” muttered Joey as Chris and Jimmy stood there staring at the monument.
“This is it, here we are.” said Jack as he turned to face Bobby and the others as he clapped his hands together rubbing them with a perverse sense of pride.
“You ready Bobby?” Jack said as Bobby stood there silent and numb, his eyes never leaving the vacant stare of the stone angel before him.
“Bobby! Are you there?” said Jack as Jimmy came up behind Bobby and caught him under the arms as he almost shot up in the air.
“Ha! Did I scare you Bobby?” grinned Jimmy as Bobby hunched over trying to calm himself down as Chris and Joey burst into fits of hysterics.
“Asshole!” wheezed Bobby as Jack began to rub his back as he looked over and scowled at Jimmy.
“Easy, easy Bobby,” said Jack as he helped Bobby up.
“That was pretty shitty Jimmy,” said Jack as Jimmy stood there trying to look innocent.
“What? I didn’t do anything?” he said shrugging his shoulders.
“For that, I reckon YOU should stay in the cemetery with Bobby all night too!” said Jack as Jimmy’s face froze.
“What? Screw you Jack!” grunted Jimmy. “It’s not my fault he’s chicken shit?”
“You don’t have to do this Bobby if you don’t want to?” said Jack really starting to feel guilty now as Bobby looked over at him. As their eyes met, Jack knew that there was no way that Bobby was going to quit now.
“I’m doing it,” said Bobby as Chris and Joey gave a raucous round of applause as Jimmy raised one eyebrow as a curious grin spread across his face.
“So, you reckon you go the guts huh?” said Jimmy as he beckoned Chris over who was carrying a backpack and handed it to Jimmy. “Well, if that’s the case…Wild Rose or Coors?”
“Huh?” said Bobby as Jimmy opened up the pack and took out a bottle of Wild Irish Rose whiskey.
“If your going to do it, your going to get thirsty, so what’ll it be, Whiskey or Beer?” said Jimmy as Chris and Joey began to chant ‘whiskey whiskey’ behind Jimmy’s back.
“I’ll take the whiskey,” replied Bobby as Chris and Joey began to holler and cheer.
“Good choice,” smiled Jimmy as he threw Bobby the bottle of whiskey as he caught it on the chest as something Orange fell out of Bobby‘s jacket pocket and hit Jack’s foot. Bending down, Jack picked it up. It was a Orange medicine bottle full of little white pills.
“What’s this?” said Jack as Bobby looked at him stone-faced and pale.
“It’s nothing,” Bobby replied snatching it out of Jack’s hand. “I have allergies.”
“Don’t shit me Bobby,” grunted Jack. “You don’t have allergies! Bobby, what’s going on?”
“Leave the man alone Jack,” said Jimmy as he passed round the cans of beer to Jimmy and Chris.
“A toast, to Bobby!” said Jimmy as Chris and Joey raised their cans. “To Bobby!” they all said in unison.
“You don’t have to do this Bobby,” said Jack as Bobby turned away and took the cap off the bottle and necked a good measure of the whiskey before coughing as Joey and Chris began to chant his name.
“See Jack, He’ll be fine!” said Jimmy as he grinned at Jack. Staring at Jimmy, Jack knew that grin, whenever Jimmy made that face, there was going to be trouble.
“Okay then, see you at sun rise Bobby-boy!” smile Jimmy as he Chris and Joey turned away, leaving Jack and Bobby standing the shadow of the angel statue.
“Don’t let the boogie-man get you Bobby!” shouted Chris as they ran off into the darkness.
“Are you sure you want to do this,” said Jack once more as the guilt began to eat away at him.
“Don’t mother me!” grunted Bobby as his head began to feel light. “I’ll be just ducky!”
Realising that it was too late to change Bobby’s mind, Jack just shrugged his shoulders and took off the backpack he had and put it on the ground.
“There’s a flash light and spare batteries in there,” said Jack as Bobby slumped down next to the base of the angel statue.
“There’s a blanket if you get cold and I’ve put some snacks and soda in there too.”
“Thanks mom!” grinned Bobby as he took another drink from the bottle as Jack rolled his eyes.
“Just be careful and the slightest whimper, call me Bobby.” said Jack as Bobby sat there humming to himself.
“Bobby!” he grunted kicking him in the leg.
“What?” grunted Bobby looking up at him.
“Just be careful okay?” Jack as he turned away to leave.
In the pit of Jack’s stomach, he could feel that something bad was going to happen tonight.



