Forever..and almost always
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I looked in to my husbands eyes as I said those 2 words that would seal my fate….”I…Do.” He leaned in for a kiss relutenly I did too. I painted on a smile as I turned and walked down the isle with him. The reception party was acually a blast. Neron,my husband, was very kind to me all night. For a while I thought maybe things have really changed between us. On our way home from the reception Neron was gentle to me he gave me loving kiss after loving kiss. He told me I was beautiful. He told me he loved me. When we arrived home I didnt expected him to carry me in to the house like in the movies and so I sat there dumbfounded when the limo driver stopped in front of our house and Neron got out and carried me in to the house and opened the door. He closed and I went for a kiss… His warm arms dropped to his sides and I feel to the ground. He looked at me and said
“Ha!! Did you really think anything I said to you in the limo was true? You are a worthless ugly girl who no one could ever love!!” then he kicked my side and walked upstairs to our room.

Weeks went on. The beatings increased. Of course when I went to leave him he whimmper and told me that we would be together forever and always and he didn’t know why he did the things he did to me. I was weak. I covered up my bruises and went on with my life trying to be a devoted wife. Nothing I did was good enough for him though. These thoughts started to pop in to my head such as what if I were to kill him, what if I could give him the pain he has given me. Then one night he came home drunker than usual. He came up to our room looked at me and slapped me in the face and yelled “you worthless piece of dirt. Get up and make me food!!”
I rushed to the kitchen and heated up the steak and mash potatoes I had made earlier. He took one bite and through the plate at my head. I did not have enough time to duck so the food went all over my face and cloths. A Peice of glass cut my left check and blood started to trickle down my face I reached up and yanked the glass out. Neron walked up to me and punch me in my temple I toppled to the floor. He then kicked me in my sides and dropped to his knees and started to punch me in the face. My nose started to gush out blood. I figured it was broken. He suddenly stood up like nothing happened and walk up the stairs. I sat there and started to bawl my eyes out. there was blood all over the floor and my dress. Food was in my once beautiful blonde hair. I stood up and walked over the the knife rake I picked the smallest knife and the biggest knife. I creeped up the stairs and swung our bedroom door open. He opened his eyes they widened when he saw the two knives in my hands he started to whimper and pleading me to no hurt him.

I smiled at him and said I’m not gonna hurt you honey. No. Im just gonna send you to we’re you belong.”
He looked at me wide eyed and said “but we are supposed to be together forever and always”
I smile and said “no dear you must’ve heard wrong”
I took the smallest knife and stuck it through the carilige in his nose. I heard a loud crack followed by a ear splitting scream and that excited me. I took the big knife and plunched it in to his lower abdome! I slowly pulled it out a long bloody peice of intesion was hanging out. All the while he was screaming I was laughing.
I looked at his bleeding body while he wallowed in pain I looked at him and said “No honey I said forever and almost always. I’ll be back in a few hours I’m going out!!!

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  1. Avatar of André André says:

    What an incredibly strange story. I am sure there is more to it…

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