Demon in the dark
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I hesitate as I walk down the alleyway, hoping desperately that I was heading in the right direction to my friend Jeremy’s house. My reddish hair flops into my face and my face muscles tense up in frustration. five minutes of wondering and no such luck. I shiver and pull my leather jacket tighter around me, my biceps flowering in goosebumps. I turn on my heel and slam into another boy who stands as still as stone as if I were only the size of a fly. I rub the shoulder that hit him, wincing as it erupts in pain.

“Sorry, man didn’t see you.” I apologize as I move to walk around him. His hand flies out faster than I could see and grasp my right arm firmly in his iron grip. I flinch in shock and turned my head to stare at him, bewildered. Other than his left arm, he hadn’t moved an inch, I felt no pulse under his fingertips. His lips tilt slightly at the sides. His mop of blonde hair waves very little in the breeze and his amber eyes flash with a hint of red.

“Hello Jason. You seem so tense,” He cocks his head to the side. “why is that I wonder?” He murmurs in a smooth and taunting voice. I try to pull away from the dude with a spear of fear.

“How do you know my name?” I struggle some more. “Let me go you freak!”

He grins at me with amusement as I pathetically punch and kick at him. He doesn’t move. Darkness and shadows reach out toward him in adoring strokes and he shivers with pleasure and delight. He tugs me roughly to him like a rag doll. I stomp on his foot and kick him in the groin. He just turns to face me, still gripping my arm tightly, and whispers slowly in my ear, my heart sinking in my chest as fear overwhelms me and swallows me whole.

“Ravern is my name. My boss will be pleased to see that I have a new toy to play with. Congratulations Jason, you’ve become prey to a demon of torture.” He chuckles wickedly into my ear before punching me in the face, throwing me over the shoulder and whisking me off into the night screaming pointlessly for help. I buck and do all that I can but he just throws me to the ground and knees me in the gut before placing back on his shoulder and proceeding off into the night. A black abyss beckons me to sleep and before my drooping eyelids close, one thought occurs to me; as soon as I was placed on this demon’s shoulder, one thing was evident, I would never see my family again.

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