As the Halloween night sky became thick and Black, a dense layer of fog began to rise up from the ground all around Bobby as he could feel the fear coursing through his body. The Whiskey had not only made his head begin to throb and his vision impaired, but he now felt absolutely freezing. Opening the backpack that Jack had left for him, Bobby took out the flash light and the blanket. Opening up the blanket Bobby tucked it all around the lower half of his body as he did the zipper of his jacket all the way up to his neck. Turning on the flashlight, Bobby pointed it at his wristwatch.
“Six hours to go,” Bobby said to himself as he turned the flashlight back off to save the batteries. Taking hold of the whiskey bottle once more, Bobby took the top off and drank from it hard. Bobby hoped that his nerves would hold out till sunrise, then he would be ‘one of the guys’ and he would finally have ‘his’ Jack back in his life. And this time it would be forever.
November 1st

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” said Chris as he followed Jimmy over the brick wall that ran along the North face of the cemetery as Joey brought up the rear.
“I mean, I feel kind of bad doing this Jimmy. Bobby’s a good guy, I can’t see why you don’t want him in the club?”
“Don’t start going all pussy on me now Chris,” replied Jimmy as he took the backpack off Joey as he climbed over the wall. “He’s not one of us, and never will be.”
“Yeah, he’s a total pussy,” Joey chimed in. “I bet he’s already chickened out and ran home to mommy!”
“But what about Jack?” said Chris. “He’ll be really pissed if he finds out.”
“This has nothing to do with Jack, and he‘s never going to find out is he?” snapped Jimmy. “Just because he used to be in the boy scouts with him when they were kids, it don’t mean he should hang with us.”
“What have you got against Bobby Jimmy? Why do you hate him so much?” said Chris as Joey rabbit-punched him in the arm from behind.
“Thank you,” said Jimmy.
“Look, this punk doesn’t deserve to lick our boots, and Jack, he’s just snow-blind when it comes to charity cases like this guy. But don’t worry, we’ll going to fix his wagon but good.”
“What we going to do to him Jimmy?” said Joey almost salivating.
“Well, I’ve been doing some digging on our little Bobby, and I found out something just splendid!” smiled Jimmy as he told in great detail about Bobby’s past.
“That’s horrible!” muttered Chris as Jimmy glared at him as Joey raised his fist ready to
rabbit punch him again, but Jimmy shook his head.
“You really are a pussy, aren’t you?” snapped Jimmy as Chris gave him the finger.
“You can’t do that to him, he’ll have a seizure or something!” said Chris and this time, Jimmy nodded as Joey punched him in the arm.
“Don’t be getting all guilty on me now,” grunted Jimmy. “You try and pussy out, and I’ll tell Jack that this was all your idea!”
Chris’s mouth suddenly made the prefect O-shape as he realised that if he didn’t go along with this Jimmy would in fact rat him out and Joey would back him up all the way.
“Now, if you have quite finished being Mother Teresa, this is how it’s going to go down…”



The new morning air was now bitter and crisp as Bobby sat there slumped against the stone angel statue. He could barely keep his head up now. His eye-lids felt so heavy that any moment he knew was going to pass out. Then Bobby remembered the snacks that Jack had left him and quickly went for the backpack. Opening it up, Bobby found bags’ of potato chips, some Twinkies and two boxes of milk duds- a favourite of Bobby’s.

