Dreaming Of My Friend Being Murder
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It was on a hot summer night , when i was asleep and was thinking so very much of my best friend i had cause i missed him so much , see i had gotten married and moved to a small town in falfurrias texas and my best friend was from san antonio texas . His name was victor and he was also married and his mom lived with them cause he was so close to his mother .he had a pretty house made for her and they had everything in life . I was in a very deep sleep and dreaming about him and my dream was so strong that it was really happening while i was dreaming it. See i was dreaming that two unknown guys went to his house and that victor took off running to get out of his house to protect his family and his mother so he went to a alley and he fell down and the two unknown guys shot him six times in the head . He was found dead and the next morning my mother lived in san antonio texas too called me and before she told me anything i told her mom i had a really bad dream of my best friend victor , that he was shot six times in the head by of a alley . As i finished telling her she told me who told you and i told my mother nobody did and she was shock and speechless for a while , as she was able to talk she told me Barbara that’s the way it happened and she also told he that my family can see things before or while its happening and as of this day i do believe it . Since then i pay very close attention to my dreams, and i went to the funeral and he was laid to rest . May he rest in peace , but i really thing i saw it when it was happening cause we were very close and i could see his spirit go up in the air …..till this day i think go him alot.

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