Charas town
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“MOM I CAN’T FIND MY SHOES!” Angel yelled

“It’s in the second box ” Her mom replied

“I wish we never moved here who ever heard a place called Chara town!”

“MOOOOOMMMMY” Halo said which is Angel’s sister.



“It’s in the toy box remember not in the box where your clothes are.”

“Oh found them.”

Angel rolled her eyes.”Mom I need to go to the bathroom. Is it close to my room upstairs?”

“IT IS DUMBO!!! Did u even pay attention to the tour?” Halo said

Angel left her room and went to the bathroom. It looked horrible but she didn’t care. She fixed up her glasses and made sure her kinda dark brown skin wasn’t ashy. She smiled at her reflection. She also made sure her natural hair was still puffy. She left the horrible bathroom. She went to her room to finish unpacking.

“Girls!” The mom yelled “Time for bed you have school tomorrow. Angel good luck in 5th grade and Halo good luck in 4th. Good night girls.

“Good night momma.” The girls yelled.

Angel unzipped her bag and took out her sleeping bag. She layed on the floor going to sleep. The next morning. Angel and Halo were followed by a scent of PANCAKES! They rushed down the stairs. They stopped in their tracks. They saw their Dad and brother Jake which was about 20 years old. They screamed. Angel hugged her brother. Halo hugged her dad. Jake had dark brown skin. He was a little skinny. He had a little bit of hair on his head. I mean he wasn’t bald. But he had hair.

He rubbed his sister’s hair. “Wat up little sis. ”

“Hi Jake. Hi daddy! I’m starving where are those pancakes!” Angel said.

Jake smiled “Did u check your finger?”

Angel looked down at her feet. ” No UGH! I hate type 1 diabetes!”

She ran upstairs. She pulled out a little tiny bag. She took out a strip and put it in the machine. then she got her pricker. She pulled something back and pressed the button and poked her finger. She got a little dot of blood. She put it on the strip and Angel counted with the meter. “4….3…2…1! 123! YAY PANCAKES HERE WE COME!” She got her checker finger and put it in her backpack. She put on some clothes to a pink shirt with jeans. She brushed her teeth and came down and enjoyed her pancakes.

She left the table and said “Bye pops bye daddy cool. ”
The Dad and Jake laughed. Angel and Halo rode to school on the bus. Angel and Halo went to class knowing where to go. When she came in everybody looked at Angel. A teacher that looked nice as a flower said Class we have a new student by the name of Angel! She came her all the way from new york.”

The class yelled “Wow!”

The teacher said ” I’m Mrs.Plum. Please take a seat”

Angel sat at the back of the room beside a girl. Who had a bow in her head? She had a bun. She had brownish skin like Angel.

She whispered, “MY name is Nicole.”

Mrs.plum teacher until it was time for lunch. The kids rushed out to eat something. Angel calmly got her lunchbox.

Nicole said, “Where do u live?”

Angel replied, “in the blue house.”

Nicole said “WHAT?!?! get out of there fast. 13familes have been killed there. Every kid disappear. Even the parents get killed.But you can stay there of u want I think u will survive I’ll pray for you.”

Angel didn’t know what to believe. But she just busted out “Who killed them?”

“A Demon called Chara! ”

Angel said “How did she turn so monstrous. ”

Nicole said ” She was always getting treated badly. She only got fed bread and one piece of meat. They would give her a book to read. One day they gave her the wrong book by mistake. It was called How to Become a Demon. She opened it with curiosity. She wanted to be out. She wanted them to fear her. So the book said she had to say some devil words and kill herself right away. She got a pillow that they throw in when they don’t like it. She said those devil words and suffocated herself. She was like um…idk but she was a young teen of women. She killed the men that treated her like trash. She did all this in your house. Well….um…yeah so be careful. It probably wasn’t chara anyway it could have been serial killer that always comes there to kill. Oh! There’s my friend Gabriel. ”

Nicole ran to her friend. Angel kept thinking about the story. it gave her chills. She heard Nicole call her name. She snapped out of it and ran over there. She saw a girl with puffy hair that was everywhere. She was kinda lighter thank, Angel.

She said “HI my name is…Gabriel nice to meet u.”

Angel said “MY name is Angel. Nice to meet you too.”

Gabriel said ” I see Nicole already gave you the chills huh? It’s just a story. He or she or that killer won’t come back I’m sure.”

Angel nodded. She sat down at a roundtable. Nicole and Gabriel got their lunch and sat down. Later…A girl came in with blonde hair. red lipstick and a really fancy dress. Another girl was behind her. she had on purple lipstick, Her hair was brown and purple with curls. She had a crop top on with black pants. The girl with the blond hair came to Angel.