“He remembered,” Bobby said under his breath as he began to smile. Taking one of the boxes of milk duds out of the back pack, Bobby was just about to tear it open and devour them when he heard a sound that cut through the darkness.
“Hello, is someone there?” Bobby called out as he put the backpack down by his side.
“Jack, is that you?”
No-one answered.
“Jimmy, Chris, Joey? This isn’t funny guys!” Bobby hollered as he tried to pull himself up, using the statue as leverage.
Getting to his feet, Bobby began to feel light-headed once more. Clutching his head Bobby began to scan the area looking for any signs of movement.
“Come on guys, this really isn’t funny anymore!” Bobby shouted as his bottom lip began to quiver and his throat began to dry up.
“Okay guys, you win I give up!” shouted Bobby as he felt the tears begin to from and roll down his cheeks.
“I’m done you hear me, GAME OVER!”
As Bobby bent down to grab the backpack and flashlight, determined to go home and never look back, he heard another sound. There was no mistaking it, it was a voice. And it was calling his name.
Bobby was suddenly rooted to the spot in a state of total unequivocal fear as he felt something warm and unpleasant run down his trouser leg.
“Stop it please, I beg of you!” Bobby screamed into the night as the tears began to flow free-fall down his face and onto his jacket. Opening up the backpack, Bobby took out the bottle of Whiskey and took the cap off and was just about to take a drink when a twig snapped a few feet behind him, causing him to almost fly right out of his sneakers and let go of the bottle. As the Whiskey bottle hit the muddy grass below with a dull thud spilling the remains, Bobby began to run. He didn’t know where he was going but all he could think to do was run. As his feet pounded into the soft muddy grass and his heart pounded in his chest like a jack-hammer, Bobby never looked back.


After what seemed like hours, Bobby stopped running. Dropping the backpack to the ground, he hunched over and began to vomit, narrowly missing his sneakers. Regaining his composure, Bobby straightened up and began to look around. He was deep into the cemetery and completely lost. Bobby picked up the backpack, took out the flashlight and turned it on. Moving the flashlight across the sea of headstones near by, Bobby surmised that this part of the cemetery was not used anymore and that the deceased’s families had long since passed on as well leaving their loved ones grave sites unkempt and neglected. Dropping to his knees, Bobby sat there for a moment as he could feel the tears begin to well up in his eyes once more. If Jack had anything to do with this, Bobby would never forgive him or speak to him ever again, even though it would break his heart to do so.
Getting back to his feet, Bobby shook the dirt off his jeans and pointed the flashlight at his watch.
“Three fifteen,” Bobby muttered as the bulb of the flashlight began to flicker before completely burning out.
“Shit!” Bobby snapped as he banged the side of the flashlight as the bulb momentarily flickered on and off again.
Turning the flashlight off, Bobby unscrewed the bottom as the flashlight’s batteries fell to the ground.
Delving into the backpack Bobby took out the spare batteries that Jack had put in the backpack and put them into the flashlight and screwed the end back on. Turning the flashlight back on, there was no beam. The bulb had gone. Bobby cursed under his breath and he kick a foot out, connecting with a stray piece of broken headstone as a surge of pain shot straight into his foot. Dropping the backpack and the flashlight, Bobby went to grab his foot when he suddenly lost his balance and fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. Taking off his sneaker and sock, Bobby saw that the side of his right big toe was now a purplish-red and pulsating. Rolling onto his side, Bobby slowly put his sock back on, wincing and biting his lip as he did so. The pain was incredible. As Bobby eased his sneaker back on and slowly got to his feet, using a near-by headstone as leverage, He heard a familiar sound floating on the wind.



“This is so boss!” whispered Joey as he leaning up against the side of a huge stone mausoleum as Chris sat near by silent and unresponsive.
“What the hell’s the matter with you?” snapped Joey as he nudged Chris in the leg as he looked up and gave Joey a distasteful glare. “Are you still sulking?”
“This is wrong and you know it!” snapped Chris. “Bobby is a good guy man and all he wants to do is hang out with us?”
“So what? He’s a pussy and you know it. We’re just having a little fun with him that’s all? I‘m sure he’ll see the funny side of it, eventually… ” Joey grinned as Chris shook his head.
“Well I just want to go on record and say this is not cool and when Jack finds out, I’m saying that you and Jimmy forced me to do this,” said Chris getting into a crouching position.
“Duly noted… Fairy!” smirked Joey as the sound of a cuckoo bird echoed from the other side of the cemetery.
“Show time!” said Joey as he got to his feet and began to move as Chris reluctantly followed.

