Downtown Menace..
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This experience happen one night when me and my friends went out for some drinks. We went to a local club downtown and I remember I told my friends I was going to wait for them in the car. I was feeling a little bad already. It was around one in the morning, the club was almost over so I just got out and started walking to the car. This area in town is known to have very bad vibes and a lot of bad things happen there but, like anyone, we never believed anything would happen to us. We parked about half a block away from the main entrance of the club. It’s kind of darker but it was the only parking kind of close to the entrance. I got in the car and got on the driver seat. I was sitting there with the windows up and doors locked, again downtown bad area. I was there for a few minutes or so. Then I heard what I thought was two girls laughing. I brushed it off and thought maybe they were just drunk since it was almost two and the club closes at two I ignored it. Then I saw my best friend Ronnie walking towards the car. I unlock the doors and turn back around. Then I hear the laughing again and before I even get the chance to turn around my best friend ran in the car with the ugliest look on his face. I looked at him and I asked, “Are you okay?” He stayed quiet for a minute, eyes wide open and not knowing what to say. He looked scared. Finally he said you didn’t see that. I was freaking out more with him, to be honest. But I said no, I didn’t see anything. Not even a few minutes later, I turned back around and turn on the radio. He told me to look out the window.

I see two birds flying not too high above from us, laughing. I don’t know what kind of birds they were. They didn’t look like any birds I have ever seen before. They were not too far or high above, I got to see them clearly. They were horrible looking. And quite big. They were laughing like girls, they sounded human. My friend just told me let’s leave. I couldn’t some of our other friends were still in the club. He was panicking. So I just got out of the parking lot and turned around and picked up our other friends in the main entrance. He stayed quiet the whole ride home. I remember he asked if he can spend the night at one of our houses. His parents weren’t home and he didn’t want to stay alone. So we all decided to stay at my friend Ana’s house. That night he couldn’t sleep and I tried asking again what was it that he saw. He told me that he saw me walk out and he saw some guy follow me. Since he’s one of my best friends, he’s always been over protective. So when he was walking towards the car, he said that he also heard what it was sounding like two girls laughing. He said that he turned around and saw nobody. So he brushed it off, probably two girls drunk and laughing super loud somewhere. So he kept on walking. Then he said he heard a whistle. Super close to the back of his head. He said that he felt something in back of him so he started walking faster. As he was walking something hit him in the back of his head. And when he turned around he saw the most ugliest bird hovering over him That’s when he ran towards the car. He didn’t want to tell me anything because he knew I was going to panic. These birds in my area are common, a lot of sightings have been seen around here.. I live in an area where a lot of people still do witchcraft…

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