Five nights at clown CITY: first night
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You’re going outside getting some mail. Once u got inside. You got a sharp knife and cut open the paper. You noticed your bills were going high as the sky. You sat in your brown soft chair. You kept thinking. You thought u should quit your low pay job and find one that pays more. You sat up, opening your perfectly clean computer, on your coffee table. You type in “Good jobs that pay well “. A lot of stuff came up and you found just the right one your interested in. A security job for CLOWN CITY!!! no one applied yet. So…you applied before anyone could before you. You called your boss.

You: Hey boss Bill

Boss bill: Hey munch haha!

You: you know my name and it’s not munch. I’m quitting my job.

Boss Bill: You :WHAT?!?! WHY?!?!?

You: u pay too low. I’m sorry

Boss Bill: ok….it’s alright

You: thanks Bill for understanding

BBill: MY name’s boss Bill

You: but your not my boss anymore

Boss Bill: your very sassy…well bye

Then you hang up with a smile on your face. At about 10:00 at night. Your phone is ringing and it’s the manager for CLOWN CITY! You answer it quickly.

You : HI did I get the job?

Manager: sure did my 60th just bailed. You applied just in time

You: THE 60TH ONE?!?! WHY did they bail?

Manager: oh sorry I’m rude my names James. My friends call me James and your my friend so-

You: just tell me why they bailed.

James: They bailed cause of the clowns. They are possessed. Alot of people quit because they were scared. I need you. You are lucky if u survive

You: Haha so…some clowns are….possessed haha they just quit cause maybe they were getting fat and they needed excise or they were bored.

James: I warned you. Anyway, there is a Cafeteria, girls bathroom, boys bathroom, cooking room, and two vents, and about three halls. So…calculate all that is that’s how many cams there are.

You: how much money do I get?

James: I thought it said that on the Web site anyway it’s 2000. Good luck Bye

You: See ya thank you so much!!!

He hangs up. You calculate all the rooms and you will have 9 cams. You want to celebrate with your friends. You get to start calling your two best friends.

jacob: Hey!

Mia: Hey amigo

You: Hey guys

Mia : What’s sup!?

You: I quit my low pay job.

Jacob: it’s about time ha!

Mia : So…what job do you have now?

You: wait for if….I WORK AT CLOWN CITY And IT GIVES ME 2000 DOLLARS!!!!!

Mia: Wow what do you do there?

You: I do security.

Jacob : that’s gonna be creepy. Your the only one in the building. Just looking at some screens.

You: Thanks for supporting. ( you rolled your eyes)

Mia: Yeah and it’s clown city.

You: the manager is weird though. He says the clowns are alive. They are robots they stay in the cafeteria.

Mia : Let’s celebrate let’s go to….a Japanese restaurant

jacob : Sorry can’t come in going to my sisters I promised. Maybe another time. I’m driving on the way. Gtg bye guys. (he hangs up)

Mia : Well that is a bummer. See you there. bye

You hang up then u receive another call from James. You groan at your phone. You answer.

James : I’m sorry just to let u know you start at 12 :00 until 6. see you tomorrow.

You : But why-

He hangs up. You pull the phone from your ear and look at it, confused. You get your bag. You check if u have your gum, mints, wallet, cards, and phone and it’s all there.You shake your hair and go outside your house. you get in your black car. Your turn it on, go
drive carefully out of your driveway and make your way to the Japanese restaurant. Once your there you see mia. She waves.

Mia and You go in and talk. A person comes and leads them to a table. They sit down, order, watch the show, then eat.

Mia rubbed her tummy “Man I’m full”

“me too ” You say with a smile ” Well I better go I gotta go to work at 12 tomorrow.

Mia asks “Why?”

” I don’t know.” You say

Mia said “Well rest up good luck.”

You get in the car, drive home, lock your door, and go upstairs and go to sleep on your comfy bed.

At 11:00 . You wake to your alarm. You groan and turn it off. You sit up. you made sure everything was in your bag and you were correct. You get the covers off you, take a bath, and drive out to your favorite pick up restaurant……DOUGH CHOCO!!!

You go in and order two energy coffees and 6 doughnuts. It was 11: 30. You hurried and got your food. You drove there. It was now 11:40. You opened your door. You grabbed the doughnut box and 2 coffees and put it in your bag. You took out your phone. You tapped on the flashlight up. You tapped the turn on button. A flash of light came from your phone, You turned to your right and saw a green truck. You ignored it. You stepped out on the hard rocks beneath your shoes. You closed the door. You went to the entrance and pulled on the handle it was locked. It was so dark. Even though you were scared. You went to the back of the building. You were on the side and you heard a crunch. You turned your head around but you saw nothing. You continued to walk to the back of the building. You checked your phone. It was at 35% and it was 11:45. You kept walking to the back of the building. Once you were there. You pulled the handle. That was locked. You sighed. You started walking back to your car. Suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turned and gasped.

He said, “It’s ok I’m your manager James.”

He dangled the keys in front of your face. ” Can’t really get in without the keys.”

You chuckled “Oh right thanks.”

James said” Now hurry up you don’t want them to get you. As soon as you get in there will be an elevator on your left. go in and go to level two. Level two only has the security room. a door will be open close it if they are there. And whatever you do Don’t ever Leave the security room. There is no bathroom in the security room so… if u have to hurry and do it again good luck.”

