Endless Dream
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As I entered my room I knew it I knew it will happen again tonight but as I closed my eyes things changed then. I slowed down, while everything around me sped up. It’s amazing really, how dream can feel  so real .

‘’how are you feeling?’’ you asked .

You were watching me. I felt your eyes wide looking thru me. I opened my mouth to tell you I was fine, but I didn’t understand what came out. It was just a jumble of noises, my tongue too thick and heavy to form words. I remember the lights into blurs of blazing fire. I remember the air conditioning chilling my arms. The smell of coffee smudging into the smell of eucalyptus. Your hand was tight around mine as you grabbed me and took me and stole me away dragging me into this endless dream….i tried to open my eyes but I couldn’t lift them up I was too weak I had no strength in me I couldn’t even move a muscle my eyes were closed but somehow I still can see you.. I’ve  never heard your voice nor have I seen your face you’re just a shadow perhaps not even a shadow I can not describe you there’s no word to describe you… as I lied there hopelessly I could feel the the blood dripping from my flesh i feel no pain i managed to move my right hand and when I placed it on my chest I couldn’t feel my skin but instead I felt wetness It then became clear I opened my eyes with all my strength and when I looked down at my body I screamed I cried now I can feel the pain I can feel  your hands moving up towards my thigh I can feel the knife digging deep into my flesh  I tried pushing you, I tried to move but I couldn’t move, the bed was holding me I was tied up with invisible robs I couldn’t see what’s holding me, I couldn’t see you either but I felt you I felt the pain as you dig deeper into my flesh  I was chopped into pieces yet I was still alive the bed sheets suddenly turned all red not one white spot , I cried and cried but nothing stopped you then all I felt is numbness  slowly everything was blurry my eyes finally shut I was finally in rest i couldn’t feel anything…suddenly I felt a  warm metal piece on my forehead , then I slowly opened my eyes I saw the priest from the nearby church saying prayers while holding the cross  against my forehead I looked around I was a whole again my bed sheets were white my room was brighter , I saw my mother crying I knew why she was crying..it’s been happening for the last 7years…..

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