Everything Experiences Change Part One
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Change is inevitable. Change happens automatically. Change people will hate for the rest of their lives, and change that people will love. Though change for me was quite different. It introduced me to a new terror that I used to call my best friend. He loved to help out people in need and do favors for them. Then, one day he changed drastically. He developed eyes that were black with blood red pupils. His hair changed from black to white. He grew claws from his hands. As he was changing I heard a sinister laugh coming from him.

“Oh this feels wonderful!”

I look at him in utter horror as the friend I spent most of my life with is being changed both physically and mentally. I longed to help him overcome this and go back to his old self.

“Oh I’m not going back to that pitiful boy I was. I love this power. You helped me achieve this power. I thank you for that old friend.”

My eyes widen from his statement. Did he read my mind? That’s impossible. If there was a way for me to change him back I needed to find out.

“There is no way that I can go back. Change lasts forever. Everything experiences change. Soon you’ll join me and my new friends.”

The last part confused me. New friends? I saw no one else in the room we were in.

“What new friends?” I ask.

“Oh yeah you can’t see them. Guys come on out!”

Before I knew it there were demons surround us one by one. I looked in terror at them. Speechless at their appearance. They all had the look of young children who also experienced this change.

“Who’s this? He looks fun,” stated the first demon.

“Yeah, yeah. Can we torture him?” Asked the second.

“Fellas this is an old friend of mine. He’s the one who helped me reach this power.”

I get up and start to run for the door, but the first demon appears in front of me.

“Where’re you going? We’re just getting started,” he stated.

“I’m not hanging around you faggots. You’ll just possess me and use my body to do wrong,” I reply.

“Ah. A feisty one we have hear,” he laughs as he grabs my shirt, “Well kid you don’t know what you’re talking about so shut up.” He throws me back onto the ground.

“Alright fellas settle down. We need to properly address the situation.”

I look up to my best friend as he says that. I go to grab him, but he pushes me off and laughs.

“I guess we could get him in a fight. We could have him prepare for it. Besides, we want it to be fun don’t we?”

“Good idea. We could make it fair and entertaining, but we could also make it unfair and have him suffer,” the first demon says laughing.

They whisper something that I can barely hear.

“We should make him suffer in pain.”

“Yeah but that’s too cliche and boring. We need to set a new record for demonkind.”

“Fine go ahead…. wouldn’t want to ruin your first couple weeks as a demon.”

They then give me the details as to what’s going to happen to me. If I was going to save myself from this I had to beat the best of their demons.

- – - – To Be Continued- – - -

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