He hands you the keys. You grab Them. You both walk to together to the front entrance. Silence was there. James went in his car and you went to the door. After he left.

You said “They? Them? pfft. whatever.”

It was 11:50. You put the keys in and stepped in. It was pitch black but u had you phone. You found your way to the bathroom and used it. It was 11:56. You hurried to the elevator. You went out to the security room. You set out your doughnuts, coffee, and bag. You started playing games on your phone. It was 2:00. Your eyes were getting heavy. You went to sleep. You woke up when your phone slipped out your hand and hit the floor. It was 3:00. You sat up and checked your camera. You put your hand on the mouse and clicked on the cafeteria. You saw something with a blue clowns suit with polka dots. It had red hair. It was walking and looking down. You leaned closers.

You said “What the hell?”

You clicked out. You looked behind you and you saw a clown in the door. You screamed and found the button and pressed it. The door closed. She took some deep breaths. You Put your hand on the mouse again and clicked on hallway one. You saw a little boy. It was one of the robots. It was turning his head round and round. Until it turned his head the 6th time. There was an evil smirk, not a friendly one. His face had blood on it. you clicked out of it. You felt like you were there for a hour . You were right but It was only 4 it was 2hours till you had to leave. You were ready for this night to be over. For some reason The door opened. A thing on the side said it was dead and it would need time to charge. You felt unsafe with out that door closed. you thought next time use it when You need it. It was 4:30. The door was only at 50%. Your phone was at 20%. You didn’t want your phone to die on you. You saw a plug but you forgot your charger at your house. You felt unsafe again. You tapped on your phone to go to your contacts. Your phone said “Something Is wrong with your app. Want to report or wait.” You picked report. That usually works. You Typed in “please fix this app I really need it.” Your send it. After that it goes back to your home screen. You go to contacts again. Your phone repeats”Something is wrong with your app. want to report or wait. You pressed wait. It went to home screen. You pressed contacts again. It still didn’t work. You gave up and set your phone down. You pick up a doughnut and coffee and eat it. You didn’t know you were so hungry. You ate a second doughnut and drank all your coffee. There was 4 doughnuts left and 1 coffee. You looked behind you and the door was at 83%. you checked your phone. It was at 15%. The time was 5:00. You were ready for that door to be at 100%. You were ready for this night mare to be over. You were ready to just relax. You were ready for everything but this. You went on the computer again. You clicked on the second hallway. There was that little boy again.

You said in confusion and terror “wasn’t that little robot in the first hallway.”

Just then you heard something say ” I WILL GET YOU!!!!!!”

Terrified you scream….You get out the chair and look behind you. You saw the door it was at 99%. You saw a clown. You ran back to your desk. You pressed the button. The door closed. You picked up your phone. The door was going down to 73%. The time was 5:50. your phone was at 14%. You were so happy at the time. You even smiled. You got on your computer again. you clicked on the cafeteria. All the robots were there. You saw three of them but you never saw the fourth one. You shrugged. But you knew something wasn’t right. You were about to pick up your phone but you realized you should save some battery. You started feeling better now that it was 5:59 but just because it was close. Doesn’t mean they would leave You alone. Until it was 6:00!!!! You hopped out your chair and danced.You took the elevator down and ran out to your car. You drove home. James called. You picked it up.

James :I put 2000 to your bank account. How was your night?

You:terrifying but I won’t quit I need money.

James :that’s the spirit. You know where to go so…You won’t need my help. I’ll only call after your done.

You: that’s great. I just need to charge my phone and get some rest. Al Man!

James : WHAT!

You: I forgot my doughnuts and coffee but I’m not going back there until my job.

James : oh ok I guess it’s time for you to rest bye!


You hung up,charged your phone,and went to sleep. Later Your friends jacob and Mia called. You picked up the phone.

You: HI guys

Mia: How was your first day?

You: Um…great

Jacob: You sure.

You: Yep

Mia: ok maybe for dinner we can all have something good to eat. By that time Jacob will be back.

Jacob:Sounds great!

You:Yep (You drop the phone and drift off to sleep.

Mia : HEY!!! U OK?!?!

Jacob: U OK!?!? HELLO!?!?

Your friends hang up and Mia comes over. You hear the door bell rang. You groan and get up. You make your way down stairs and you say “Who is it?”

“It’s Mia”

“Come in ” You yell. You unlock the door.

Mia touched her chest with both hands and say “I thought something happened to you”

“I’m fine Mia ” You laugh

Mia said “Something up let’s talk about it!”

Mia grabs your arm and you sit down.

You say “I’m fine Mia I’m just exhausted please go.”

Mia says ” I guess so I hope you feel better, be ready for dinner.”

Mia gets up and leaves. You get up and lock the door. You sit in your chair and fall asleep. You wake up for dinner time. You drive over to Mia’s house. Mia brings you in and you see jacob. Yall tall about where to go. Yall decide something easy like McDonald’s. You drive to McDonald’s. You order a cheese burger ,¬†¬†fries and some ice cream. Yall eat watch a movie. You say you have to go to work. You drive home to get your phone that was plugged up. You go upstairs. You grab your phone and charger and a bottle of water. You go back to DOUGH CHOCO!! to get some more coffee. You drive to CLOWN CITY. You put the coffee in your bag. Then you enter the building……

Guys thx for reading I will make four more chapters for each night. Just to let You know You is actually you. Anyway please love my story bye!

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