Grabbing the backpack and flashlight from off the ground, Bobby put the flashlight into the backpack and slung the straps it over his shoulders. As he tried to move, the pain in his foot intensified as he quickly grabbed onto the headstone once more for support under the buckling pressure of the pain.
“Your not going to scare me this time guys!” Bobby hollered into the night. “Why don’t you be REAL men and come out and face me, instead of being pussies and making noises in the dark!”
Bobby could feel the blood pumping through his veins as the pain in his foot began to subside as he let go of the headstone and stood up straight and proud. They were not going to get to him this time.
“Come on Jimmy, Joey, Chris. What are you afraid of? Am I not good enough to be in your pussy letterman jacket wearing gang huh?” bellowed Bobby as the sound of feet squishing into wet grass suddenly caught his ear. Biting his lip, Bobby clenched his fists tightly as he heard footsteps get closer.
“This is it. Do or die,” Bobby muttered under his breath as he slowly turned around to face the oncoming danger.
But what he saw was not what he had expected. Trudging through the darkness he saw a large hulking figure heading towards him. Bobby suddenly felt his legs begin to buckle and go rubbery as he resisted the urge to scream. Trying to move, Bobby fell to the ground under the weight of his sudden paralysis. As the figure trudged ever closer, Bobby tried desperately to get back to his feet clawing at the near by headstone, using it as leverage to get him back to his feet. Using all the energy he had, Bobby pulled himself up, but his legs still felt like jelly. As he tried to make a run for it, Bobby’s legs gave way once more as he fell to the ground catching his head on the side of the headstone. Rolling onto his back, Bobby felt like he was going to be sick as he put his hand to his head and felt a large bruise forming. And when he drew back his hand and put it in front of his face, he saw blood on his palm. Tears soon began to fall once more as the sound of trudging footsteps suddenly stopped. Pulling himself up to a sitting position arching his back on the headstone, Bobby could feel the blood running down from his forehead, eventually running over his lips and down his chin. As he looked around trying to wipe away the cobwebs and shake the black spots from in front of his eyes, Bobby noticed that the large hulking figure was nowhere to be seen? Reaching into his pocket, Bobby went for his Orange bottle of pills. Taking the cap off Bobby tapped out two little white pills and was just about to put them in his mouth when there was a SNAP of a twig right behind him, making him jump and spilling the entire bottle onto the wet grass. Bobby cursed under his breath as he frantically tried to pick them up as two large feet came into view next to him as Bobby put his hands to his mouth to muffle his inevitable scream.
“Hello Bobby,” said a booming voice from above him as Bobby took a huge gulp and reluctantly looked up. Bobby slowly removed his hands from his mouth as he wiped away the blood and tears as a warm smile spread across his face.



“Where the hell are those two ass-wipes?” muttered Jimmy as he paced up and down behind a large stone mausoleum rubbing his hands up and down his arms to keep warm. “If they have chickened out and left me here alone, they are dead meat!”
Taking a small silver hip flask from out of his back pocket, Jimmy took the cap off and took a hit.
As he put the flask back into his back pocket, from out of nowhere Joey appeared giving Jimmy a fright.
“Jesus!” yelped Jimmy as Joey hunched over to catch his breath. “What the hell are you trying to do to me?” wheezed Jimmy.
“Sorry!” replied Joey as he stood upright and stretched as Jimmy rabbit punched Joey in the arm.
“Is Chris in position over by the trees?”
“Yeah, but he’s getting real bad cold feet.”
“He’s a dead man if he tries to run out on us now!” replied Jimmy. “I reckon I got little Bobby good and scared. All we need to do now is finish the job.”
As Jimmy picked up the backpack from the ground, Joey rubbed his hands together in excitement.
“Now, this is I what I want you to do…”
Before Jimmy could go any further, he heard the sound of footsteps squishing wet grass near by.
“I thought you said Chris was over by the trees?” said Jimmy as Joey shrugged his shoulders. “I thought he was?”
“Chris, what are you doing over here? Your supposed to be over by the trees! said Jimmy as the footsteps suddenly stopped.
“Chris?” repeated Jimmy, but no reply.
“Chris, if you’re trying to screw with me, I will beat you to death man I swear to god!” snapped Jimmy as Joey nervously stepped back and took out his own hip flask before taking a hit.
“Chris, get your punk ass over here NOW!” growled Jimmy as the sound of footsteps squishing wet grass started again getting closer and closer.
“What’s going on Jimmy?” muttered Joey nervously as Jimmy opened up the backpack and took out his father’s hunting knife.
“Stay here, I’m going to fix Chris’s wagon but good!” said Jimmy taking the knife out of it’s sheath and handing the backpack to Joey.
“Don’t do anything crazy man,” said Joey clutching the backpack tight to his chest as Jimmy trudged off into the night leaving Joey to fend for himself.


