Five nights at CLOWN CITY: night three
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You enter the building. you walk down the third hallway into the room. You kneel down and put your hands on the floor. Your hands start scanning the room. You finally found your phone. you pressed the turn on button on your phone. it’s at 3%. The time is 11:40. You start your way to the bathroom you still got time before your shift. You stand up after your was done and pull up your pants. You step out and there right in front of you is one of the old robots. He is looking down at you. You think maybe the clown is scared of light. You look down avoiding the eye contact of the beast. You get on the flashlight app as fast as you can. A light came on your phone. You shined the light right in his eyes. He backed away. You pushed yourself away from him. You ran towards the elevator. you pressed the up button to go to the highest level. Once you step out you go down the hallway and take a left. There is your desk. That’s actually the first time your happy to see your desk. You sit down and press the button to shut the door. You knew the clown was probably in the door to your desk. You sat out your dinner Mia sent you, you plugged your phone up, and ate some food. You were starting to get full so you pushed your food aside and looked at the screen. you put your hand on the mouse and you noticed a new camera for the room in the third hallway. You clicked on the third room. You looked around you saw nothing but dirty things. You looked confused.You clicked out. You clicked on the cafeteria. You saw six clowns. Suddenly red letters appeared on the screen. They were a little blurred but you could read the words. They said “WE ALL WILL GET YOU ” They all looked at the security camera like they knew you were there. But something wasn’t right you only saw six why not eight? You wanted to shrug it off but you knew something wasn’t right You have never seen the fourth clowns anywhere. Except in daylight. You hear a bang at the door. It’s one of the clowns. You think the fourth ones. You were glad the door was at 85%. You put your hands over your ears. You were so scared. You felt like you were going crazy. You were getting dizzy and fell out your chair and hit the floor. You woke up. Your phone was on the floor the fourth time. You groaned and touched your head.

Time: 4:00
Phone: 89%

Door: 0%

You sat up. You put your hand on the chair and lifted yourself up. Nothing had happened yet or so you thought. You looked at the screen. You clicked on every room but no clowns. You were getting worried. You finally saw a clown in the boy’s bathroom. But only one?!

Time 4:30
Door: 18%

You ate some more of your food. You hear some footsteps in the hallway. They are coming towards the door. You press the button. You want to talk to James about alarms and unlimited door.

Time: 5:00
Door: 15%

nothing has been happening for minutes. Until it was 6:00!! You grabbed your stuff and ran as fast as you could out of there. You receive a call from your friends.

James : HI!

You: You sound weird what’s going on?

Mia : Well we were wondering if we could do your job with you.

You : Please I need your help it’s terrifying there.

Mia: first please ask your boss.

James: great we will wake up at 10 :30 can pick us up.

Mia: call us back when you get an answer from your boss.

You : if he says yes just to let you know to never leave the security use the bathroom as fast as you can. ok?

James : um…ok

Mia: your the boss we will listen.

You: gtg guys bye!

Just then James call you . you pick up.

James : HI how was your night?

You laugh: Terrifying as always. Hey, I got a question.

James : hmm?

You: Can my friends come to work with me?

James: ok they can come. But um…you have to do Friday by yourself.

You: Great. I told them about what they have to do.

James : ok bye!

You: Bye !

You hang up and call Mia and James again.

Mia: What did he say?

You: You can come bring your own chair though.

James: ok bye!

You hang up and go home. It’s the next day. Later it’s 10:30. You drive to Mia’s house and you pick Mia and James up. you drive there. Mia and James set up in the security room and yall all use the bathroom. it’s not 11. You tell them to go in and hurry. Now the night is about to begin……

Guys I forgot your boy as a friend’s name so….for some reason I went with James

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