Fiev nights at CLOWN CITY: FIFTH night
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You hurry to the elevator without going to the bathroom. When u get there u see new equipment and new coffee and new doughnuts from crispy cream not DOUGH CHOCO.

YOU sat down. You saw like a tracker. The new clowns trackers were red and the old ones were blue. The blue ones were moving fast. You were deciding if u should just sit there and do nothing or actually do something to honor Jacob’s death and not let the clown city be so haunted. you choose the second option. You drank half of your coffee. ate one doughnut. You dug in your purse and gripped the matches. you put it in your pocket also your phone. Before u do anything u look on your phone and see what the missing children were. You type it in the children were: Kiah, Miah, Coby and Blast. You nodded and headed out. You went down the elevator to the cafeteria. You were scanning the cafeteria with your phone. You saw the new clowns. You called out.


They all stopped.

A little girl like a ghost appeared. She had a ponytail. Very dark skin. Now u saw two they looked the same. You saw one black boy and one white boy. with short hair. You finally spoke to then and waved.

“Hi I’m here to free your spirits .”

A little girl said “HI I’m kiah next to me is my sister Mia. Thank you for what your about to do”

The white little boy which is probably coby said” Well what are u waiting for let’s do this.”

You reached into your pocket and lit the match. You put the fire on the robot clowns. The fire spread quickly. You heard a faint bye and thank you. As you were trying to get away you tripped near the way out. Your ankle between a line . Just then a metal door came flying down on your Angel. It lifted up quickly. You scream in pain. You hear a deep voice say “oops” . You feel your lungs feeling up with not wanted air. You crawl your way out. Your finally out and your just laying there on the cement with things getting darker and darker….

Later you wake in a hospital with your Mia, some doctors, nurses, and your sister. You sat up.

Your sister said” OMG are u ok? I was worried.”

Mia said” I didn’t want u to this if u were going to get hurt.”

Your sister ask” what are u talking about?”

“um….I’m talking about nothing sorry.”

You try to say something but nothing comes out only a little squeak.

Your sister faces the doctor asking a question

“doctor why can’t she speak?”

The doctor replied ” there’s something going on with her throat she will feel better in a few days.”

You tried to saw something but people could barely hear ” I want WANT to go home”

Mia said “We can’t understand you but you will live with me until you feel better.”

You just nodded. You followed Mia home with your car and got settled. You got a new bag, cards,and charger. ¬†Few days later you can talk but not that good. After u feel good they already rebuilt. At 11:30 You still get your food and go there. Oh and your ankle is better too but you can’t walk like you used to. You go in and Go to work. You still have the equipment. You shrug and just sit down. You see a red tracker going somewhere then you start hearing a voice.

“Hey its your friend josh.”

“Wait who? I thought josh was d-dead.”

“Oh this is his spirit anyway see EEE. u tomorrow friend.”

The end…

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