Clown Town
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Alanna had a nightmare. It was about clowns who were taking kids all over the world and bringing them to Clown Town. She couldn’t bear her nightmare and woke up screaming. She didn’t know she was screaming until her older sister woke up and turned on the lamp. Alanna closed her mouth and sat on her bed, staring at the floor. “Stop yelling. If you wake up mom, she is gonna ground both of us!” Her sister, Adriana sat in Alanna’s bed and tucked her in. She sang a little song d Alanna fell fast asleep. Adrianna turned off the light and went back to sleep as well.


Their mother, Katrina woke up. She walked to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She too had a nightmare last night. One by one she yelled the kid’s names. “Alanna! Adri! Kaden! Time to get ready for school!” Katrina walked into Alanna and Adrianna’s room and turned off their alarm. She took out their uniforms, shoes, socks, and sweaters. She woke up Adrianna and Alanna. Then she walked into Kaden’s room. Katrina took out his uniform, socks, shoes, and sweater. She also took out his under-garments. He woke up and saw Katrina. “Moomm! I can get out my own stuff! Please get out.” Katrina sighed and said, “Fine Kaden. But don’t come to me when you can’t find your shoes anymore!” She walked out of his room and started making breakfast downstairs. “Adri! I will give you two-quarters if you do my breakfast dishes today! And, I will give you half of my allowance if you do my chores tomorrow!” Alanna chuckled. Adri rinsed out her mouth of toothpaste and rinsed her face. “Give me 3 quarters and it’s a deal. Also, what happened last night? Why were you screaming, weirdo?” Adri giggled and wiped off her face. “I had a nightmare, again. And it was about Clown Town!!” Adri told Alanna that Clown Town wasn’t real but Alanna argued with Adri how Clown Town is real and someday they would take her and Adri. Alanna finished brushing her teeth and wiped her face. Kaden walked in. “Hey, squirts.” Kaden rubbed their heads. “Now move. I need to take a shower.” Adri walked out and went into her’s and Alanna’s room. She closed the door. “Kaden, I keep having nightmares. It’s scary.” Kaden laughed. “About Clown Town, huh? It’s okay, Alanna. Nightmares aren’t real. Hey, how about after school we go get some pizza and a milkshake?” Kaden started closing the door. “Okay, but what about-”. He closed the door. Alanna sighed and went to go get dressed. She looked in the mirror and noticed something on her arm. “What?” Alanna read the words. It said Clown Town from her nightmare. She gasped. She put on her shoes and raced inside the second bathroom. Adri was brushing her curly, short, very light brown hair. Alanna grabbed her brush and started brushing her very long, light blonde, straight hair. “So, Adri…you keep taking Clown Town as a joke? It’s not!” Adri put her hair in a ponytail and looked at Alanna through the mirror. “What do you mean? I don’t take it seriously but nightmares are not jokes.” Alanna sighed. “Really? You wrote this on my arm! I know you did. Stop lying, Adri.” Alanna showed her arm to Adri. “What are you trying to show me?”

Alanna got very angry and shoved her arm in Adri’s face. “Alanna, there is nothing there. What the heck is wrong with you?!”. Alanna rushed into their room and pulled Adri with. Alanna looked at her arm and saw..nothing.

Hey, guys! I’m gonna be making a Pt. 2 soon! Pls, tell me in the comments if I made a mistake. Hope Ya like!

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