Deadly PRANK
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Suzie was going to take lessons from her new professor. She got a phone call from her friend ,Who told her to be careful because there is a killer on the loose. Soon she reached to her professor’s house. The house was shabby and badly furnished the curtains was dirty. Professor told her to wait as he was making coffee for the two, he went to the kitchen. Professor came back with coffee. After one hour she asked him to leave. But when she looked at window it was wet, it was raining outside. Professor insisted her to wait till the rain stop. He goes back to kitchen and came back with snacks, then Suzie asked him to tell something about his family. Professor told her that her wife died in an accident 10 years ago, after that he came here to live. Rain was still not stopped. She got a mail from her friend — Suzie don’t go for lessons your new professor is the serial killer whom I was talking about. He has killed his wife 10 years ago and escaped from there police is still searching for him. If you don’t believe then see this picture (attached to mail). Just try to run from there.
The person in the picture was none other than professor. She became shocked, from two hours she was talking with a murderer. She fetched a knife from table and when professor came , without giving him any chance, she stabbed the knife in her shoulder. But professor tried to stop her so she stabbed him again in ribs, causing him to fell down on the floors.
Ring,Ring…the phone rang again it was her friend. Suzie was shivering from

fear as she put the phone on speaker,” Hello! Suzie , Have you got that mail?? “.Suzie replied,”yes”. “That was a joke ,the picture was photo shopped. When I saw him in college I decided to play a prank on him so I took his picture and edited it. There is no killer on loose. I hope you didn’t get scared too much.” Suzie replied,” I…I killed him, Jane.”
“But that was just a prank”,her friend replied. “Hold on… you stay there I,m coming …just stay there and lock the doors.” “OK! ,” Suzie said. 15 minutes later ,Jane arrived at the scene and after thinking too much she said,” We can throw his body in lake”.
” I can’t do that …I can’t “,Suzie said.
“But we have to do this “,Jane insisted.
They took professor to the lake and dumped his body in water. After that Jane went to Suzie’s house to think what they have to do next ,Suzie’s parents was out of town. It was still raining outside and suddenly doorbell ranged….It was professor with a knife trying to break into the house. Both girls started screaming as professor entered in room. He was holding a knife, He hold Suzie and was going to kill the Jane screamed ,”Surprise”. Suzie said,” I don’t understand .” But She soon she realized that she has been fooled by Professor and Jane. It all was a prank.

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