Daddy’s Little Girl
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The best way to describe Kelly was a spoilt vindictive rich brat, she was born with a sliver spoon in her mouth. She had the lifestyle most people envied; designer clothes, fast expensive cars, an apartment in one of the Elite Suburbs, high powered rich boyfriends and frequent holidays abroad. Kelly was Daddy’s little girl. What Kelly wanted Kelly got and if anyone dared stand in her way, they came off second best.

When Kelly had heard that her father, Patrick was going to marry Channel, she flew into an uncontrollable rage throwing items against the walls of her expensive furnished apartment. How could her father do this to her!!!! Kelly knew that when her father died all of his wealth belonged to her but now marrying Channel would change everything. When Kelly’s mother had died 4 years ago she was convinced that her father would never marry again. But last year while in Paris on a business trip he had met Channel and they had fallen in love. As Kelly’s rage consumed her she decided that it was time to take matters into her own hands and put an end to the relationship between Patrick and Channel. There was not going to be a wedding, she was going to make sure of that.

Kelly had enrolled at University to study Bio-Chemistry but had lost interest four months into the course and dropped out. But not all was lost as she had learned that Cyanide absorbed through the skin interferes with the red cells’ ability to extract oxygen causing an internal asphyxia. Kelly began to formulate a plan… no not just a plan but the “Perfect Plan’. She was going to get rid of Channel once and for all.

Patrick had invited family and close friends to a dinner party to celebrate Channel’s Birthday. Kelly arrived with the perfect gift for Channel. Whenever Patrick went to Paris he would purchase Poison perfume for Channel as it was her signature perfume and reminded her of her home in Paris. Kelly loathed the smell of Poison perfume as much as she despised Channel. But tonight she would put on a show like no other. When Channel opened Kelly’s gift she was amazed at how generous Kelly had been, not only was there Poison perfume in the gift pack but Poison body cream and Poison bath oil as well. Patrick was pleased that Kelly had taken the time to purchase a gift that Channel would appreciate. For a brief moment Patrick hoped that Kelly would accept Channel as a family member and not just another woman competing against her for his affection and attention.

When the last of the guests had left, Channel retired to the bedroom while Patrick went into his study to answer emails. While Channel ran her bath she decided to spoil herself with the gifts she received from Kelly. She generously poured the Poison bath oil into the water. She knew that Patrick would be at least an hour in his study so she took the time to relax in the bath tub allowing her skin to soak in the bath oil. After the bath she applied the Poison cream to her body. She finished off by spraying the Poison perfume on all her pulse points. She climbed into bed and waited for Patrick to come upstairs. She wanted to thank him for the wonderful evening.

The sky above was hidden by dark grey clouds as the crowd gathered around Channel’s coffin at the graveyard. The Minister spoke gently, offering words of comfort during their time of sorrow. Kelly held her father, pretending to care for his loss as he sobbed openly. The doctors had said that Channel had died of natural causes. It was reported that the cause of death was due to the fact that she had simply stopped breathing; there was no sign of suffocation or choking. It would have seemed as if she had died peacefully in her sleep.

Greece was beautiful this time of the year and life was perfect. Kelly lay on the deck chair admiring the beautiful clear ocean in front of her as she sipped her cocktail. She had committed ‘THE PERFECT MURDER’; the Poison products generously laced with Cyanide had killed Channel. Kelly smiled as the warmth of the sun allowed her to drift off to sleep. When she awoke, the sun was still shining brightly but she felt icy cold and there was a familiar scent. The scent of Poison perfume!! Okay, she thought that’s enough sun for one day!!! She had read that heat stroke could cause confusion and disorientation. She returned to her hotel room had a long relaxing bath before she got ready for a night out on the town.

Kelly found her way back to her hotel around 2am that morning, she had done enough drinking, dancing and flirting for one night. Once in her room she underdressed and climbed straight into bed. She was too exhausted to bother with anything else. A couple of hours later she awoke, the room was freezing cold and there was that strong familiar scent in the air again…. Poison perfume!!! The scent in the air was overbearing and Kelly began to choke. A cold hand covered her nose and mouth pinning her to the bed. Kelly struggled but could not get away from the vice grip. Her lungs began to burn, as she fought in vain to free herself. She felt a cold breath close to her ear and heard the words whispered….”THE PERFECT MURDER’.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Was going somewhere then disappointment. I was hoping for a payoff. Try to spice up the death at the end and you have a fun and titillating story.

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