Dead Willow Part III: Dead Willow Dreams
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Part III. The Dead Willow

Years passed, the blacksmith had withered away and lay beneath the dark soil. The twins lushed into women. Their day’s spent hunting, or tending to women who did not wish to carry their child. They heard the voices in the tree’s. They new the voice that came from the caverns beneath the mountains. It whispered, and told them secret things. Of the woods and the places where evil slept, and why. What cured and what killed.
On the 7th moon of the year, on a bright but shadowed night, it came. In the daze of their dreams it slithered and crept, and walked twisted to the door of the house. Spines quivering, long bony fingers unfolding upon the rough wood it stood before the place.
The twins dreamed. They dreamed of howling winds and bloody streams, of screams and twisted beings erupting from beneath the earth. Screeching and clawing at the earth bearing crosses and teeth. Then the willow, sat on a small barren hill, it’s roots woven in the black soil like old tired arms, it’s withered trunk twisting and curling out into bent branches dripping in the dangling vines of leaves, not as full as she once was. The creature, that teacher, stood next to it, shaggy cloak and wild hair like twigs, and long thin arms spiked and spined. The voice came again muttering, small sobs. The thing melted into the tree. There was crack from the depths of the clouds and the willow split.
The twins eyes snapped open and Lilith’s hand found Morgana’s, squeezing it.
The creature let her long hands slide off the door and melted back into the night.

~ From the moment the people saw the wooden birds standing in the sea, and the land felt the crash of falling trees, and the cutting of her flesh to mine her blood, the christian God’s insidious wrath fell upon her back like a cold blanket. He had brought with him that creature they called Devil. Who crawled beneath the sea and moved through the fire of the earth’s belly, his fallen children began to twist and turn in their slumber. Waking. Amongst them, the hidden monsters, the entities of earth who dwelt in the mountains and the lakes, the rivers and the tree’s and struck the land with lightning, felt the rumble of these demons seeping into the soil. The war began between the earth spirits and the fallen angels kept in the magma. The demon’s hunted the keepers of the red blood land. ~

The creature had lain still and quiet, listening to God’s men cut and burn, rape and pillage. Then it came, the day when the falling of her tree’s sounded like thunder in the caverns, an echoing she felt in her very bones. Unfurling she crawled the long tunnel to the hole beneath the willow, clutching to the branches she climbed and watched, invisible, as the village was built, and the people came to hovel and cry in their churches. They had dark ones to her doorstep at last. She slid back into the earth, wild and fierce with anger.

She searched, leaving her beloved mountains and it was not long before she found the young woman, her hair like fire, a slave. But blood coursed through her veins, that smelled of the sea and of dark soil, of magik. She watched the girl, and after a while she fell pregnant, unknowing. She went to her that night, she slept unfeeling of the presence above her. A long spined arm uncurled from the robes and in it’s palm two fluttering specks of green, little balls of misty light twirling and bumping into each other.
The hand lay on her belly and the sparks melted into her. She had seen the girl’s future and with a heavy heart. She set in place the birth of the dark eyed twins, her own daughters. Their human mother would not live but as their vessel. Her warrior’s would walk the earth in flesh, strong, as she grew weaker and bled while the white men cut into her mountain.

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