Five nights at CLOWN CITY: night two
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You enter the building.

Door: unknown

You hurried to go to the bathroom. It was now 11:58. You heard a bang! The robots were starting to come alive. You run as fast as you can to the elevator. It’s 11:59. You make it to your desk. Safe and sound kind of. You saw a trash can in the left corner. You stand up and throw away your old coffee. You take a sip of your new coffee. And u think it is absolutely……..disgusting. You check the receipt in your bag. They gave you the wrong coffee. You threw that one away too. All you have is some water. You head back to your desk. You look behind yourself. The doors are 100%. You smile of how your digging this.

Time: 12:05

You decide you should check the cameras. You click the cafeteria. 2/4 Are missing. You start getting worried. The fourth one which is probably the scariest is gone and the little boy. Just then you here some insane laughing. You knew you could handle this. You took a few deep breaths. You clicked out. You shut the doors with out even looking behind yourself. Something hit the floor when you did that. You turned around your chair. You looked down. It was kinda dark cause the only light you have is the screen of your computer. You grabbed your phone behind you. You prayed that phone would work. You tapped the flashlight app. It worked. A light came behind your phone. You scanned the room with your phone. You saw a cut off arm. Little dots of blood were on the Floor. You chopped off a clowns arm. You ran back to your desk and pressed the door button to obviously open the door. You kick the arm put to the door. Then you quickly ran back as fast as you can to your desk to close the door again. The door closed. You sit down in your chair to calm down. You decide to take a nap. Your eyes get really heavy and you fall asleep. You wake up to the sound of your phone hitting the floor. You wake up and that’s the second time you dropped your phone. You pick up your phone quickly. You made sure it was still working and it was. You weighed with relief. You felt like you slept for a good bit.

Time: 3: 29
Doors :1%

You looked at your computer. You clicked on the third hallway. You never saw this hallway when you were a kid. They say it was dangerous . But how and why? It wasn’t even 12. So…why couldn’t we go there? You wanted to go there but you thought you should go there when your a little more experienced. Maybe in 3 days. While you were talking to yourself. The doors were open again.

Time: 4: 02
Phone : 58%
Doors: 0%

You were getting quite scared now. You needed to find a way to distract yourself from this nightmare. But you knew you couldn’t. You ate a Doughnut. You then drink some water when you really wanted something with a little…….. more flavor. You examined the third hallway to find out why was this hallway so….dangerous. You couldn’t take it anymore. You hopped out your chair and Left the room. (very stupid I know but hey! the people do stupid things in horror movies or stories) You left the room with your phone. It was really dark. You tried to find your way to the third hallway. Then a little voice that sounded like James said “Whatever you do Don’t ever Leave the security room” You stupidly ignored that voice and went in. You saw one door down the hall. You tip toed toward. You were wandering why you did that because nothing hasn’t happened…..Yet. so you standed up and stopped acting like you were K.C under cover. You put your hand on the knob. You opened the door slowly. You saw some robots only more terrifying and old. One of them turned his head and said ” Thank you so much for freeing us. NOW TIME TO KILL YOU!!!” Your eyes widened,you dropped your phone, and you ran out of there so fast even the world’s famous fastest racer couldn’t get you whoever that is. You ran and ran. Until you got into the elevator. You got in and ran to your desk.


Phone :unknown
Doors: 14%

You just pressed the button. The doors closed. You were glad you got this water. You drank it like it was heaven. Even though it was cold and room temperature at the same time. You left your phone out there. You were so mad. But you WERE NOT going down there again. When you were out of there. You were going to ask for a new security camera for the room in the third hallway.

Time :5:02
phone: unknown

You wanted your phone so bad, You were bored. You fell asleep. You wake up only to find out its 5:58. You eat the last of the doughnuts. You were fully awake. You drank some water which was just a little bit. You throw your water and doughnut box in the trash can. It was now 6:00!! you ran out to the building. You drove yourself home. You started calling James.

James: Hey !

You: You got to install a camera in the room in the third hallway.

James: You when out didn’t you? I told you not to.

You: I’m sorry. and…I dropped my phone in there so…I need the place to open cause I’m not going in there with just me until my job.

James: ok I’ll call the people bye!

You : Bye!

You hang up. You go out to lunch with out your friends cause they told you they were busy. Later Mia called.

Mia: You want me to drop off some food for your dinner.

You : Ok gtg bye!

You get some dinner, make sure you got everything. and your at the building. You put the keys in the hole and you enter…..

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