Five nights at CLOWN CITY: night four
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Mia and Jacob are just talking and relaxing. you staring at the screen paranoid. You click on cafeteria and you see that little robot boy. You think about how you never seen him for a very long time. Jacob and Mia looked closer.

Jacob yelled” What is that!?!!”

You replied ” Um..I’m sorry guys the clowns are real their alive I have been watching them for three days this is my fourth I’m sorry.”

Mia ” It’s ok but me and Jacob need to get out of here.”

Just when you said “NO!!!!” They were already running out. you saw them on cameras. Just when they were about to go out. Something grabbed Jacob’s foot. He fell and got dragged into the darkness. You turned your body but stared at the camera in horror. You covered your mouth and sobbed. Mia was still running out she was crying. You could see the horror in her face. After that you were just crying. But for some reason nothing happened after that. So…at six you got up and left.

Time: 6:30
Phone: 40%
Doors: unknown

Your boss called. you picked up. you were crying so..your boss could hear something was wrong.

James: Hey what’s up?

You: um…

James : What happened?

You: M-my friend jacob. Died because of the clowns.

James: WHAT?!?!

You: Bring me alarm to help me defeat these monsters tomorrow.

James: ok I’ll call Kevin tomorrow.

You: Kevin?

James: Um…the person that does technology at CLOWN CITY. I got something to tell you.

You: What?

James: These clowns are spirits of dead children. They died because of the clowns they are angry they want to be free but no one can stop them but only by burning the place up. They could but they won’t do it by fear they will get killed.

You: oh my gosh. Poor kids. I’ll think about doing that though.

James: ok anyway bye.

You: bye

After you hang up Mia calls. You look down and cry but you answer the phone.

You sniff and do a shaky voice: Hey Mia

Mia’s voice is shaky too: HI Jacob’s funeral is today please attend. I’m so sorry that I ran.

You: no I’m sorry I invited you two. But why did you leave him.

Mia: Well we were walking and┬átalking . I always had a crush on jacob so…we looked deep into each other’s eyes and-

You: ok hold up no emotional things anyway keep going.

Mia giggles: You always put a smile back on. we kissed then he slipped away he said I love you and save your self.

You: oh anyway I found a way to defeat those clowns even know their kids.

Mia: kids?

You: Yep their kids they got killed by the clowns I think it was probably the kids before them.

Mka: how could KIDS be so heartless.

You: I don’t know but I’ll be at the funeral gtg bye.

You hang up and hours later you get ready for Jacob’s funeral. When your their they say some sweet words and a tear drops to the ground.Mia walks over to you.

Mia asks ” You ok?”

You reply weakly” yes.”

Mia” Now tonight destroy those monsters try your best”


Later it was time to go to work you bought matches in case you burn the place. so…You step out with the hard rocks beneath your shoes. You put the keys in and went in….the final night has began……..

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