Everybody stared at them. The girls with the blond said “Your in My Seat.”

Nicole tugged at Angel’s arm and said: Let’s go .” Looking terrified.

Angels ARm slipped out of Nicole’s grip and said “no ” She turned back to look at the Blondie. “Well it looks like YOU need to find a new seat.”

The whole cafeteria said “Ohhhhh.”

The Blondie said “Names Mia. Now get up,”

Angel Smiled and tilted her head a little. “I’ll happily escort you to the kindergarten classes. The teachers would love to teach you not to fuss over a stupid chair.”

Mia said “You don’t even know where the kindergarten classes are.”

Angel said ” Well the teachers would love to escort you there. Plus I don’t need to know where kindergarten classes are. I’m not the one fighting over a stupid chair.”

Mia frowned and said “Let’s go rya”

They turned around flipping their hair. The whole cafeteria was gathering around. Angel telling how cool she was. After school Halo and Angel came home and told about their day. Halo frowned when she heard about Angel’s .

Halo said “How come you became so popular?”

Angel smirked and said “Because i standed up to a bully.”

Angel’s mom was cooking rice and chicken. After dinner. The girls went to their room and saw their beds set up. They ran and jumped on them. Later it was time for bed. Angel got comfy on the bed and dozed off to sleep. She started dreaming. She was walking somewhere the this lady came up to her. she had blood running down her face and her outfit was all scratched up. She was killing Angel. Angel Woke up and screamed.

Jake ran in and kneeled at her bed. He asked “Are you ok?”

Angel had tears running down her face. Her voice was all cracky and she was just staring at the wall. She turned to her brother and said “u-um…._y-y-yes.”

Jake carried his 10 year old sister into his bedroom. He wanted her to be safe so…She slept in there and was calm.The next morning it was the same routine.

The dad looked at Angel. He said “Jake told me what happened last night. You ok? Angel? ANGEL?!”

Angel said “Um…huh? yeah I’m fine,”

Halo said “you don’t look so good…”

Angel said “Man! I forgot to get my checker finger….again. Time to climb the 2o stairs. ”

She walked slowly up the ten steps and passed out. She Came rolling down the steps. Jake,the dad.and Halo ran to her. They shooed her and screamed. Halo called 911. Angel woke up in the hospital. A nurse came. She said ” Here take this pill. ”

Angel took the pill. She felt alot better. After she stayed a few more hours in the hospital. Her mom,DAD,jake,herself,and Halo Went to grillbys. They ate some good food there. They went home and got some rest. Angel heard some laughing and thought it was her sister. So she walked across the hallway to Halos room. She opened her door but she was sound asleep. She shrugged it off and went to sleep. She woke up. It was a Saturday. Her mother Woke the children up so….they could go to a store called CS/Chara store. They got ready and went in CS/CHARA STORE. They went in. They’ bought Snacks and ravioli. They went to the counter person. She had a green shirt and brown pants.

“Hi My name is Chara.” She started pressing buttons and scanning food. Angel looked around and saw a book. It was called “How To Become a Demon. It was kinda hidden somewhere but Angel got a good look at it. When they left they didn’t do anything for the rest of the day. On Monday. Angel came in class and She hung out Nicole and Gabriel. She went home from school and went to sleep. She heard that laughing again. So she just went to sleep. The next morning. It was Tuesday. She didn’t smell any breakfast. She sat up,confused. She went deep down the hallway and took a left into their room. She saw the most horrible sight. She saw her parents. Dead. She screamed and cried at the same time. Jake and Halo came. They saw their parents dead.Angel ran to them and hugged them. They called the police but no answer. Angel was still looking around and she saw a note in the corner in her parents’ room. Jake looked at Angel and said “wait. just be careful”

Angel nodded and picked us the note. She read it out loud “It’s me chara from CS. Just to let u know I killed all the adults in chara town and the town phone. Nobody can really call people! HAHAHAAA!”

Angel started hearing more screams down the street. She went put and knocked on people’s doors. Children all over town were crying. She told them to meet at grillbys. Soon they all met at grillbys.

Angel said “Chara gave me a note.” Every child raised their hand to show her they got the note too. Angel continued. “All of our parents are dead. We must come together and work together to survive. We will bury their body’s and try to survive ok and find a way to defeat chara.”

They did what Angel asked. They got any weapons they could find. So when chara comes by they try to kill her. They still try to kill chara. But one day they will

Thx for reading my story. Please leave a comment if u want me to continue the story. I’m kinda young so please don’t hurt my feelings with your comments hope you liked it. (wink)

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