Almost twenty minutes had gone by and Jimmy hadn’t returned. Joey was now slumped down behind the stone mausoleum nursing the last of the beer cans that Jimmy had brought along in his backpack. Jimmy had started to dose off when he suddenly heard footsteps close by.
“Jimmy, is that you?” said Joey as Chris suddenly sprang out from behind a near by statue causing Joey to throw the beer can into the air and let out a shriek.
“Gotcha!” smirked Chris as Joey began to hyperventilate.
“You little son of a whore, you almost gave me a heart attack!” wheezed Joey as Chris crouched down net to him.
“Don’t be such a pussy!” grinned Chris. “Where’s Jimmy?”
“He went looking for you because he thought you were trying to give us the willies! He’s real pissed and he’s got his dad’s hunting knife too!” said Joey gaining his breath as he showed Chris the empty sheath.
“Hey, it’s not me!” replied Chris holding his hands up. “ I know better than to mess with that two-bit nut job!”
“Then, if it wasn’t you then who was it?” said Joey as the sound of screaming suddenly cut through the air causing both Joey and Chris to yelp in terror.
“What the hell was that?” whispered Chris as he grabbed hold of Joey and pulled him up as they both got to their feet.
“I don’t know, but I’m not sure I want to find out.” replied Joey.
“What about Jimmy?” whispered Chris as he let go of Joey.
“Screw Jimmy, this was HIS idea, he can take care of himself!” snapped Joey as something suddenly rolled along the floor out of the darkness and stopped at Joey’s feet.
Looking down, Joey put his hand to his mouth to hold back the impending screams as Chris slowly stepped back in horror as Jimmy’s cold lifeless eyes stared up at him from his bloody dismembered head.
Chris didn’t wait for Joey as he quickly turned tale and ran leaving Joey standing there screaming into the night.



“Bobby wake up,” said Jack as he kick Bobby’s leg as Bobby began to stir. “Time to get up lazy bones!”
“Huh? What?” mumbled Bobby as he rolled over and half opened one eye. “Is it morning already?”
“It sure is,” smiled Jack as Bobby opened the other eye as he saw Jack standing above him dressed in his running sweats. “Looks like you did it Bobby. You passed the test. I always knew you would.” said Jack as he held out his hand as Bobby took hold and Jack pulled him to his feet.
“Ouch, take it easy!” winced Bobby as he struggled to stand up straight as Jack noticed the purplish bruise on Bobby’s forehead.
“What in god’s name did you do to you head Bobby?” said Jack as he went to move Bobby’s fringe as Bobby batted away his hand.
“It’s nothing alright, just a little bruise. I must of rolled over and banged my head on the statue?” Replied Bobby as Jack rolled his eyes and shook his head.
“Still the same old Bobby,” chuckled Jack as he bent down and picked up the back pack from the ground. “You smell real bad too.”
“Well your sister doesn’t mind!” replied Bobby grinning smugly as Jack flicked his foot round, catching Bobby on the butt.
“You wish!” said Jack as he kicked Bobby in the butt again. “Come on, lets get you washed up and get some breakfast in you. I can’t wait to see the look on Jimmy’s face when I tell him that you stayed here all night!” Jack squeaked as Bobby stood there silent.
“What’s wrong?” Said Jack as he wrapped one arm around Bobby’s shoulders.
“Nothing, nothing at all,” replied Bobby smiling as they began to walk off.
“So does this mean we can hang out all the time now, like ALL the time?”
“Yeah sure I guess so?” replied Jack looking over at Bobby.
“Friends forever?”
“Yeah, sure Bobby. Friends forever.” replied Jack.

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  1. Not a bad plot, but you use “as” for a transition WAAY too much.

  2. Thanks Celia. Never realised that. It’s an okay plot, but a throw away story that took way too long for to finish. It was one of those where i just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have so many of them half stuck on paper/in my head that i just want them over with. i’ll probably go back and redo it eventually.

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