Dreams or Reality
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In life we have all had some strange and unexplainable experiences, encounters.  Some may be pleasant and unharmful but many can leave you pondering how that happened to us and what was the reason behind it. But every situation may not be supported with logical reasons. I would like to share such an experience of mine here; which was a few months back.

I was lying down on my bed to take my afternoon nap. My sister was sitting on the bed doing her stuff and my mom was sitting at a place near the bed. I don’t know whether it was my dream or reality but after some time, suddenly and strangely, I felt like I was glued to my bed and was not able to move; I wanted to wake up but could not. It was as if something was holding me from waking which scared me to no end. I felt a presence beside me on the bed. I could clearly see my sister and mom sitting, which made me think that I was awake. I felt someone’s presence in the home but could not move myself out of the bed. I was only able to move my head.

I was lying straight on my back and was not able to change my position. I saw some shadow moving along the bedside. Then I tried to call my mom and sister to help me but when I tried I couldn’t open my mouth… It felt super glued shut. After a few minutes of struggle, I gave a shriek and punched the bed and told the spirit to stop. Then I got up and felt dizziness in my head, I was sweating even though the weather was not very hot.

My sister asked me what happened. I said, “Nothing”, and went back to sleep.  When I woke up completely and came back to my senses, I tried to recollect the events and attach some logic to the experience but could not justify the feelings and experience I encountered.

I have had similar experiences before but those were not very frequent and as strong as this. I could not muster up courage to discuss the issue with anyone in the family. As they would say that I was dreaming.  Was it just my dream or a sleep paralysis or was there any paranormal reasoning to it?  I feel if let manifest, sleep paralysis is a force out of this world helping you have these astonishing out of body, in body maybe experiences. Maybe it is a part of our brain that is working that we do not know about, apparently we only use a small percentage of our brain, whatever the explanation, or may be, our mind wakes up before our bodies actually do, I don’t know!!  I introspected over the issue for a long time but still cannot let it go off my mind. It was the most bizarre experience of my life among others. I will share soon share some others too……………

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  1. Avatar of Jagrit Jagrit says:

    Deepika is it really a true experience you are sharing??

  2. Deepika says:

    yes sir you can say so !!!!!!!

  3. Henery says:

    I’ve never heard of the word “unharmful”, is there such a word?

  4. Avatar of Rebekah Rebekah says:

    deepika it seems that you have sleep paralysis. I am not sure what causes it but I have heard stories like this one before.

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