Camp T. A. K. E
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“Mom, what the heck?!” Ryan yelled in confusion. Ryan’s mom was sitting at the kitchen table, sipping her piping hot coffee. She heard Ryan’s anger and confusion in his voice. ” Bloody hell, that’s hot! Owwww, my [email protected]#+ing tongue!” Ryan’s mom always cursed when she was angry or when she hurt herself by accident. She took a big gulp of coffee which burned her tongue and the back of her throat. She swallowed a whole ice. “Ahhhh…..that’s….f***ing cold! What the hell man?!” Ryan’s mom tried to be normal which was hard since she hasn’t had a cigarette in a couple days or had ANY liquor since last Friday. Ryan laughed at his mom’s stupidity/ clumsiness. She always made a fool of herself. “Mom, why the hell would you enroll me into Camp
T. A. K. E? You don’t ever ask what “take” stands for. I’m not going to that weird-ass camp. F*** that.” Ryan’s mom sighed. “Watch your language. Your father and I have been talking about this for a couple years. And now that you turned 15 two weeks ago, we think you are old enough to go. Plus, I and my friends used to go camping T. A. K. E. It’s actually pretty fun, except for the working part.” Ryan knew that Camp TAKE wasn’t really a camp. It was a program you enroll your kids in and they learn how to behave and they don’t tolerate attitudes, tantrums, crying, or fighting. You treat people how you wanna be treated, or else you go to their bad behavior cabin, where you would get hit with a whip over and over again until they would see black marks on your body. “When does bloody camp start?” Ryan’s mom chuckled. “It starts tomorrow, start packing Ryan.” Ryan stomped into his room and started packing. “Well, this isn’t fun.”
Part 2

Ryan’s mom woke him up to the smell of a cigarette and the smell of vomit. “Heh, wow mom. You clearly won’t change.” Ryan went to the bathroom. He showered, brushed his teeth, and brushed his hair. He threw on a black and white shirt with some black shorts. He then put on white socks and his white and black Adidas. After he finished packing his stuff, his mom called his name. “Ry- Ryan. Get thhhheee he-heh-hell do-over here.” Ryan sighed. “Let me wash my face first.” He walked into his bathroom. He looked at his face with little pimples on it. His eyes were ocean blue, which he hated. Every year of school, the girls are all over him. Last year, Ryan had lost his virginity to a girl who stopped going to his school. She is supposedly at Camp TAKE, with her friends. He hoped she wouldn’t recognize him, even though he’s the only person with ocean blue eyes in his whole town. Who couldn’t remember him? He’s special. He walked downstairs with all his luggage and hugged his mom. She was going to give him a ride. “I’ll take the bus. Your car smells like cigarettes, beer, and old men.” He walked outside with his luggage. The bus stopped and opened the door. “Here you go. 2 dollars and 50 cents.” Then the bus took off, going to Camp TAKE.

Part 3

The bus stopped and the man beeped his horn. Ryan got off. A man greeted him. He had a weird accent. “Hello there. I’m Mr. Soldier and youuuuu are R…..y…..a…..n?” Ryan sighed. “Yes, I am. And it’s only 4 letters. My name isn’t that hard. Are you always stupid?” Ryan kicked dirt on Mr. Soldier’s flip-flop. Mr. Soldier grabbed Ryan by the collar of his shirt. “Listen here kid, I’m the counselor of your cabin. I’m gay, so I’m not afraid to….you know what. So if you don’t want you to know what to HAPPEN, DONT DISRESPECT ME.” Mr. Soldier let go and smiled. Ryan fixed his shirt and mumbled, “What the hell?”. Ryan grabbed his luggage and walked into his cabin. He lived with 4 other boys and one girl. The other boys were in the bathroom, with each other, naked. Ryan could tell they were gay too. The 4 other boys and Mr. Soldier walked out, nervous. Well, all except for Mr. Soldier who wiped stuff off his mouth. Mr. Soldier smiled and said with a chuckle while wiping his hands off, “Me and there 4 other boys will be doing that a lot. Just so you know, you are allowed to have sex, my uncle made that rule. Heh, heh.” Ryan backed up and said, “Umm, I don’t wanna know what you guys were doing in there but get some clothes on.” Ryan unpacked all his stuff and put it away, neatly, while the other boy just rammed things in their drawers. Then a girl walked in, the same girl, who used to go to Ryan’s school. She smiled and hugged Ryan. “Hey, Ryan. Hi, guys.” When she hugged him, Ryan felt his heart beat faster and faster until it skipped a heartbeat. “Hey, Breanna.” He looked at her long, golden, curly hair. Her eyes were light green and she was a tan color. She was wearing some jean shorts and a regular Adidas shirt with some white and black Adidas, just like Ryan. Ryan couldn’t stop looking at her until Mr. Soldier said, “Looks like Ryan has a crush. Heh. Silly boy. Girls are too sensitive and sweet. Get over it. Women are GOLDDIGGERS. Don’t waste your time.” But Ryan loved how she liked things gentle, not rough, and he loved taking her hair out of her face and kissing her soft lips. He loved how she hugged him with care. But that all seems to be gone, now.
Part 4, 5, and 6 coming soon :)

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