Dead End
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The Hospital was filled with people. Doctors rushing patients to emergency rooms, noise echoing through the halls. A few military officers stood at the entrance of the hospital, armed with M16′s. I was a member of the FBI. We were sent to investigate a series of strange murders that had been happening around the city.

By now, several other cities in the U.S. were already quarantined, and none of it made sense. Murders and a mysterious have been plaguing the United States. Just then, my partner, James, rushed into the room that I was standing in. “Alex, we need to leave! Something’s come up!” He said. We rushed through the crowd, practically pushing our way to the door.

“What’s going on?!” I shouted, unable to hear myself through the noise. “There’s a riot downtown. People are getting killed” Alex said. When we had finally reached the door, there was a black car waiting outside for us. We got in and drove away, leaving behind a cloud of burnt rubber smoke.

The other agents in the car loaded their weapons. I had a 10 inch barrel Smith and Wesson 500 revolver. It was a useful, and I had owned it for many years. “Were in town is the riot?” I asked the driver. “It’s in Brooklyn. About a block away” the driver replied. As we drove, the radio came on. There was a lot of loud noise in the background, and the speaker sounded like he was in a panicked state.

“It’s me! Matt Hagen from WCBC News! We are down in North Brooklyn City! There is a huge state of panic and people are dying and…”. The reporter stopped speaking for a moment. Besides the howling of the wind, was another loud noise that sounded like an engine. “Oh god…! Something’s going on! Planes are falling out of the sky and destroying the city!”.

Me, James, and the other agents looked up, and sure enough, saw planes in the distance, falling from the clouds. “What in the living hell is happening around here?!” James yelled. Just then, a person came shambling across the road, unaware of the vehicle that was speeding in their direction. Before the driver could stop, the car slammed into the person.

Blood splattered on the windshield, disabling our view of the mayhem. The car swung to the side of the road, with the driver struggling to keep the car on it’s wheels. Me and James were handing on the door handles, trying not to fall on one another. But the force was too strong. The car flipped over and rolled across the road, shattering windows. Within seconds, I had passed out. Everything went black.


I had woken up in the car. The other agents were lying on the roof of the car, dead. James however, was nowhere to be seen. The city was pretty much silent, except for the fact that crowds of people seemed to be shambling and wobbling along the road. It looked as if they were in a trance. But I couldn’t tell. The only thing that I could see were their legs.

I recollected my vision and got up, with my revolver in hand. I crawled out of the car and into the hordes of people. Without any warning, a man had rushed onto me. He was ripping and tearing at my cloths.

As I struggled to get him off, I noticed his face. His jaw was broken and twisted out of place. His eyes were solid grey, with the veins in his hands bulging. It also appeared as if he was decaying. I grabbed the pistol and raised it to his head and pulled the trigger. Blood squirted from his head, and he fell to the ground.

Within seconds, the other crowds of people had been drawn to me, and begun shambling in my directing, moaning loudly. I was surrounded by the horde, and saw no way to escape. A woman approached me aggressively, and I shot her in the head as well.

I looked around and new I was doomed. The city was covered in the creatures that were once people…and I was in the middle of it.


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