1. How do I register and become a member of the website?

To become a member of our website, you have two options. You can either “Sign Up” and fill a form on our website at http://www.shortnscarystories.com/register/. You will receive a mail on your registered e-mail address with a confirmation link. Follow the link and you will be lead back to our website, successfully becoming a registered member. OR You can log in through your Facebook account. This will link your Facebook account with Short n Scary Stories.

2. How do I submit a story?

To submit a story, you firstly need to become a member of your website. If you are already a member then you need to log in to your account. After logging in just click on “Submit” tab. Submit your story there and click publish. But please note that your story won’t be immediately published on the website, it will be sent to the editor to review and will be posted on the site within 4-5 days (depends on the number of pending submissions).

3. Where do I look for my story once it’s posted?

Once your story has been approved by the editor, it will be published on the website and you will also be notified by the email. You can find your story on the home page under the “Latest Stories” tab.

4. When will my story get published on the website?

After the editor reviews, your story will be published on the website within 4-5 days. We are getting more that 10 submissions daily but we do not publish more than two stories, this gives a proper justice to story and also the author. So automatically this process takes time.

5. On what grounds can my story be rejected?

The major reason for rejection of your story can be if it does not belong to the genre of horror. Other than that there are basic requirements:

- Story should be more than 450 words
- Story should be properly formatted and spell checked.
- Grammatical errors should be taken care of
- Story should not be copied or submitted elsewhere
- No erotic, porn content should be there in your story. (You can even get banned for this).
- Avoid slang and abusive language.

6. How do I rate a story?

To rate a story, you need to be logged in. Rate for a story by clicking on the stars between the range of 1 to 5.

7. How will my story be the “Best Story of the Week”?

If your story is the highest rated story and the maximum number votes, then it will be selected as the “Best Story of the Week” and will be featured on the Story of the Week page.


If you could not find your query in the above list then please feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.